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  1. This can depend on value and tax savings with trade in
  2. 14-up full size 1500 5'8" bed Low profile, sleek design will compliment the look of my All-Terrain perfectly Functionality, toughness, appearance Currently have a Rugged Cover II. I really like the look of this Lomax cover, it has a very attractive low-profile design. I use my truck for my job in law enforcement, as well as for fun, both on and off road.
  3. Terrain also has alot to do with these numbers. Some people live in areas of the country that are largely flat. They will see considerably higher mpg than those of us that live in areas loaded with hills.
  4. That should look nice! Seems like a good price on 35" KO2's
  5. People Suck...

    I to am curious in this...would like to order a set and want to get the right ones..please advise
  6. So the 275/60/20 is okay on stock rims on a stock truck? If true, then I would have to get aftermarket rims with a higher offset than +12? I do not want to modify the suspension.
  7. Hi all, been searching the forums, but havent found an answer to what I am looking at...I have a stock 2015 Sierra 1500 z71 CC, and am looking at a set of aftermarket rims which are +12 offset, with 275 60 20 Nitto Grappler G2s. Anyone running a similar set up? Will these be okay on stock suspension or rub to badly to be worth it?? Or should I just stick with 275 55 20's ???? Any experience/input here is appreciated!
  8. Thanks folks...l have heard that some reps are pretty good. Guess I am wondering if 22" with all season tires are going to offer a better summer ride/look better than another set of nice 20" aftermarket wheels with semi-aggressive ATs. What do ya think??? Some of the 22's look great on the new trucks but the tires are just puss.
  9. I should add the truck is stock and l am not intersted in level or lifting it, tha ks!
  10. Hi all, was looking for some suggestions/opinions. I have a 15 All Terrain with the snowflake 20's on it. I put factory size Nitto G2's on it before this winter. Now l'm looking for a summer set up. Should l get replica 22" split spokes with all season 285/45/22 Duellers or a nice set of aftermarket 20's with AT tires? I cannot make a decison, looking for some thoughts...thanks!
  11. Just installed them on my 15 Sierra, took 15 minutes to install both, really easy install...waiting to drive it at night to check them out
  12. I do not have a G8, I have a 15 Sierra.. maybe someone with a similar screen name?
  13. I am in for a set for my 2015 Sierra

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