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  1. just use your drive by cable intake and throttle body, to do a 6.0 swap all you need is the long block and re-use your own flexplate
  2. I was looking around at 6.0 engine options and found that in 2006 the cadillac escalade and the tbss have different engine vin codes. To my understanding they should both be LQ9's. Are there any variations of that engine?
  3. Just checked my alternator and found out that the regulator is bad and I now have the option of upgrading it with either the 145 or 160 amp higher output versions. Aside from the longer belt will this just be a bolt on upgrade? Are there any issues with moving to a higher output alternator?
  4. I've got a 2005 silverado 1500. I've heard there are 6 lug 14 bolt rear ends that will almost bolt right up to half ton pickups. Is there any truth to that?
  5. I have a 2005 silverado that has drum brakes in the rear and I am considering converting it to disc brakes. Can I just bolt up a disc brake rear end and go, or is the process a little more complicated than that?
  6. Just to piggy back on this post, does anyone suggest running an aftermarket trans cooler. If so, what brand and where should I put it?
  7. First off, dubai is awesome, beautiful place. Secondly you might look up a company called Power Torque. They sell remanufactured engines at reasonable prices, idk about world wide though. You might also try to get in touch with Jasper engines and transmissions. Either of these companies offer excellent warranties and top notch products.
  8. No slippage in that tranny? I only ask because everyone that does this swap is claiming trans issues and that a beefed up transmission is advised, have you had any problems? Also what about your rear-end?
  9. Badass truck bro, what did you have done to your 4l60E for your 6.0 swap? I'm hoping to do the same swap to my 1500.
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