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  1. Black emblem

    not enough to count in the context of an emblem or two. Also I grew up around a paintshop you would be surprised how many times the pros use a rattlecan for touch ups. there are even empty cans / devices you spray and pressurize yourself for touchups. Walk into any pro paint shop and I guarantee you will find these or something similar: https://www.semproducts.com/refinish-aerosol-filling/custom-filltm-aerosol-blanks Custom Fill™ Aerosol Blanks can be filled with a variety of automotive paints using a Custom Fill™ Machine. Custom aerosols are compliant for use by professional shops outside of the booth and give DIY customers professional results.
  2. Black emblem

    DaFaq?!? I am an enthusiast as are most people on these boards. I would not laugh unless it was a horrible job. I would love to see you laugh at one of Fonzi's Porches with a color changing dip job.
  3. Brakes

    Stupid question but is it wet out? OP never says. Moisture will cause even a brand new cars brakes to squeak, unless they squeak every single time this is usually the cause from what I know and it goes away once the moisture on the rotor has evaporated. Can happen on a nice morning even from dew depending on where you park. ex) on grass or similar.
  4. I normally do not say this. So please forgive me I tried biting my tounge but finding it hard to. Painting the air dam is just dumb on a couple levels. You are certainly free and encouraged to do whatever makes you happy but if I seen some guy driving around with a painted airdam I would point and laugh. Just remove the stupid thing it serves no purpose unless you are driving in optimal environmental and road conditions and are able to squeeze the 1MPG out of it which is next to impossible to achieve in the real world. Only in a wind tunnel. Painted Grill = Thumbs up that is cool! Painted Air Dam = WTF was dude thinking ... was he high AF?
  5. My first 4x4 please help

    yes. Auto would have been fine to use. 2wd for regular roads. Auto for weather conditions. 4 high for offroad. 4 low only when stuck or think you will. beach maybe big mud. * this is just basic rule I go by as advised and feel the need to point this out because some yahoos here think any opinion only has one option and must adhere to thiers lol.
  6. LED Headlight Mod Sierra 1500

    The highbeam on stock sierra lights are infact not any brighter. The use same bulb at full capacity for low and high. high just opens the flapper/plate all the way. Does not use a seperate bulb or add any lumins like the chevys or many other makes. When I swapped to Spyder lights which do have a seperate h1 bulb for high there was a big difference in brightness as opposed to just 'field of view'.
  7. Best aftermarket headlights

    I really like my Spyder Auto lights. They have projectors for Chevys too. Great quality compared to OEM IMO looking at both side by side. You can buy em on amazon or many other vendors so shop around for best price. They only come with halogen bulb but you can swap to hid or led if you desire.
  8. welcome to the internet. where there is always someone who will insult you and then spend 3 paragraphs saying everything as the guy he just insulted. you sir can kneel down and blow me. go cry in a safe space you wanker if you are not here for discussions and opinions. ps. there is a ton of stuff and threads I have no opnion on what so ever so. So you are just a crack pot with a grudge.
  9. What makes a high country a high country?

    Country Music singer commercials. ie. sales in certain markets.
  10. DOT FMVSS - article 108 covers exterior lighting standards. It has not been updated in about 2 decades. You can google it.
  11. Neither will ride good on roads / highway. Fair at best. People will argue and say 'bargle bargle my tires ride like butter on the roads' but those are only opnions, the fact is the bigger the lug the worse the road ride and I do not care what pattern they are in
  12. Bumpers -_-

    I vote full pink Line-x, but my opinion does not count.
  13. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Added some Seat Cover / Cushion. Was on the lookout for somethig decent that would not break the bank and was tossed up between something like this and a nice sheepskin which which can be pricey. These were on sale $41 (reg $119) each at Canadian Tire so decided to give them a try. After 1 smaller roadtrip I think they were worth it at that price.
  14. Root

  15. Another fog light thread...

    plug and play with factory fog harness. you do need yo cut one peice of plastic in there. if you want to keep the factory housing in tact. you can use the philips conversion. This would be my choice. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00U2NHLTI/ref=cm_cr_arp_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8

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