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  1. Order my 2020 2500HD Duramax Denali on 10/5. Last week they finally gave me a TPW of 01/20
  2. Ordered a Denali Duramax White Frost Tricoat today. Is there a website I can goto to track the build progress?
  3. Set mine up two days ago, does everything the phone app does. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I'm trying to piece things together myself. For the past year Ive been trying to source the 17 HDMI input parts and find out if its possible to retrofit. But no one seems to know. Indiwork makes a plug n play HDMI input kit and also an android box that plugs into it. I'm trying to figure out if its possible to route the video from it to the RSE. That way I can use the hotspot and my DirecTV app on the rear screen for my son to watch. Proformance Diesel has a preorder for an android setup for the mylink but I'm not sure how it's setup. http://indiwork.co.kr/shop/hd-link/hd-link-iw03c-sb-for-chevrolet/ HDMI Input http://indiwork.co.kr/shop/device/a-link-android-settop-box/ Android Box
  5. BlkSS, do you have any pictures of the wiring going to the RSE? I have a 16 with Factory RSE and I'm considering adding HDMI input, but I'm wondering how the screen is wired to the factory unit.
  6. 58, I emailed them on the 1st since I didn't get my order in time. They emailed me back yesterday and said If i called in they would process the order. I just called and ordered them.
  7. My 2016 CCSB 2500HD is the same, no seatbelt indicated in the console, and no light on dash or noises if the passenger isn't belted. I took it back to the dealership within a week of buying it and was told it's just how they are? I traded a 2006 2500HD CCSB in and it had it located in the rear view mirror? Did something change since then and maybe its not required on a 3/4 ton truck?
  8. I'm looking into this option. I went to the local GMC dealer today and they tried to look up the part number for me. It's still listed as the older composite in their system so no luck. I also pulled up the GM upfitter website to check and see if the wiring was the same and it also was not listed as HDMI. It looks like its the exact same size as the current inputs. Hopefully it's the same wiring. Also it looks like its the same one used in the Cadillac CT6 for the rear entertainment package.
  9. Did you buy this at Bayside? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I'm assigned to a busy Engine Company in Washington DC. We average around 5500 runs a year. Last January(2015) we received a new Pierce Engine with a Detroit Diesel with DPF and DEF. It has to manually placed into Regen, when it first arrived this was a daily ordeal sometimes twice. After a few months it received a software update and now we're down to twice a week or so. It goes through about 5 gallons a DEF every other day. It currently has around 30k miles, which is quite a bit seeing as how we usually only go 1 to 2 miles round trip each run. Our ambulance is a little busier, but it regens on its own mainly because it has to cross town to goto the hospital which sometimes involves highway driving. Every once in a while you will have to do a parked regen with it, but not nearly as much as the Engine. It also drinks the DEF.
  11. My 2016 Crew Cab LTZ doesn't make a sound when the passenger is unbuckled, no light either. I'm thinking something may be wrong with mine.
  12. I just got one while checking inventory of 2500hd's.
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