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  1. The "Catch Can" Explained

    Just a quick heads up as you can find unbiased tests all over the place like you are looking for if you search. I am sure there are even posts all over these forums. Manufacturers will not add yet another thing that requires servicing or maintenance on their vehicles. They are all trying to get away from manual services to the engine and even stretch oil life further denying how much it wears the internals. The drain line should never be connected back to the oil pan as it will just dump all the impurities directly into the oil pan and eventually destroy the oil quality and take out the bearings and short block over a very short time. I can be PM'd for selecting the best solution for all GM-Trucks members the first time around. Joe UPRproducts.com
  2. The "Catch Can" Explained

    Take a look at the UPR Plug n Play Catch Can System as it's the only system that offers a TRUE Plug n Play™ Solution as our internal Diffuser System is tuned through Air Speed and Volume to ensure the PCV System will maintain the same or more vacuum to improve your MPG and overall Performance. This helps for a smoother idle than other catch cans that use cheap rubber hoses, small check valves, and or plastic fittings. Our Catch Can System will give you the confidence that our UPR Plug n Play™ Braided Hoses will not fail, collapse or ever come loose. The most important aspect is we deliver the best oil control and make sure to keep that PCV doing the very best job to give you the best ring seal and crankcase evacuation. Most people don't realize that the more air that flows through their PCV, results in a fresher cooler air stream being pulled through the engine and cooling the internals and allowing for a cleaner stronger combustion. Last but not least, the benefits come from eliminating or reducing positive crankcase pressure of that fights the piston during each stroke. I wanted to keep this short and simple even though there are many other aspects of PCV basics that must be followed when installing a catch can and or modifying your PCV system. We give you a Full plug n Play™ Catch Can System with every single component being the very best and spared no expense as we always strive to meet or exceed all the vehicle manufacturer standards. You can PM us or ask questions anytime. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Joe UPRproducts.com
  3. The Truth About Catch Cans

    They are all basic in design and just big empty cans with a single chamber and a diffuser tube on the big can that is a direct copy of the RX Monster Catch Can. As stated I'm not a fan of just stuffing loose steel wool in a catch can as you never know if it will get sucked through the can into your engine. That is why we use multiple coalescing screens and former/woven wire diffusers to made to exact dimension on machines to be run in our catch cans. I have attached a picture of our design in our patents to show you the complexity of a properly functioning catch can. The cost involved with our designs is much higher than the others that just have big hollow catch cans full of steel wool. It says it all when you look at our patented internals vs. any other catch can available. Joe
  4. The Truth About Catch Cans

    To my fellow Enthusiasts, For everyone to understand about catch cans and condensation. Certain companies promote catch cans with all the water or moisture they collect and that gives honest manufacturers a BAD RAP. I will share the fact that most of the condensation / moisture a catch can collects is from the catch can and not the engine. Engines heat up so fast they force the moisture to evaporate and thus do not contribute much to the condensation / moisture in the catch can that gives it that Starbucks look. The catch cans actually introduce more moisture and create a steam or cleaning effect on the engine internals. Thin wall and welded catch cans will generate a lot more condensation / moisture as the thicker walled sturdier construction catch cans will not suffer from the same extreme temperature sweeps. Thicker catch cans will hold temperature better while driving as the thinner units will cool quickly allowing them to continually produce condensation / moisture while driving and this will fill the can quicker requiring additional maintenance for no reason and create a lot of wasted time. The design is critical to how much oil will be separated before getting into the intake tract and combustion chamber. I have been watching many re-sellers make claims that create fear or post millions of DI pictures of engine failures and giant bottles of Starbucks looking fluids collected. The proper design of a catch can is to be able to keep the catch can hot enough to evaporate the condensation / moisture and still stop all the oil. Most catch can manufacturers run the coolest location possible to hide the lack of efficiency and this is why so many catch can manufacturers show all these pictures of the Starbuck's looking Mixture. The fuel that gets by the rings or gets collected in the catch can is harmless and can be burned in the combustion chamber without any negative effects. The biggest thing we see with all the late model engines is how much stronger the PCV system function is and how much more oil they introduce and scavenge through the PCV to be ingested into the intake tract and combustion chamber. Please keep in mind that a catch can is an oil separator. Larger catch cans collect 2x to 3x more condensation / moisture being mounted in cooler locations and that feeds the sales pitch and bad rap for catch cans that are mounted and function properly in hotter locations than others. I have worked hard watching many so called experts regurgitating things like send it to Blackstone and wait till you see how much they collect in the winter etc. LOL, these guys are selling something that has nothing to do with the normal PCV function. A PCV system mainly introduces oil and fuel into the intake tract and combustion chambers. Either way, this is just to inform the readers about the reality of a Catch Can / Oil Separator's function and I'm not here to get into a he said she said and would just like to state the facts. 50yrs of racing experience and engine building with the very best in the industry has allowed us to test and see these things and it was the reason we have been able to continually discover many variables about the PCV that many still haven't figured out. We're not just some aftermarket street car guys that sell products and never talk down to anyone or want them to be uneducated about our products or a products true function. We sell our Catch Cans based on the true value and function and deliver the very best hoses, fitting and components across the board. I'm not pushing any product here and just sharing the information about how critical the oil separation is and the rest of the things that get thrown in to try and sell and promote these products is nonsense. Thank you for taking the time to read this and feel free to PM any questions as I'm always happy to help you make the ( best-educated decisions ) Joe / UPRproducts
  5. Yes, UPR continually works to have the most efficient internal diffuser systems with all our catch cans. Making sure we always deliver the very Best Coalescing and Condensing Performance for your PCV system. We've even designed our coalescing filters to be custom exact fit to the Internal dimensions. We have also taken into account the wire thickness and weight of each stainless filter to adjust the airspeed and size of oil droplets that get sucked through the improve the coalescing characteristics. Stuffing random wads of loose stainless steel wire or media is a sure-fire way to show the world how little thought went into a proper coalescing and tuning airspeed for maximum PCV function and crankcase evacuation. Most people have no idea just how important these variables are when it comes to a finished product that will give you the very best performance in hot and cold weather. Our Catch Can Systems are designed to maintain the maximum airspeed so you can get the Best HP and MPG because they maintain the most vacuum through the PCV system. Other brands actually restrict airflow to help control oil which and they do not take into account that the loss of vacuum and airspeed will reduce overall ring seal and performance and by not allowing the crankcase to be properly evacuated. Our small cans were developed to compete with the bigger 4" catch cans that outperform all the other small catch can systems. This is not a flame or a knock against any other brand. We just have an extensive amount of time into testing and improving the characteristics of the PCV system to be able to deliver maximum oil control without reducing airspeed and or vacuum to the PCV system. There is so much more to a catch can and its true function than to just add a can and hoses and slow down airspeed and mount it in the coolest location to be able to offer the best performance. I would appreciate keeping this a positive post to benefit forum members and enthusiasts and not turn this into a brand bashing post. Thank you, Joe
  6. Feel free to ask any questions about our Plug n Play™ Catch Can System for all 5.3 and 6.2 equipped GM Trucks. UPR Single Valve Catch Can Description: > 12oz Capacity > Show Quality Finish > Can measures 6" x 2.5" > 3/8" Continental Braided Hoses > UPR Custom Fit Billet Hose Ends > Prevents Oil from Entering Intake > UPR Forged fittings & Drain Cock > UPR Single Valve Billet Catch Can> UPR Adjustable Mounting Bracket > UPR Hi-Flo Billet Check Valves (1 PCS) > High-Quality CNC Machined Billet Aluminum > Improves Fuel Economy, Throttle Response & Performance> UPR Patented Exclusive 4 Chamber Multi-Stage Internal Design > UPR Plug N Play ™ Push Button Quick Release OEM Connectors Thank you, Joe
  7. The New UPR Plug n Play™ Single Valve Catch Can System for all 2014 to Present 5.3L and 6.2L Equipped Silverado and Sierra Trucks. By popular request we have decided to come out with a full UPR Plug n Play™ Single Valve Catch Can System. Offering the most advanced patented internal design with multiple stages and dual diffusers and coalescing filters. This is not just a billet catch can with an internal cylinder and a scraper skirt like all the other manufacturers offer. We incorporated our top of the line Patented Diffuser System that will deliver the best performance hands down and never have any capacity problems or need to be an oversized can. The new UPR Plug n Play™ Single Valve Catch Can is specifically designed to be run hot and deliver the BEST coalescing and condensing. This was done to force the moisture and condensation that collects in the catch can to evaporate instead of building up and overflowing your catch can and requiring it to be drained all the time and wasting time making messes. This is how we are designing all of our new catch can systems to require much less maintenance and deliver even better performance. We have been continually improving our catch cans for years and we have improved our internal filters in all our diffusers in an effort to be sure we continue to lead the way in oil separators. We are very concerned with making sure you have the most reliable maintenance-free catch can system available. Nobody wants to have to keep checking the level in their catch can. The Kits all Feature Continental 300psi never collapse insta-grip braided hoses and not some cheap rubber fuel line or heater hose. Most importantly there are no clamps or cheap flimsy connections. We only use OEM Plug n Play™ direct replacement fittings to give you a system that will meet or exceed your every expectation. The very best part is everything is pre-fit and ready to go not just a roll of hose and a bunch of bagged fittings. I have included the links to the UPR website and put the kits on special on the website so all you have to do is just purchase them directly without any hassle or headaches. Normal retail is $249.99 and we have them on introductory pricing special of $199.99 The kits come complete with all the UPR Braided Lines and UPR plug and play™ fitting for a complete installation of the Brand New UPR Plug n Play™ Single Valve Catch Can System with Check Valve. http://www.uprproducts.com/chevrolet-gm-billet-oil-catch-can-single-valve-silverado-62-14.html http://www.uprproducts.com/chevrolet-gm-billet-oil-catch-can-single-valve-silverado-53-14.html
  8. Oil catch can:

    We are coming out with a new Plug n Play Catch Can for the 5.3 and 6.2 engines that is absolutely incredible. PM me for any questions. Joe
  9. 20170830 132654

    Nice install on the Catch Can.
  10. I'm glad you asked and never think anything different about looking for a deal. Money doesn't grow on trees and saving money or getting the best deal will always be what we all practice We're offering a special for GM-Trucks members. The UPR Dual Valve kit for the 5.3 and 6.2 can be purchased directly through us at a huge discount saving $100 right off the top of the full upgrade system bringing the price from $449.99 to $349.99. That is the most effective and most popular system we offer. That includes the UPR Dual Valve Catch Can and Clean Side Separator and (2) UPR High-Flo Pro-Series Check Valve Upgrade. That includes the UPR Dual Valve Catch Can without the Clean Side Separator and including (2) UPR High-Flo Pro-Series Check Valve Upgrade. Normal retail $339.97 and with GM-Trucks discount is $269.99 saving $70 off the top for the very best setup available without a CSS. Shipping in the US is $19.99 for either UPR Dual Valve Catch Can System. PM me to get either setup or for any questions. Please remember I welcome all questions and like to make sure everyone is properly educated and taken care of. ( YOU CAN CALL IN AND MENTION THIS POST WITH YOUR GM-TRUCKS USERNAME TO GET THE SPECIAL ) Thank you, Joe
  11. You can Block one of them off if you prefer to keep the oil cap. I really recommend the full system as I never like to take any chances with allowing oil into the combustion chambers and it's not about the cost or profits etc. My main concern is having a bulletproof system that protects the engine anywhere oil can sneak in.
  12. The system is designed to pull the fresh air through the CSS mounted at the oil cap. The CSS can be removed very easily in a minute or two to be able to add or change the oil whenever you like. I always recommend the CSS for the best protection and to keep the filter and airbox fresh and clean. Joe
  13. 14-17 GM CHEVROLET GMC TRUCKS 5.3L DUAL VALVE CATCH CAN PLUG N PLAY ™ The new UPR Dual Valve Catch Can System without the CSS includes the connections needed for both sides. The WOT line will go from the catch can to the passenger side of the intake tube and the driver side valve cover where the oil cap used will be replaced with our quick connect insert and runs a line from the oil cap outlet to the driver side of the air intake. Feel free to PM me any questions you may have. This is was to be able to offer Full UPR Dual Valve Catch Can Systems with and without the CSS for the best of both worlds. We wanted to be sure to offer the best kit for each application. We offer kits with and without for the 5.3 and 6.2 with and without cold air intakes. Thank you, Joe
  14. The "Catch Can" Explained

    I'm saying you should buy a more complex system with multiple internal diffuser and diffuser shield system with multiple filters made specifically for coalescing and condensing and not some steel media stuffed in the can. Something that works in the hot and cold and uses the best hoses that won't collapse and includes the best features as STANDARD equipment. Why sell a generic system that has to be upgraded to bring it to OEM standards. Which can you choose is your own decision and there is a reason we do not post what is caught in the colder months or tons of moisture / condensation as that is the placebo effect of the catch can and not the true function. The true function is the darker colored oil and fuel that is collected is what needs to be contained. All you have to do is look at the quality of the best systems matched with the performance they deliver. I'm not a fan of hoses and clamps as most rubber hoses can collapse and there are many posts on here about rubber hoses. There's a reason we only offer Braided Contitech Insta-Grip Hoses and the best components overall. You can pop the hood on any vehicle with our system and they look factory / OEM and control oil from making it to your intake tract. UPR Catch Cans have set the industry standards as we continue to expand our offerings. Building vehicle specific Catch Can Systems with pre-cut braided hoses, billet hose ends with plug n play™ fittings, custom mounting bracket and everything needed to have a plug n play™ catch can system that looks factory and makes the PCV system perform like it should. Thank you, Joe
  15. PM me for a special offer for the UPR GM Truck Plug n Play™ Catch Can System. Dual Valve is always the very best solution to be able to introduce the best vacuum for scavenging oil from the PCV system. I'm also always happy to answer any questions and help you make the best-educated decisions. UPR Plug n Play™ Dual Valve Catch Can with UPR Plug n Play™ Clean Side Separator. Normal Retail is $399.99 for the UPR Plug n Play™ Dual Valve Catch Can System + $69.98 for the UPR Pro-Series™ Check Valve Package Normal Retail is $419.99 for the UPR Plug n Play™ Dual Valve Catch Can System for CAI + $69.98 for the UPR Pro-Series™ Check Valve Package We are offering the complete system including the NEWEST Patented Plug n Play™ CSS - Clean Side Separator $349.99 as a limited time offer for trucks with Factory Air Intakes. $369.99 as a limited time offer for trucks equipped with Cold Air Intakes. PM me when you're ready to get the GM-trucks special discount for a $100 savings off retail. Only available through me on GM-Trucks.com! Thank you, Joe / UPRproducts.com

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