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  1. I have 17's but was in your situation about a month ago. I knew I wanted to go bigger, but didn't want to deal with the issues that go along with going too big. I ended up going with 285/75 17 Ridge Grapplers, cranking on the keys a little and getting it aligned and have been very happy. I got the increased height I wanted and most of the width without any problems. The pics below were taken before adjusting the keys - it looks closer to level now. All these trucks seem to be setup a little different, so for whatever reason, what rubs on one may be fine on the other. Best of luck.
  2. Your truck looks mean as hell man! I really like the LED bars in the grill. What kind of lights do you have under it?
  3. Thank you. Here's a little better pic of the tail lights. They look great at night. Yes, those are 285/75/17's. I thought about going a little bigger, but after driving around and getting in and out of the cab a dozen times, I'm happy I went with this size. Any taller and i would've had to get nerf bars. I'm about to crank on the key bolts a few times to make it a little closer to level, but nothing crazy 'cause I like a little rake. I love good deep sounding throaty exhaust but am not a fan of tailpipes on trucks, so I put a Flowmaster on it and cut the pipe right after the axle. I love it, but some might think it's too loud. It's not obnoxious but you can hear it when I stand on it.
  4. I just got them yesterday and only driven about 25 miles, but I haven't heard any yet.
  5. I've been on this forum for a while, so I guess it's time I posted a few pics of my 2015 2500HD. Nothing special, but I like it.
  6. What did you think of those Kanati Mug Hogs? I just put a set of 285/70 17's on my 2008 FJ Cruiser and thinking about getting some 295/70 17's for my 2015 2500HD. So far so good on my FJ, but curious how they'll do on a bigger heavier vehicle like my truck.
  7. X2 http://www.proclipusa.com/dashboard-mounts/vehicle/chevrolet/silverado-2500-3500-series/2015.cmsv
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