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  1. Thanks everyone for the input. I figured it out with aFe. Apparently it must have been blue when it went in but they change color over time.
  2. Hi all, I bought an aFe CAI when my truck (‘16 5.3l) was new. aFe says to clean the filter every 25-30k. So I pulled out the filter tonight and it looks pretty dirty. But I couldn’t tell if it is a dry or oil filter. So I searched part number and online it shows a blue oil filter but this one is grey. Grey ones are dry. So I’m confused. How do I know if it’s oil or dry? Can I replace it with either one? aFe claims that a slightly dirty filter works best. Is mine ready to be cleaned? thanks in advance, HS
  3. I have 275/60/20 Wildpeak A/Ts with no lift, no level and zero rub on my '16 4x4 slt crew cab.
  4. The $900 does include the 5100s themselves. Thanks for the info.
  5. Local shop wants $900 installed (includes alignment) for the 5100s on my stock height '16. Seems like a lot for labor. And a 103 pages is a lot of reading on this thread. I have access to a driveway and many tools, but I've never done suspension work on a vehicle. Is this something I should be apprehensive to do myself and if not, do I need to do anything to the rest of the vehicle to stay within bounds of factory warranty?
  6. I generally keep my phone charger plugged into the three prong outlet in my center console but no phone plugged into it. And I have a hard wired valentine one radar detector which was off. I pick up the truck this morning so I'll ask what all they tested.
  7. 2016 1500 I'm on my third battery now (all under warranty) in 24k miles. Every time the truck sits for 3-4 days, it won't start. This morning, the truck had sat for 2 days and wouldn't start. So took it to dealer and they said bad cell and are replacing the battery again. I'm worried that if I end up in a situation where I can't wait for or find a jump or I run out warranty, this could escalate. What are my options? What questions should I be asking?
  8. If it took you six months to notice, it must not be that big of a deal. No wash or wax in six months? I'd pour some hot water up there pull out the dents. You can't file an insurance claim because you "know" that the damage happened prior to it being insured. If you do, you're no better than a common thief. Your last option is to attempt to sue in small claims court. I don't know Arizona law but you'll have to hope that you can either get someone at the dealer to testify that they knew the damage was there and that they didn't disclose it to you purposefully and/or during the discovery phase find documentation. First thing you can do right now is request all dealer repair records for the life of the truck. They may provide those records to you. Just go to the service department and ask. If you find body work, you might be able to argue that they didn't finish the job. No harm in trying. In the meantime, pull down this post and quit making yourself look like a vindictive ass. Finally, it's possible that you could find out who insured your truck prior to it being traded in. Maybe they have records of having paid a body shop. It's a long shot and I'm not sure how you'd even start. Maybe with title history and call the previous owner? To me, this all seems like a lot of work and I'd probably spend the time having fun with mods instead.
  9. I had the passenger door open. I wanted to remote start it. I hit the lock button on the remote, then held down the start button. I got to chatting and knowing that the truck will turn itself off, I reached across and put the keys in the ignition. Once I was done talking, I closed the passenger door to walk around and the truck was still locked. Because I never hit the unlock button, all doors were locked with truck running. The worst part is that I've done this before. Only the second time, I happened to have my wife's key for her vehicle in my hand so when I went to close the passenger door, I knew it was locked but in a moment of pure genius, I forgot I had put the keys in the ignition and thought the key in my hand was for the truck. It obviously wasn't.
  10. I'm sorry I don't. In fact, I very rarely need it fully loaded. Mostly, I carry six or eight bikes. I keep it setup daily for six. Four on the rear hitch rack and two or four more on the front hitch. I'm a bike industry sales rep so mostly I keep the tonneau cover closed because I have parts, samples and other items I like to keep secure. I can then slide my cross bars forward in tracks and put five across the tailgate using a pad. This only happens if I'm shuttling for a one way ride. If I'm not using the bed for bikes, I occasionally have a yakima showcase 20 box over the bed. I used to have a cap but I don't carry as many samples anymore and I am using my truck more for household projects and trail building. Really wish I had tall towers but I can't find any that work with a tonneau. The box looks pretty funny when it's on.
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