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  1. I have A 2017 crew with a 5.3 and 8 speed with 3.42 gears and I pull a 21’ trailer with a dry weight of 4500. I looked up the specs and it does say that the dry weight is about 4800. I have no problem here in Idaho with the hills, it pulls fine. The hitch weight does get very heavy though and I get some sag and bouncing even with my weight distribution hitch. I would be worried about the 3.08’s though.
  2. Wireless charging

    @pgamboa I should have bought one of your harnesses. I was trying to repin the connector and broke one of the electrical pins. Could you tell me what you purchased to replace one of the pins? Thanks.
  3. Long topic on it here. I did this mod and it works on mine. One guy did break it when taking it apart though. ne
  4. Wireless charging

    I did the removal trick and my iPhone X works.
  5. My guess is it is the shield to “turn off” charging. Your battery should be protected by the circuitry in your iPhone.
  6. Wireless charging

    It is on this site. Look at member AlabamaBishop. Has a very simple fix for this issue. The topic name is IPhone 8 & wireless charging pad look on the last page and he has a video showing what to do.
  7. Wireless charging

    Check it out. Trying it tomorrow.
  8. Wireless charging

    Yeah i took it apart and tried it with my iPhone X. I was wondering if distance from the charger was an issue. Still didn’t work.
  9. Wireless charging

    Ah, dang you went further than I did. I will probably still give it a shot. Last night I couldn’t even get it to start charging.
  10. Wireless charging

    Yes I saw that. It does not explain why though. It may be as simple as a placement issue. Apple does not say what part of the Qi spec is not followed by GM. I know it is a long shot but I figured I would give it a try.
  11. Wireless charging

    No I haven’t rotated it. I thought about pulling off the rubber piece to see if it is an issue of placement. I might try that.
  12. Wireless charging

    I tried my new iPhone X tonight. Could not get it to work.
  13. Wireless charging

    Does anyone have an iPhone 8 with the wireless charging. Does it work? Thanks,
  14. I had the same problems as those here, and I had this update done yesterday. I hope it stays this way because it is shifting great.
  15. This is a very interesting topic. I bought my 2017 LTZ Z71 with the 5.3. Not really interested in going fast or looking good, but heated leather seats and heated steering wheel is awesome. I bought the Z71 to get the 8 speed transmission because it is really nice for my travel trailer.

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