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  1. Plugs in just to the left of the brake pedal, there is no trim that needs to be removed. Dealers local to me are using them for the trucks they have lifted by shops since they have no way to calibrate them otherwise.
  2. Hypertech in-line speedometer calibrator. Set factory tire size and what you’re running now, plug in and go. If you ever need to take it to the dealer just take it out. Doesn’t re-write anything because it’s an independent module just feeding updated info to the ecu. The dealerships by me are all using them on the trucks they’re lifting because there is no other way to get the speedo, odometer and mileage calculation proper.
  3. 295/70r18 Falken Wildpeak AT3W. Fit perfect, can just make them touch the wheel liners at full lock in reverse over a big dip at ~15mph. Besides that no issues whatsoever.
  4. The first 100 or so miles in my trail boss the mileage sucked. After the first fill up and reset of the mileage calculator it got significantly better. Are you calculating the economy yourself or just going off the display?
  5. Took a 250 mile trip last week and while using cruise control I found a weird glitch. If I’m coming into a town on the highway with a slower speed I bump the cruise control off, coast to the speed for the town and click down to set it to the new speed. As I exit the town I speed back up and go to set it to the new higher speed by clicking down again and it resumes to the lower speed instead of setting the new higher speed. The only way to set the cruise higher again is to turn the cruise off entirely, turn it back on and set it again. Example: Cruising at 65 with cruise control, slow down to 45 and set cruise control there, speed back up to 65 and press set and it just resumes to 45 instead of setting the new speed. Has anyone else noticed this?
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