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  1. 1. 14' Silverado 5'8" Box. 2. It would fit my needs really well because I like the low profile look. I am an avid hunter and this will add storage and security to my equipment instead of stuffing all my muddy duck hunting gear in the backseat, or leaving it in the open bed for others to shop from. 3. Security is the most important for this type of bed cover, otherwise its useless. I like that it will keep things dry in the bed, but that is not a huge issue for me. The best feature of this cover is the ability to remove it completely very easily. With such a short box on these trucks having access to all of it makes a big difference. 4. No, I currently have a cam locker low-profile toolbox. Having more secure storage capacity and access to the entire length of the bed. 5. My truck is used for recreation activities like hunting and camping. It is a daily driver so the increased fuel economy would be well appreciated. I also use it for towing a boat during the warmer months of the year.
  2. Yea it isn't that bad unless I am in a tight parking lot. I personally don't consider it to be that bad though...
  3. I have been running 35x12.50x20 on stock rims with an RC 2.5" level front only for about 12,000 miles now. I did some minor plastic trimming but still rub at full lock. I have had it in mud, on medium trails, and on the beach for two years. I have Firestone Destination MT's and they run pretty true to size. They look great and are definitely worth it if you go offroad even semi regularly. You gotta love to scrub though.
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