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  1. Yup have the issue everyone once in a while...not sure what the fix is. Had an F150 that did the same thing and my wife's escape also does the same thing...never been able to figure out the issue.
  2. All you assholes do is blind the people coming at you with these ridiculous light bars.
  3. I checked also and confirmed seats only. There is no option for the steering wheel. This is a '16 that was built in Feb.
  4. Hmmm...I'll have to check mine. Don't remember seeing the option to turn the wheel on...only the seats.
  5. I have the muffler that that comes with that system on my exhaust. Just had a shop weld it in for $200. Sound really nice.
  6. I had this problem in my '10 F150. Except it wasn't the light it was the relay near the steering column. There is an unlock switch, at least on that truck, that will allow you to drive until you get it fixed. $30 and 10 minutes and I was good to go
  7. I test drove a vibrator and it was awful. Started right around 60 and got worse the fast I got. Agreed on a deal and told them I wasn't taking delivery until the vibration was gone. They figured it out. New tires and alignment I believe.
  8. 51k is too much for an LT. buddy of mine just paid 55 for a Denali Duramax Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I don't have it but there is a thread in this section somewhere about it.
  10. I would just go aftermarket. It's amazing what a good stereo shop can do these days
  11. I haven't had any issues but my power steering does whine when sitting at a stoplight. Hope it doesn't turn into this issue. 3600 miles now going to have them check it when I bring it in for its first oil chsnge Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Yah the whole thing is a little wanky. My F150 had the whole thing on one screen for trip A and B. Gallons used, miles, and then MPG's. Super accurate.
  13. Gotcha...this is my first 3/4 ton truck. Never felt the need in the half tons but maybe I will in the one.
  14. Not sure if the Dmax is different but the mileage on my gasser is very accurate to actual. Within .1
  15. I like the fogs. I did something similar with mine...don't remember the exact color though...I think 4300. Did you do anything with the regular lights? Might be the pic but they look bright.
  16. What's the point? Unless you need ballast for a plow. Just put it in 4WD and go.
  17. For posting pics using a phone it is easiest to use Tapatalk. It's a forum app. On a laptop the easiest is to upload the photos to a hosting site like photobucket and then paste the link in your post using the image link. It's the green box at the top of your reply.
  18. Don't buy it like that. I was looking about 6 weeks ago and drove the Denali that was on 'special' and it had a horrible shimmy at about 60..and got worse as I went faster. Told them I really liked it but wouldn't even consider buying it like that. We made a deal with the promise that it would be fixed before I signed anything. Took them a whole day to figure it out. Alignment, new tires and balance and it rode like glass. Don't fall for the 'break in' period...it's just not true.
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