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  1. Some of the earlier '16s had everything but the actual software in the radio. I had to take mine to the dealer about a month after i got it, and have them put it on (free). Case of radio ready, but not the software. Mark Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  2. Are you saying only when you start the vehicle and it immediately goes away? If I put my key in the ignition and leave it there without starting for several minutes, or shut the truck off and not take the key out and restart, I will get that message, or some random other service message. No codes have been found by the dealer computer, so for me, just a glitch. Mark
  3. There was a number of 2016's that did not get the hardware to run AA or carplay (2016 was the first year). GM ran out of the boxes, so sent out the trucks with the radios from the year prior that did not have it. But also, some like mine, it just needed a software update. You really need to check with a dealer to see what you got. The ones that did not get it, they gave something like $200 off the sticker. Kinda sad as to put in the factory one can cost $800+. As said above, there is aftermarket solutions that are way cheaper. Mark Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  4. Do a google search for service bulletins for your truck. I am not sure if the duallies are having the same problem, but a number of the last couple of years Dmax's have had steering problems. Look at the thread about the 2016 steering. I know yours is a 2015, but just a thought. Mark
  5. Lemon laws are different for each state, so you would need to check to see what it would entail. Of course if you do get to that level, they will fight with you. Take it to the dealer (as you are) and hope that the problem can be found and fixed. And as always, make sure everything is documented. Pain in the ass, but as they say, "it is, what it is". Make sure your dealer has some concept of what a truck is used for (not a grocery getter). Not that common these days. And again, make sure after they check the plug, that they fill it, or you, with dielectric grease. Seems to be water is the leading cause. Mark
  6. For some reason, I have not. If you would like to resend, that would be great. Otherwise I will be interested in what happens. The dealer can plug the computer into the trailer plug and simulate a trailer, which may help. Because everything is so connected on the truck, when mine set off a code, it was for the ABS, wheel sensors, and the tranny! Every time I hook up, I wonder if it will work the whole trip. Not good. In May I pulled my trailer for little over a week with no problems, but next week I leave for a month trip. I am keeping my fingers crossed. And yes, the possibility of trading in on a different truck has been a consideration if this happens again. Mark
  7. First question is are you getting any warnings on the DIC. Is the truck showing that the trailer is connected when you lose the brakes? With multiple trailers, most likely it is the truck. And if you unplug/plug or turn on/off your truck and it starts working again, most likely it is not a fuse. At that point, I would say you have a bad plug or wiring that needs to be replaced. I have a '16 and have lost my trailer brakes several times on the freeway pulling. End result after three different dealer visits is they replaced the whole plug due to the last time seeing "weird" voltage. So far so good. But make sure if you get a new one, or clean the existing one, you fill it with dielectric grease. Found water in mine several times. Also, you may not throw any codes that even the dealer could read when this happens, at least mine didn't the 6+ times they went out. Not sure why it doesn't with that type of failure. Mark
  8. Between towing (9K load), and not, I average just shy of 1 gallon of DEF every 1K miles. When I get around 4K miles after the last fill, I hit the Wal-Mart and buy the 2 1/2 and a 1 gallon jug of the Super Tech DEF and fill the tank. Making sure I get the freshest date. The DEF pumps at the truck stops are a pain with Chevy putting the the fill up on the right side. Mark
  9. The whole purpose of using dielectric grease is that it is non conductive. This is a simple way of protecting contacts from shorting out due to moisture in an enclosed environment. If the trailer plug on the truck didn't leak, one wouldn't have to do it. The brake test was something completely different. Mark Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  10. Bad gas could always cause the engine to run screwy. Put some known good stuff in and see. Really what you need to do at this point is go back to the dealer, or someone who has an OBD reader that can get into the hidden stuff. If your engine is doing something or your tranny, it should show there. Maybe have the dealer reset the tranny. As far as temperature, although you may get a very slight difference, the ECU with all the temp sensors should adjust all the inner working stuff to get the engine to run correctly. If you have a bad sensor, of course again, screwy stuff that should show on the OBD. If the truck was running fine prior to the dealer changing the oil, I would go back to that point and find out what was done to the truck. Something changed at that point. Mark
  11. The plugs on the newer trucks seem to be a weak point. Clean and pack with the dielectric grease is a good suggestion no matter where you are located. And wholly crap, do not pull the trailer emergency brake to test it when you are hooked up to the truck. Want to talk about sending the truck into an electrical tissy...... Mark
  12. Unless the truck senses a trailer is actually hooked up, you will not get any brake voltage at the plug. I have had some issue's and usually cleaning the plug has fixed it. Or in a rush, plugging/unplugging several times works. Mark
  13. Just food for thought. Ford is not recommending the use of the CK-4 oil in any of its diesels. Inadequate wear protection. The bulletin is below: https://jobbersworldblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/ford-motor-company-ck-4-position-statement.pdf GM as far as I know, hasn't said anything. Mark
  14. I have 18K on my '16 and so far so good. About 12K towing 9K if that makes any difference. Had the locktite SB done last summer on one of the free oil changes. If they haven't done anything by now, I doubt they will unless they are "forced". Mark
  15. It's real. "Inadequate wear protection" per Ford testing for all of there diesels. https://jobbersworldblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/ford-motor-company-ck-4-position-statement.pdf Should add, I have not seen anything from Chevy yet. But for me, I will be avoiding it. Mark
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