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  1. i didn't. but it never hurts to try. thanks.. Sent from my LG-D800 using Tapatalk
  2. what was the outcome ?? Sent from my LG-D800 using Tapatalk
  3. my avalanche was fine and was aligned one before from this place before i installed all front end parts. when they first did alignment it was real bad. it pulled hard to the right. second alignment wasn't much better. third alignment it now tracks fairly straight. but this bumpsteer is bad. when doing 40 or 50 mph and right tire goes over a bump the truck goes left ,so i steer right then left. so every bump has me steering, left-right-left. so it feels like im constantly trying to correct the steering . the only thing that looks out is the center link is like 1" higher at the idler arm then it is at pitman arm. and the new pitman arm wont go up on steering gear all the way. Sent from my LG-D800 using Tapatalk
  4. did anyone ever figure this out? just replaced idler arm & bracket pitman arm,inner and outer tie rods, upper arms and new tires on my 04 avalanche and 4 alignments later i still have bump steer . and i found my center link is about 1" higher at the idler arm. i bought another idler arm and installed it and its still the same but it turned my steering wheel to the right. my new pitman arm also wouldn't go all the way on the steering box. if i could get it up all the way it would make the center link close to straight. i guess il buy another pitman arm tomorrow and try. this has to be the issue. thanks Sent from my LG-D800 using Tapatalk
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