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  1. I have an 18 denali. I have 3600 miles on it and about 1000 miles ago I notice a vibration in the steering wheel. At times it will get the column shifter bouncing around. It's only under light load on the engine. If i let my foot of the gas or hammer down its smooth. Could this be the same issue as the torque converter?
  2. I just picked up an 18 denali ultimate. Msrp 64k. Purchase price 51k. For 21k I get a truck fully loaded with the 6.2. The body wont rust. I have a better ride in the magnetic ride control. Yea I think for 11 years worth of inflation and the extra options it was well worth an extra 21k
  3. Dude you said fully loaded. An lt isnt fully loaded. Plus you're comparing crew cab prices to an extended cab. Price out a fully loaded crew cab in 2007. You can add 15 to 20k
  4. Except no. In 1999 when Chevy had the 99 classic which carried over the 98 body style due to the strike. I priced a fully loaded z71 it was 29k. Keep smoking that stuff. Its killed your brain. 30k for a 2007 ltz my a$$
  5. Yea I mean you're right. Why be glad to see better hp and tq numbers along with better fuel efficiency? I mean a 98 1500 with a 350 made 75% of the current power and 10 less mpg. Even truck guys can be glad to see better mpg
  6. Agreed but my 26 was going to Chicago on i80 and i55. I never see less than 20 driving 70. Unless I'm on a hill or driving into the wind. My drive to work every day has 4 miles at 75 and 15 miles at 60.
  7. I traded my 18 slt with the 5.3 it had 3.42 gears and averaged 18. My 18 denali with 3.23 gears is definatly getting 2.5 to 3 mpg better
  8. I couldn't tell you. But since I run premium I'm glad to see the higher mpg. Lol I do most of my driving at 60mph I live in a small town and drive to go anywhere. But little stop and go traffic. My last 2 400 mpg averages are at 21. Either i get lucky and always drive with the wind at my back or the EPA estimate is lower than real world averages.
  9. I have an 18 with the 6.2 and the 8 sp. In averaging about 22 mpg per tank. I think even the EPA estimates are a little low. Just took a 200 mile trip and my best 50 mile was 26mpg. I live in illinois so it's mostly flat roads
  10. I broke down and bought an 18 denali ultimate. It gives me most of the features I like about the new ones. I would like hud and 360 view. But the fact the engines changed imo for the worse with the unproven dynamic fuel management. I figure the 18 denali is already amazing. I'll wait for the new model refresh in 2 to 3 years and see what I think. I mean the truck was fresh off the trailer for 50k.
  11. Should be the 18th ot this month I believe. That's when they are allowing the building for ththe sle and at4. I'm pretty sure pricing is out ththiththis month.
  12. The info for those will be available mid June. The same time frame the pricing will be available
  13. Chevys must be coming before the gmc is. There is no specs out for the sle or the at4 yet. Just the slt and Denali
  14. Not sure. I talked to the sales manager and the guy I bought my 18 from. They told me we could sit down and spec it out for price. But even if I place and order wouldn't see the truck for 8 to 12 weeks after ordering.

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