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  1. I was in upstate NY.. Lots of snow up there!
  2. I'm in South Jersey but would be willing to drive to a shop if it has a really good reputation.
  3. https://www.daubertchemical.com/store/product-list/corrosion-prevention/nox-rust-x-121b Maybe this..?
  4. Does anyone sell the original factory wax type coating to just touch up where it wears off? Would something like corrosion x or boeshield work with the factory coating?
  5. Well, in just under a month I've managed to slide into a guardrail on the ice. Looks like a new bumper and quarter panel. It wasn't a high speed impact collision. I was towing a trailer.. My bumpers are painted and the truck is metallic. I really want to find a body shop that can make it like new. Could anyone recommend a really good body shop in NJ? Thank you!
  6. m20r

    Body Shop - NJ

    Hi, could anyone tell me who the best body shop in NJ (preferably south) would be? Thank you.
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