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  1. Do you know if they checked the vac pressure? Only way it should feel different is if the pump is on the way out...
  2. Interesting, thanks for taking the time to post the info. Same manufacturer too. I'm just hoping that GM makes things right, really a serious safety issue. And a massive expense for those unable to do the repair themselves and don't fall within the constraints of the TSB
  3. Looking forward to the pics of this new part number. For reference below is my faulty original compared to the 12669488.
  4. Damn. I just put a GM PN12669488 in my truck yesterday. Could you take a few pictures of the pump and the packaging before installing so we can compare?
  5. Assuming your pump isn't failing? I installed the revised pump today and the ABS no longer is noticable at low speed when repeatedly braking. Install was relatively easy even doing it on the ground in my driveway. The most difficult thing for me was unplugging the crank position sensor. Fought with it for longer than I'd care to admit. 4wd does make it a little more cramped but easily. DIY doable.
  6. I just got my 2017 Silverado reflashed today, knowing that my low speed braking was already severely degraded due to vacuum pump not outputting as it should. The low speed repeated braking isn't worse but you can definitely feel/hear the ABS firing off after the vac pressure gets out of tolerance and the pedal gets hard. Almost feels like a icy road with ABS hitting intermittently as you hit areas of traction. I am sure if you prolong the fix and rely on this bandaid it could cause early ABS pump failure. Bottom Line: The reflash makes low speed braking BETTER (as in less likely to hit something / no brakes at all) with a failing pump/hard pedal scenario. It's probably why they decided to do this fix on all - in the event of a failure you will be left with "a little" better brakes which means they save face and money. Hopefully buying you enough time to stop before having a low speed collision. TBD how it feels after I replace my pump tomorrow.
  7. There are visual differences between the new and old style. Here is a side by side in a installation video:
  8. Thank you for the tips/procedures!!! While checking out the pump and what the install will look like I realized my oil cooler lines are leaking - that looks like a helluva job? Don't want to hijack this thread I am going to PM you with a few questions if you don't mind!
  9. In hind sight, my pump has been showing signs of failure for the last 10-15K miles, unfortunately for me I was outside of the 72K miles when the TSB was released. That being said, I do not agree that all failures are related to dirty oil or lack of maintenance it could accelerate the inevitable though. I change my oil regularly -- 11 times at an average of 7K miles over 78K miles using Mobil 1 EP (Last 6 changes) & Pennzoil Ultra Premium (First 5 changes). The AFM was deactivated within the first 7K miles via Range Device. I was debating on trading in my truck on something else, or fixing the problem. Today I ordered the new pump, and scheduled an appointment for the ECM re-flash Monday morning. I am going to install the pump Monday myself after my re flash, hopefully the install won't be too difficult!
  10. Sure can! They are adjustable (front strut assy)
  11. My seat movement is back...installed the TSB clip at 23K miles and now I'm at 75K. Going to check it out this weekend.
  12. I was debating it...also debating unloading my truck for an F150.
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