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  1. Security will not change any function of the key. Everything will work as normal. Once the engine starts, security does its run through, if P.A.S.S. sees a problem, the engine will die, then the DIC should pop a message. Your issue is clearly not only a security issue. Get a wiring diagram and a DVOM and start tracing circuits. There are multiple feeds too and from ignition switch. Sent from Paul's phone using Tap Talk
  2. It's just the popular style. As long as the back spacing is correct and your choice of wheel will clear the break calipers. Its your rig, so run whatever you like the looks of. Sent from Paul's phone using Tap Talk Oops... Brake Calipers not break ...lol. Sent from Paul's phone using Tap Talk
  3. Check the pins where the IPC plugs in behind the dash , make sure none of the males are bent, and check the drag on the female side with an appropriately sized paper clip. The VSS circut is pin#50 drk grn wire. What bothers me is you said the odometer doesn't work ? Is the display dark ? or does it show, but doesn't count up ? The odometer is only a display. The BCM holds all that info. If you see miles that don't move you may have a body module issue ? Sent from Paul's phone using Tap Talk
  4. Loose tie rods will wear the tires unevenly, you can see and feel them easily if you jack her up and wiggle the tire back and forth in the direction it turns. Ball joint will pop in a turn, specially a tight off camber turn. Like into a driveway. Wiggle test lowers by jacking up on the frame...push pull on the bottom of the tire... uppers by jacking under the control arm, push pull on the top... have a buddy do the wiggling while you watch for movement Sent from Paul's phone using Tap Talk
  5. The aftermarket belts are junk, and yes, the gm replacem are no the same as OE. Gates is the worst. See if you can find a good year gator back. They seem to be about the best. Continental sells one too that's the same design. Sent from Paul's phone using Tap Talk
  6. When you say right side, are you sitting behind the wheel or looking into the engine compartment ? And as far as the knock sensors concerned, they do not go into an oil passage. Sent from Paul's phone using Tap Talk
  7. Shoes make all the difference... decide what you like... higher ? Lowered ? mono scale, or dripping with chrome ? Wheels and tires will make the biggest statement of all your future endeavors !!! Sent from Paul's phone using Tap Talk
  8. You need to give more info on how you will use the truck... Off road, towing or hauling ? or is it just a show and shine parking lot queen ? It's all very relevant. With a large tire, you should first check your final drive ratio. Installing a tire that's more than a couple inches or so larger than stock size, with a numerically low gear, will limit power to the ground, and greatly increase stress on drive components ! Sent from Paul's phone using Tap Talk
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