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  1. I have an extra set. I’ll take some pics for you this morning.
  2. I was just about to start a thread about the same. I notice mostly climbing a hill. The truck pulsates while under moderate load. Never felt anything like it in any other vehicle. I'll try flipping the traction control switch and see if that alleviates it. I also notice the confused tranny as well. It even seems as though it will miss a shift every once in a while. The revs will go up then pop into gear between shifts. Wonder if this is all related. Bad transmission?
  3. 35x11.5r20 vs 35x12.5r20

    I'm in the same boat with those same tires. I'm going with the 11.5 for the sake of more clearance. I personally like the look of that tire as well. I found them for $1300 shipped.
  4. Aftermarket UCAs provide more clearance so that they don't contact the stops...essentially providing more sag.
  5. Any shock with a coil wrapped around it is not comparable to the 2500 without modification. The 2500 has a torsion bar, not a coil over shock.
  6. Meant to say, spacers did not provide enough to prevent top out with my 2.25" lift. That's why I ended up getting the Bilsteins. I will report back once they show.
  7. Ejcarter is spot on with everything above. Just get everything at once... UCAs, shocks and/or spacers, keys (if you don't have the snow plow package) and diff drop. All easy to install. There are Bilstein shocks that will suit up to 1.5" of lift in the front. The Bilstein 5100 24-253161 will work. Anything above 1.5", you may need shock spacers. I bought those shocks and will see if spacers are needed with my 2.25" lifted front end.
  8. Bedslide?

    Thanks for the compliments! It's really helpful for my needs. Looking to install some fork mounts for my bikes on it as well. It will be real handy to pull the tray out and have the bikes right there.
  9. Bedslide?

    Thanks for the post. You turned me onto slidemaster. I just received mine yesterday. Love it so far! No crawling into the back anymore. I was going with Bedslide but love the weight of the aluminum slidemaster. It's roughly 100lbs less. I ended up having a sheet of 1/4" aluminum cut to fit. I will weld angles to the edge and also going lay down a sheet of rubber to keep things from sliding.
  10. Leveling a 2016 2500HD

    The angles are a bit off. Going to drop the diff. I contemplated sliding the boot to prevent premature boot failure but feel dropping the diff will serve better.
  11. Leveling a 2016 2500HD

    I did not. Everything has been ok since... other than the stock shocks which I have replaced with bilstein 5100 4". The stock shocks were overextending even with the spacers.
  12. Which wheels

    I would go with the 20's. The midnight edition wheels will look much better on my truck. :0)
  13. DL3 mirrors and harness for sale

    Thank you for the clarification.

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