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  1. Looks good! How does it right and what did it do to your MPGs?
  2. I really couldn't tell the difference after installing it. People will claim they did, but i think the biggest difference is in tuning.
  3. Well if i find a box, i can try shipping it. I'm just scared of this thing breaking!
  4. Ok update to this thread. Everything other then the headers and the swaybar are sold! I'm asking 180 for the swaybar and that's local pickup only. Headers are removed, but i need to buy new hardware and gaskets so i'm in the process of looking for those. I have somebody interested in them, but they want them shipped out.
  5. With two people it's easy. One person has a bit more work because the sway bar is heavy.
  6. Ok so just an update the spindles and the front drop shocks have been sold. Pending sale is the air filter. Here is the picture of the sway bar. Asking for 180 local pick up only. I'm going to work on removing the exhaust this afternoon since I had to work this morning. Probox and subs are still up for sale here are pics.
  7. Like the title says selling my Denali grille that I bought from the dealer. This is not the ebay knockoff, this is a GM grille meant for the Denali trucks. I'm asking for 550 obo, I bought it new for 700+ with taxes. Not shipping so it must be local pickup.
  8. I haven't received a PM from yet so it's still available.
  9. Oh dang they went down quite a bit since i bought mine.. Well if anybody is interested make me an offer and come pick it up. It makes a HUGE difference is all i can say.
  10. I'm not sure on the headers yet and yes it is the catted version. Make me an offer via PM. I have my factory manifolds, just need to buy some gaskets as i threw the old ones away.. and the head bolts too.
  11. It's for a 5.3. I live in North Fort Worth and work in Arlington so we can meet up somewhere if you want. Send me a PM.
  12. Well the time has come and I will stocking out the truck on a few items that I have. Here is a list of what i have and will be removing. Everything is local pickup only. Sorry don't have boxes to ship anything out and no time either. Airraid JR kit tube and K&N filter - Asking 140 Underseat probox for 2 10's - Asking 100 I have two Kickers that are on there currently in the box asking for 160 for the box and subs Hellwig rear sway bar - asking 220 Mcgaughy drop spindles - asking 220 Belltech front drop shocks - asking 100 In the future i will be removing the long tuber Kooks headers i installed. That's a weekend job, just need to get time for that.. I'll post pictures that i have here in a bit. Remember everything is local DFW area only.
  13. Thought it was 70 pounds first pass then 90 second pass? Oh well I need to replace them regardless lol
  14. Always replace your u-bolts after one use! Snapped at 95 pounds of torque.
  15. Been trying to work out my drop for the last few weeks and not sure what route to go. Trying to determine if I should get McGaughy's front drop spindles or DJM's lower control arms for a 2" drop?? I know I will be ordering DJM's rear flip kit. Right now I am lowered on Belltech's front drop shocks with the rear shackles and blocks removed for a 1/3" drop, but I am not liking it. Seems like the rear is really stiff and not sturdy. I get a wobble when cruising down the highway at 70-80. Hope the flip kit fixes this and whatever I get on the front makes this drop feel better.
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