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  1. I had about 26 bundles of shingles in the box this summer.
  2. 5.3L 8spd -- I have 18.7mpg lifetime (12.6l / 100km) over 14k miles (22500km). 90% highway driving for me. I typically average about 70mph (112km/h)
  3. I would check for ice/snow in the wheel/brake areas of your truck. My car is the worst offender for this. I found that if I had water freeze or snow stuck in the wheel/brake area I would basically be vibrating for my entire 70km highway commute. Typically I would take them to a car wash if it was above 0C or try to park in a heated garage for a few hours. That would usually fix my vibration.
  4. I took my '17 Sierra in for the same thing today. After doing a bit of digging online, I referenced PIT5404D (Dated June 16, 2017) and the techs were able to reproduce the squeak and verify that PIT5404D was the correct bulletin. I'm in Canada, it will take a week or two to get whatever parts necessary to fix it.
  5. I find the Wrangler SR-A's to be satisfactory in the snow, and terrible on ice. I plan on getting some Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2's for this winter.
  6. When I bought my truck, my requirements were Standard Box, Leather. There were only 3 available in the dealer group. I lucked out and got the only CC Standard Box in the dealer group inventory at the time.
  7. Garbage Hauler - I drove my boss out to lunch a week after I picked up my 17 Sierra AT. He gets in and says "Nice garbage hauler!"
  8. 2017 5.3L 8 speed here. No issues with my 8 speed. I think it is more designed for towing anyway, as I always seem to be in the power band when I need to accelerate. The 2017 6.2L 8 speed is not as good in my opinion. I found it to be harsher in upshifting and a bit schizophrenic in stop and go traffic when I test drove it for a week. It was a completely different experience from what I experience in my 5.3L 8 speed.
  9. 5.3L CC Standard Bed checking in. My requirements for a truck were: Standard Bed, Leather, and not red in color. Here in Alberta that was hard to find at the time of purchase (early January). There were only 2 in the province the dealer group could find. I don't think I have seen a '16 or '17 denali CC Standard Bed yet either. I know they exist, but its almost a unicorn here.
  10. Here is my "Executive Garbage Hauler" as my boss calls it.
  11. I don't have tow mirrors, but the motors are pretty weak. I have noticed that one of my mirrors might not fold out/in if the mirror arm has some ice on it. Once it melts, it seems fine.
  12. I think that TSB is only for 15 and 16 model years. I wasn't able to find anything matching for 17 model years. That being said, I did notice that the loaner 2017 6.2 8 speed I had for a short time had a defined kick when downshifting to gear 1. My new 2017 5.3 8 speed is smooth like butter.....although I only have 900 miles on it, time will tell.
  13. I've got about 900 miles on my 5.3 / 8 speed. According to my fuelly account, I am averaging 13.5 l/100km or 17.4mpg. That beats my expectations for a new truck in this configuration.
  14. I traded in my 2015 GMC Canyon for this new 2017 SLT All Terrain. I needed something with a 6'6" box. It was hard to find, as most people in the city want their short boxes.
  15. Look Mom. No Chrome!

    2017 GMC Sierra SLT All Terrain.

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