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  1. Curious to see how this work's out for you because I'm in the exact same scenario. I ended up replacing the battery and it worked fine at first but the next day after heading home it had an extremely hard crank. I 'failed' the alternator test at the local auto store and was going to order one but I may try the cable's first.
  2. Having the exact same issue, usually in a hard or low speed turn when I left off the gas I get a massive clunk before I accelerate again.
  3. I've been having this same exact issue for the past week. Slowing down from from 30 MPH to a stop, may have to make an appointment too. Rotor's and brake's are fine.
  4. That look's pretty sweet. I've been looking into ditching my Kuat rack for the hitch as its just too long and negates being able to tow a trailer. Look's like a good biking/camping alternative. Interested to see if anyone has one too.
  5. Damn I just ended up selling my 4.5-27 Razor. Could have done a swap trade, did drop some money on coilover's though so there is that lol. I ordered the 0 offset's as the same as yours. Do you think the +18 would have been a better choice with less rubbing?
  6. Your setup just cost me some money. Just ordered the 17" NV's in black. Saw your post on the hide for that Razor too, small world. I was tempted but you got me on the wheel's first.
  7. Well I'll just see where I can find a better price then. So far gotten $1409 shipped for the King's and $519 for the Cognito's. Waiting on a response from MRT on the Fox's.
  8. How major of a difference is there between Fox 2.5's and King 2.5's? Price is pretty close between them.
  9. Was just noticing that. I wanted to go with 18's or 20's and all black. Any rubbing?
  10. No worries, your's looks great too and almost the same setup lol. Thank's man.
  11. Just picked up this truck and did a first wash down 2 days ago and noticed when I was driving I had drips come out from the headliner onto my leg, exactly where the antenna would be. Guess it's time for the dealership.
  12. What offset / spacing did you go with on those NV's? Look's mean man.
  13. Just stumbled on that one as well a few minutes ago. Worth a shot lowballing it. Thank's man.
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