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  1. im not sold on a cap, done a lot of reading about them.
  2. Thanks for the advice, thinking about running out the cab and down to a frame rail or running it up and putting it with the main ground wire to the frame (which would be switched to 0 gauge.
  3. Hello Everyone, I just installed a large to me stereo in my 2017 and kind of went a little bit overboard haha. Front speakers: Focal PS165F Rear Speakers Focal PC165F DSP: Audison Bit Nove Highs amp (front mid and tweeter active): Alpine X-A70F Rear speakers: Infinity Primus 6002A Bass: Alpine X-A90M Doors got 3 layers of sound (inside skin, door, door panel) here is a flicker link to pictures of the build https://flic.kr/s/aHsmJkEcDZ the issue I'm having is I'm getting some alternator noise, an intermittent high pitch noise that will completely disappear when it wants too, and also a little white noise. The t harness I made also connects the stock speaker wires running to the doors back in ( im wondering if this is causing noise as well) I have the 0 gauge is run down left side, t harness down right side. Upgraded the battery terminals so the main power is now 0 gauge but still have not finished the rest of the big3 upgrade. (which may be part of the problem stock grounds are very small) I have the system grounded to one of the seatbelt bolts (grounded off paint). I'm have been thinking of putting a newmar 150a alternator noise filter and also put a power filter on the audison dsp. I have not had a chance to check for ground loop, also it could be the quality of the RCA Any help would be great, Appreciate it!
  4. Hey everyone, I know this has been covered a lot already, I currently have a audiocontrol dq-61 installed in my truck with an alpine pdx-v9, jl speakers, focal sub, sounds great but im going to go a step further and swap all the door speakers to focal, sound deaden, add a second sub with a ported box and dedicated sub amp. the main swap i want to do is put a audison bit 8.9 or a audiocontrol D6.1200 and run the fronts active and rears passive. What I cant figure out is the door chime and if it actually just comes out of the dash speaker on a non bose truck. If it does i can just leave the dash speaker and tap into the front doors but from what i remember they are both linked together in a non bose truck. currently I'm tapped into the audio behind the screen. I've been watching some videos and with the audiocontrol D6.12000 you can tune that channel down and turn the amp gain up to compensate to lower the chime to a normal volume, but the d6 doesnt have the de-tune features that the bit 8.9 does, I Guess i could do the same with the 8.9. any help would be great. thanks everyone.
  5. I installed the 4 channel on a food truck. It came out really nice.
  6. I think I am leaning toward the JL fix and twk setup. It seems that after a lot of reading reviews there are still some bugs being worked out of the rockford dsp still. I know its about 800 more but I think it will be worth it in the end. I think im going to switch up my alpine pdx-v9 to power mids and tweets seperatly and eliminate the jl cross over and 5th channel on the sub, then for the rears do a really small 2 channel. with all of this still fitting under the center console. I am considering one of those micro / mini nvx amps. Let me know what you guys think. I have a friend who is a sound engineer and will RTA everything
  7. I’m highly considering that Rockford dsp. Just wish I could play with the app first
  8. im not gonna lie the remaster kits look cheezy in the gm dash.
  9. very nice, How does the RF product compare to the JL products
  10. looks like a good unit, too bad they dont make a t harness for our trucks.
  11. I'm Starting to think this axxess dsp isn't all what it seems to be. From what you guys have been saying the chime function isn't even working right which is what a lot of us are after. I'm highly considering dropping the money on the JL fix and twk.
  12. So what codes do you have? Do you have the io6? Can you post a picture of your rpo sticker?
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