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  1. I have a 2015 LTZ and was under the impression that the rear was air ride/leveling while only the front was magnetic. I know the rear has air as the compressor runs at each start up. That being said, my old Ford Expedition EL would bounce like crazy in the rear in the cold as the air bags had holes and would leak. My LTZ doesn't bounce like that so check your air bags to see if they are faulty.
  2. It does, thank you for clearing that up. I went ahead and did the "charger Hack" using a home wireless charger and it works fine. Would've been nice to use the official one but I guess I can resell it.
  3. If I read your question right, you want the turn by turn from your phone to play over your stereo while listening to something other than Bluetooth from your phone. To do this, pull up your Bluetooth on the phone and look for the "I in the circle" icon. Click it and scroll down. There should be an option that has to do with playing over the car. Also, within google maps anyway, there is a set of options available while it is connected to the car. Swipe up on the phone (while map is displayed) and the options will appear. Look for something about audio or Bluetooth. Within that there is "Allow HFP prompts" or something that you have to toggle on. I believe in apple maps it's similar. I don't have my phone in front to give you exact directions but you'll find it.
  4. Hello, I have a 2015 Suburban LTZ with the wireless charger in the armrest. I have purchased and installed the GM retrofit unit (#84526978) but it doesn't seem to be getting power. Before I tear the console apart further, I'd like to check the fuse that feeds it but cannot find in the manual which fuse it is. Could you point me in the correct direction? Thank you in advance.
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