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  1. I have one in my '15 suburban. Works as it should. Blue light is on at all times in the driver footwell, but that's it.
  2. Spoke to a friend last night who owns a growing restaurant chain in the midwest. Prior to the virus, 4-5 new stores opening up, current stores killing it. In comes the virus....switched to carryout and delivery but still down 85%. Floated idea of bankruptcy. Doing everything right as a business and possibly losing it due to the order to shut down....not right. Now, open at 25% capacity and business is down 20% overall. Hosts/dishwashers are "afraid" to come back to work (i.e. Unemployment pays better). Wish people could be monitored to see where they "aren't afraid" to go while they collect unemployment. I think the unemployment is good for those that truly need it, but there are way too many people who could work but choose not to at this point. BTW, we have less than 120 cases, 7 deaths, in our area with a population of 200,000.
  3. I think a more accurate comparison would be: NASA: An asteroid with "earth destroying capabilities" is going to impact California in 2 weeks. Everyone needs to move to the midwest to avoid extinction. Chaos ensues as millions head east. 2 Weeks later: We apologize. We forgot to carry the 1 and move the decimal. It didn't even come close.
  4. I used to love Nascar. Went to Bristol races regularly and made single visits to Darlington and Kansas. When they repaved Bristol, they ruined it for me. Next, Toyota enters the picture and appear to have a 1-2 HP advantage over the other teams. Finally, they went to the playoff system. I was done after those 3 things. Now, I'll be watching Sunday just to kill the boredom.
  5. I would agree, sort of. My guess is that there are plenty of people who died without being tested that are missed in the numbers while there are also those like the one mentioned in the article. In the end, this virus is killing people and needs to be studied and dealt with. The people who are dead don't care how they are classified, nor do their families in the end. I would like some truth from the media and government though and would rather they let us make the choice to go out and mingle versus shutting everything down.
  6. My guess would be that the remote learns from the car (code) versus the car learning the remote code. Otherwise, if you remote start one, the other would start also. Not sure, but I would say the remote cannot work with both vehicles at the same time.
  7. Source for this? Locally they are counting new cases from testing.
  8. I have the same problem. Bought the new charge unit and plugged it in but no power. Ended up making my own using a wireless charger off amazon, tearing out the guts, and putting it inside the shell of the old one. Had to cut part of the shell to allow for charging through my case, but it works.
  9. Adaptive Cruise Symbol should look like this on the dash: If it's just the speedo symbol and the car shows up to the right, it's normal cruise and not adaptive. I have the LTZ and thought I had it all but no ACC
  10. 1. 120" Motorized EliteScreen 2. InFocus X10 projector 3. Onkyo Atmos Receiver 4. Klipsch Quintet + Velodyne Subwoofer + Can't remember the Atmos speakers in the ceiling 5. Harmony One remote 6. Lutron Dimmer (Compatible with Harmony One). Outside by the Pool: 1. Optoma Projector 2. 100" portable screen 3. Vizio wireless soundbar/sub 4. Xbox One to stream
  11. https://www.theblaze.com/news/san-francisco-alcohol-marijuana-homeless Nice! Free booze and dope......WTF
  12. More pointless comparisons: 37,000 deaths per year due to Motor Vehicle Accidents in USA - No Shutdown. 88,000 Alcohol related deaths in the USA - No Shutdown, alcohol still legal. 862,000 deaths due to abortion - No Shutdown and still legal. I assumed this stuff went on so I'm not surprised, but it seems hard to believe this current situation isn't somehow related to the funding/research mentioned in this article.
  13. Same could go for people who won't wear helmets on motorcycles. Sign a waiver that says the ER won't treat you. What about people who eat fast food? Lowest on the list for cardiac care?
  14. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/new-york-test-of-3000-people-finds-14percent-with-coronavirus-antibodies/ar-BB136bZG?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=UE07DHP More indication that many more have been infected that didn't know it.
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