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  1. Fortunately I haven't had the wind noise problem that you are experiencing so never had the door adjusted. Curious what will cause the "popping" noise that they are mentioning unless the door is binding somewhere and "pop"s into place. Otherwise, it's just a hinge on the frame that's moving. My doors seem to be lined up, from what I can tell anyway. If they adjust the door, is it reversible? i.e. if the popping is terrible can you go back to the wind noise? Good luck!
  2. If you can adjust your side view mirror to view the pillars while you drive over 40 mph, see if the pillars/appliques are vibrating. It's a know issue with our years and I fixed mine with double sided tape. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/191619-anyones-window-appliques-loose-flapping/
  3. Check the manual. Mine has to be reprogrammed inside the center console if it's not original. https://www.programyourremote.com/classified/2016-gmc-yukon-denali-keyless-entry-remote-fob-smart-key-programming-instructions-listing-8475.aspx
  4. Hopefully the truck was in front of my house when it fell off I usually wait a year before jumping to a new console generation, just like cars. Bugs need to be worked out or figured out. Enjoy the box when you get it. I just started Valhalla and so far it's awesome. Very similar to Odyssey but with a viking flare.
  5. This is what the symbol used to look like (2015+) but it may be different in 2020. Anyway, the car is missing if you DON'T have ACC. I thought my LTZ would have it but it does not, so just engage your cruise and see if the symbol is there.
  6. I bought this tape and it has held up so far (9 months): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012RXBAII/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. I have the Fosgate P2 12" sub in my boat powered by a JL Audio mono amp and it rocks. Now, if my funds were higher I would have gone with the JL Audio 12's but they were a bit high for me.
  8. Hi Jeff, welcome to the forums. I have the 2015 LTZ like you with the early build so no CarPlay. I can only speak to the last comment about screen mirroring. If you run your phone through an HDMI -> RGB converter and then to the plugs on the RES, you can watch streamed content on the back screen (and front when in park). It's a mess of wires, but it is possible. I haven't researched the addition of CarPlay thoroughly as I just use the bluetooth option and you still can't play video through CarPlay without a hack. Hope that helps a bit.
  9. No personal experience but sounds like it could work out well for you based on what I found here: https://www.slpattorney.com/california-lemon-law-buyback/
  10. Does it work if you remote start the vehicle? Not just unlock the doors, but actually start it?
  11. Hello all, I have a 2015 Suburban LTZ with 80k miles. Started hearing a whine from the front left wheel over the past few weeks and worried it may be a transmission issue (based on previous ford expedition). Before I take it in I thought I'd check on the warranty and found 5 year/60,000 mile. Is that accurate as I thought I read somewhere it was 6 year/100,000 miles but can't find that info now. Any input? Thank you in advance! Mike
  12. I think there are some significant events regarding understanding the virus. Take this: https://www.hpcwire.com/2020/07/28/supercomputer-powered-research-uncovers-signs-of-bradykinin-storm-that-may-explain-covid-19-symptoms/ We are certainly better at treatment as we have more targeted approaches instead of throwing everything at it (i.e. placing patients prone before placing on ventilators). Regarding who it affects, the information isn't necessarily new but its gaining more research to support it. Grumpy can put out the actual numbers but greater than 90% of deaths were over 60 and average 2.5 comorbidities. Again, not new information but now the numbers seem to back up the early theories.
  13. Ok Grumps, that was the most entertaining part of the 179 pages so far!!! Keep up the good work.
  14. I'm not sure about 2016 but Over The Air updates may not be available for your car which is probably why the question was asked. As far as whether you need the update, you would need to check the current software number of your car and compare it to the most recent to see if they match. I updated my navigation maps recently but had to use the USB to complete it.
  15. I hate the new safety spouts where you have to press this, then that, then rest it on the edge of the gas tank. Slow filler because air has to enter the spout. My Fix....remove the safety valve, attach clear hose from lowes to extend the reach, and drill a vent hole in the handle. Problem solved. Probably violates the warning label though.
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