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  1. Not trying to be rude, but how did you not notice that before it got that bad especially the wet mildew mold smell.
  2. Engine temperature

    My 15 runs the same. Needle right in the middle.
  3. 17 6.2 tune

    These days they can look hard enough to find out if something was done to the computer programming they really want to. Even if a programmer puts everything back to stock and what was done isn't detected it doesn't mean they can't detect something was done just won't know what.
  4. Good catch with the PCV that the last poster said. Would definetly check that. If there is new oil in it i would purposely drive it alot more then usual and see if it still happens. If it doesn't then I guess that could be the fix.
  5. Painting exhaust, bad idea?

    Ceramic coating is a great way to go
  6. Range AFM arrived today

    As the other poster said. I have had it plugged in while the truck sat for 14days while in -35 weather and it didn't drain the battery.
  7. I would go to another dealer and see if they will help. I would also do an oil sample. You must have a slow 5 mile commute for the truck not to get up to temp.
  8. They can hook up to computer and figure out why the service stabilitrak come up and shouldn't make a difference if you have bigger tires or not for them to do the test. Second, I have 6in lift and 35s and it has never affected cost when it came to warranty work. Go to another dealer.
  9. observations

    I can say never have had an issue with cup holders but always use yetis or drink containers that are tapered at the bottom like fountain drinks. No rough idle at start up so can't help with that. I'm curious about the back of the seat falling off and what was done to it for it to do that or else that's just bad workmanship. Hope you get use to it and get it all worked out.
  10. Has it come back on since then? I ask since if the dealer is good or not that might say there is no fault. You should have gotten an email with the service alert, so I would take that with you to the dealer.
  11. Correct years?

    Buying individual parts would be done differently then whole kits. Some parts have just never changed much and can be used for a bigger span of years. When it comes to a whole kit if any part is specific for only a few years then they have to list it for those specific years regardless if some parts fit years outside of what they say.
  12. I can say I have never had this problem and I use 4h and 4l a lot for about 6 months out of the year in ice and snow. The little yellow light is nothing to worry about because it will always come on and go off when the rear tires are slipping. Now since you also got the service on the dash then just take it in. It could be just a sensor or more but just have them fix it. I have never liked going to a dealer and messing with them so I bought a scan tool to just figure it out before I go and deal with them. Hopefully they will fix it without issue.
  13. 20ton bottle jack. The factory can work with some wood but I also think it's to flimsy when in off road conditions and the terrain.
  14. Post up the guide and everyone likes pics if you got any. People are always looking to add to the truck

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