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  1. If all your trucks stay mint without a single scratch on it then why would you ever get rid of them. Who gets rid of mint.
  2. Your right, mint is the condition something is in. You keep a classic in mint condition and don't use like a truck. A modern day truck you drive and use as a truck you dont and cant keep mint unless you dont use it like a truck. If you have a parking area with a cover then sure park there but if not it shouldn't really matter.
  3. Mint would be a classic like a 48 or a 59. Modern day, not so much of a mint and never will be, but people can do whatever they want like covering up their pavement queen.
  4. Just different living in different areas. Truck is use to living in the elements and recently enjoying -50 degree weather.
  5. I have just never known anyone ever in my life covering there truck. Maybe some people do but I have never know anyone regardless of the elements. I mean it can be bird crap, tree sap, rail dust, sand from sand storms, hail, or whatever. I am also the type that thinks dings, dents, scratches are part of truck character.
  6. To be honest if the truck is used every day there really is no reason to cover it. If it's not used every day, well it is a truck so I really see no reason to ever cover it.
  7. Let me ask. Have you regeared since you are slinging those 37s. You are losing at towing if you havent. I would suggest 4.56 gears. I say this because its easier for me to tow with my wife's truck that is regeared then mine that is SC.
  8. Northern interior Alaska. It was -43 outside a couple of days ago but no squeaks.
  9. Forgot to mention. If you decide to upgrade coilovers you dont have to get the same brand as the lift. I prefer King coilovers but there are others out there like Fox that are popular.
  10. You can also add to the lift kits. For example you can retain factory UCA and front shocks/struts or get uni-ball UCA and performance shocks. Either way just choose the brand you like and you will enjoy it.
  11. Just dont push the lift kit to its max by adding to it. There are some good kits from a bunch of well known companies.
  12. What size lift/leveling kit

    It just depends if you want a little clearance for the tires because they are rubbing at full lock or just want more clearance. Your tire is about 3in different in diameter so you might be ok with just leveling or you can go an actual lift. If you go leveling I would at least go with one that you are changing the UCAs and coil-overs so you dont have to worry about ride quality. If you go lift then most major brands will suit your needs, but I would change UCAs to uni-ball.
  13. Dont waste your breath trying to argue with TXGreek. CST gives this person a hard on and thinks they are perfect with everything they do and they know how to defy all science. Hell CST could make a dildo and TXGreek would get it in a heartbeat because it's the greatest dildo ever.
  14. Mine has a 6in lift and 35s and I tow several times a year. I also have 4.56 gears. I believe the first thing anyone should ever do once they get a lift is to regear.

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