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  1. Ya, sometimes they are in there really tight. Just taking it slow a careful is best. Glad it worked out.
  2. I miss read I thought you where talking about small tool to remove lines. The rail I just us a small crowbar. I did it the same as this guy on multiple vehicles. Just go to the 8 min mark.
  3. Not sure what expensive puller you are talking about. The only special tool you need is fuel line disconnect tool and you can get a whole set for like $10.
  4. Your speedometer, lift, tires, or anything like that has nothing to do with your GPS and navigation. GPS has to do with the location you are specifically at, at a specific moment, and it doesnt matter how you are getting to that specific location.
  5. I dont think there is anything you can do especially pertaining to a list that can affect your GPS signal and navigation. Also when you say fall behind do you mean your actual positioning or the time it says you have left till destination.
  6. Road Trip Mods?

    Well growing up and going on trips we didn't have anything. We either just talked, shut the hell up when dad told us to, or read a book.
  7. I just use the Trinova Foam Cannon attached to my pressure washer.
  8. I am with you. I hit it with a power washer and foam cannon whenever I feel like it and that's about it. Maybe once a year I have a couple of the neighbors kids hit it with a spray wax as I sit back and as payment they get the 4wheelers for the day. Once I leave the drive way it's a little over 10 miles of dirt or muddy roads till I hit some pavement, so I just think it is a waste of time for me to put much work into something that will stay clean for maybe 24hrs.
  9. Do the locks auto lock once you put it in gear and start driving or does that not work either
  10. AC Temperature

    Personally I always stay away from the stop leak stuff. Now, I would definitely check the condenser for a leak and if you dont have the bracket installed on the line I would make sure you do not have a leak from there also.
  11. What I would do if you have the ability to do, is get a different brand tire in the same size and see what happens. I have bigger tires on and have no vibration.
  12. Tuner

    All depends on what you want to accomplish. If you have not done any kind of mod and wont be, most of the tuners out there will do what you need.
  13. They can't make them do anything, but they can authorize and pay the dealer to do it. Dealer just wants to make sure somebody is going to pay for the work
  14. BDS vs FabTech

    These days these companies are putting out the same basic quality. The shocks are where you are going to notice the biggest difference. Also depends what you are going to be doing with and using the truck for. Unless you are doing extreme off roading these kits will hold up. Get what you feel best about. I have always gone with McGaughys with some Kings and always changed out the the factory UCAs.
  15. I didn't even know there was a problem that needed a fix. I have never had a problem and others I know that have lifts have never mentioned having issues. Hope you get it worked out.

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