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  1. Ball joint popped out

    My opinion is if going 3in level, might as well go 4in lift. Also, I know its extra money but I have always changed UCA when lifting or anything like that. It's a piece of mind thing, plus I am working on the front end so might as well.
  2. Ball joint popped out

    A lift can cause premature wear especially 3in ones and the angles it can create. It's hard to say if it's a known issue.
  3. Heated seats on remote start

    I dont know if it is built this way or a problem but mine only heat if I am sitting in the seat. I have tried different things and found out it only takes minimal pressure to turn on. So I just leave a 6 pack of bottled water on my seat when I get out of my truck at the end of the day so when I remote start in the morning it will heat my seats. Might sound stupid but it's either that or no heat to the seats for me.
  4. Forgot to mention shipping the programmer to California is an issue. so you will have to deal with that
  5. No, nothing different. It will work on your truck
  6. Mpg

    KO2's during summer and DuraTrac during winter
  7. Even if it still is, spraying the bed or putting anything in the bed for that matter would not do anything or cause any problem with it. A part malfunctioned, just get it replaced. It's not going to be the first or last time parts malfunction.
  8. Check engine light

    Then why didnt you have them change the headlight out.
  9. Mpg

    35's, 6in lift, 5.3, afm deactivated, tuned, 4.10 gears, 19-20 mpg
  10. Unless they sprayed the engine I really does see what spraying the bed would have to do with it. Just take it to dealer
  11. Gear Swap issues

    Pinion depth.
  12. I would just change the battery out since it is going bad. If that doesn't fix the problem then at least you know it isnt the battery, but either way the battery needs to be replaced.
  13. Honestly no because where I live there is no where close to get it done so dont know anyone else that has it. I had it done before moving to Alaska.
  14. I have never used Rhino but I have a truck with Line-X and one with ProTech. The Line-X is in a 2015 the ProTech is in a 2005 that the last person had nothing in and the bed was very scraped up. I can say the line-x has held up better but not by alot and is probably because hardness and tensile is higher with the Line-x. Plus I like the added benefit of UV protection with the Line-X. Dont get me wrong the Protech has still held up great and there would be no reason I would not get it again especially since it was cheaper to get then the Line-X. Honestly it all comes down to abuse and how well they hold up.
  15. Central Alaska, so -30 -40 to -60. So you can say more on the extreme side of cold every year for throughout the winter season.

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