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  1. They can't make them do anything, but they can authorize and pay the dealer to do it. Dealer just wants to make sure somebody is going to pay for the work
  2. BDS vs FabTech

    These days these companies are putting out the same basic quality. The shocks are where you are going to notice the biggest difference. Also depends what you are going to be doing with and using the truck for. Unless you are doing extreme off roading these kits will hold up. Get what you feel best about. I have always gone with McGaughys with some Kings and always changed out the the factory UCAs.
  3. I didn't even know there was a problem that needed a fix. I have never had a problem and others I know that have lifts have never mentioned having issues. Hope you get it worked out.
  4. New Whip

    I think you can do all the speeding you desire w/o a tuner. Shakey Maybe he wants a tuner cause he thinks he needs it so he can whip down the road at high speeds and whip around corners in his so called Whip or something.
  5. New Whip

    First off, never say whip again. Second, not sure you know what whip means. Dont be that person.
  6. When I got this in the mail I took it to the dealer and they just went ahead and did the work. If people paid for it already then there is also a form to fill out and get reimbursed.
  7. Honestly I have never seen anyone get out of there truck to check anything. Even growing up I would drive a 3500 dually and never got out and checked. My kids use to drive full bed truck and a dually to work and school with no problem. None of these ever had cameras. The truck I have now has a camera and the wife always asks if I am ever going to use it, I say no. It's like the whole manual transmission thing and more and more people couldn't drive one to save there lives.
  8. I see no benefit in adding the front camera. A dash cam like you say has some benefit if in an accident and turns into a blame game. Before all these cameras these days people were driving trucks in tight spaces and parking with no problems.
  9. Mine has done it a few times. I could fix mine by using the my Chevrolet app and sending a navigation destination to the truck. It download what was sent and It would clear the red x and start working fine.
  10. Elite Engineering Catch Can

    Well obviously you know nothing about your engine. I already showed you so here you are again.
  11. You could have a bad condenser. The condenser was another problem the trucks had.
  12. Elite Engineering Catch Can

    How come nobody seems to have your problems. I have a suggestion, never work on your own vehicle and definitely never install something. Just take it to someone else, and I mean anyone else because anyone could have installed it with no problems.
  13. Elite Engineering Catch Can

    Moroso is good. I also really like Saikou Michi.
  14. Elite Engineering Catch Can

    Trying to find where it says the exit side is up by the throttle body on 5.3.
  15. E92s is what I deal with the most. Not only with the specific torque managment but also with fuel and timing specifics which affects torque and power. It all depends on how all the settings work together. I can load the same managment settings in the friends truck without the fuel and timing settings and it doesnt roll good compared to with the fuel and timing adjustments. I have put more management into one area and taken out more in another and gotten better results, then adjust it again and get worse results, then adjust again in other values and get better results. I even have winter, summer, and octane tunes, because all of it affects power and torque.

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