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  1. I just use NAPA filters. Never had an issue with them and put a lot of miles on the trucks. Will another filter work better if I go 10k or more without an oil change, maybe, but I never go that long. I makes me wonder how much, if any, of engine life someone actually loses because of the filter. How many filters really give people a problem.
  2. If your scan tool isn't detecting a bad module then there probably isn't one or your scan tool doesn't have that capability. If that's the case try and get access to one that can access the modules..
  3. I say anytime you go with bigger tires especially 35s or bigger you regear. Also just get a custom tune. Now I know you worry about the warranty but I have had warranty work done and never had a problem. The work I have had done had nothing to do with the tune or gears so it was still covered.
  4. Croatia is a great place to visit. If you are into water activities there are some great spots to scuba dive off the small islands.
  5. I changed mine at 10k then 30k and every 30k after that with Amsoil. Never had any problem with the transmission.
  6. Vaccinated or not you can still get it. Covid is going to be around for ever just like the Flu unless by some chance it burns it self out, but I doubt it because vaccinations usually stop a burn out. Humans will build a small natural immunity to help fight it off and treating it will get a lot better. People can either hide away at home never doing anything, or they can go out and live a real life. I say the hiding at home is worse then Covid.
  7. It's actually not all that common. I would go with the OEM option for warranty reasons and because never know how good the person is rebuilding.
  8. This is why you just need to do the work yourself. Parts are not that expensive either.
  9. I would move coil from 7 to another one and see what code comes up. When it comes to the shifting has it always been like that or not normal since you got the truck.
  10. First thing I would do is ask the dealer how they came up with replacing those parts. Did certain codes come up? If so get the codes and check for yourself. A fuse popping can happen because of the smallest most insignificant thing.
  11. Sounds odd to me. I have had mine submerged on multiple occasions crossing rivers with a trailer and have never had a problem. Also not having any blown fuses leads me to think something else is going on.
  12. It's just a way to make money, and really not that hard to. Just some DD and time is what it takes.
  13. Definitely upgrade system. For a battery I would choose an AGM from ACDelco if not then XS Power, Odyssey, or Delpi. I think Optima quality has gone down now.
  14. Did you just have the fluid changed the one time at 30k or what. At 101k I already did 4 fluid changes.
  15. My way of doing it was buy 2 houses on decent size land. Spend 22yrs in the military and rent them out the whole time. Retire and have both houses paid off. Sell one and buy a house on a large piece of land out in the woods to live in. Plus still have the other one producing rental income that is pure profit. Also investing in other things at a young age and staying with it was a great decision. Nothing like being able to completely retire at the age of 42. Now what needs to happen is the weather needs to change so I can get some projects started. All the snow last week and back down to -25
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