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  1. From what I’ve heard guys with a 3:08 gears say their trucks seem a lot slower. But with 3:42 gears you’ll be fine. I got a hand held programmer , cold air intake , free flow exhaust and problem solved.
  2. I’m , running 35” tires with 3:42 gears and a 6” lift.
  3. Fabtech gen 2 kits have no track width increase. the mcgaughys 7-9” adjustable only has like a 1/2” increase set at 7”. If 8” isn’t to high for your liking the 8” BDS only has 3/8” front track width. So there are options in the 6” and higher lifts without front track widths. If memory serves the 7” ready lift is very minimal front track width.
  4. A shout to plunk77 for starting this thread almost 7 years ago. So many pages of info and great pictures. So glad this thread never died.
  5. The ability to keep factory wheels is a big bonus. Very nice truck.
  6. That bds system will put a smile on your face. Amazing how a 35” tire fits those 4” lifts.
  7. I’ve read good reviews about lew. What lift and tire/ wheel setup are you going to do?
  8. Yes I have the edge tuner . It adjusts the speedo for bigger tires, de activated the AFM. I used the edge values for the trans shift points It cleaned up some of the sluggish shifts and downshifts smoother. I have the throttle management as well set at 20%. Also a cold air intake , I’d say is a waste of money but it all works together. A good tuner is a great buy. I recommend the hand held , some complain about dead battery with the ones plugged into the obd port.
  9. I have a 2015 Silverado, same engine and gears. The difference in town wasn’t noticeable with the 35” tires and 6” lift. On the the interstate tranny downshifts more for slight grades. The big difference was losing 5mpg . But I knew this going in so not a surprise. The folks with 3:08 gears say they notice a loss of get up a go. I believe you’ll be fine as most of us are. In the future I got plans to re gear to a 4:10 . From what I read and my local shops recommendations that should put less stain on the Powertrain and give back some of the performance. Hope this helps
  10. Spend the money for the kit with their Upper Control Arm replacements. These spacers kits leave the UCA at safe but also undesirable angles. The kits with UCA will correct this. Without it guys claim to be blowing out the upper ball joints prematurely. If you go off road I wouldn’t recommend it without them. I didn’t like the ride with just the spacer. I get that budget drives a lot of us . If you want a great ride and stance without valor of height. Go for a BDS or Zone counterpart in a 4” lift. I’d went for the Fabtech 4” but wanted more lift. All three of these kits give great angles and a smooth ride. i went fabtech because of the zero front track width increase. But bds and zone are great. In closing if 2.5” is your thing , sting for the UCA upgrade. Hope this helps.
  11. After a year of reading this forum got the 6” gen2 Fabtech lift. Thanks everyone for all the info and great pics that got posted. 2015 Silverado 1500 18x9 -12 offset Raceline Defender Open Range 35x12.5
  12. On zones website they say 20x9 have a 5.75 max backspace. Are you running a front spacer or is there something I’m missing. Most the factory 20’s have +24 to +31 offset. That’s over 6” . I’m set on this kit as well but not wanting front spacers. When i talked to zone they said the mounting surface is to deep to clear the suspension, so needless to say I’m confused. Please help.
  13. Very nice truck. Did you need a spacer on the front wheels to clear the suspension.
  14. Not sure of the quality . There is 50” curved light made by Rough Country. With brackets it’s around $350-375. Still new to this not sure how to submit a link.
  15. 285's 18x9.5 no issues Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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