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  1. About three weeks ago I traded in my two year old 2017 Z71 LT with a 5.3 6 speed for a 2019 Z71 LTZ 6.2 10 speed. A few thoughts...First I really like and liked both trucks. But the 6.2 and 10 speed makes up for the things I didn't like about the old one. The 6 speed transmission always seemed to be hunting to gear down here in the Mtns. of PA, plus clunk downshifting during slowing down. It never seemed to be in the right gear going slow turning onto a road to go up a hill. Then kinda bogging and downshifting hard to make up for it to get going. The lack of spunk and weak feeling tranny in my opinion led me to getting rid of it. The 6.2 and 10 speed solved all the annoyances that I didn't like about my old truck. Both trucks drive great and are nice and quiet. Although the seats in the 2019 do feel a little short for a tall guy compared to the 2017. One other thing I noticed that is different and kind of irritating, is the fog light button should be on the headlight knob instead of the exterior mirror lighting button. Minor annoyance that takes a couple weeks to get used to.
  2. Mine did it when it was less than a month old. Came back on the same day but went out again. Dealer performed an update to the radio which took hours but has worked fine ever since. If it did it once but came back on you're gonna be in the dealer getting it updated sooner than later. But my most fun gremlin was when the hood latch sensor (didn't even know I had till then) went out. Truck also threw a code and put the SES light on because of this sensor. Which meant the remote start wouldn't work. Most fun part was after it was parked and locked the alarm kept going off and notified OnStar that the truck was being stolen. LOL
  3. I live on top of a mountain in the northern Appalachians in PA. It does so little it is not even worth talking about in normal mode. Either way on saving brakes or wearing on the driveline. It's just there.
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