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  1. Have you looked into removing the tow hooks first?
  2. How often do you get flashed?

    "REPUTABLE SHOP" and since i care how you sleep at night, I double checked the measurements.
  3. How often do you get flashed?

    F for effort. Pick a point straight ahead, past the approaching vehicle and focus on that.
  4. How often do you get flashed?

    I like how you assume a lot of things. Based on your response, I can ASSUME you do not read every word of other peoples' posts. Re-read my post and you will find your answer there. You should stop assuming things and stop communicating in generalities. It really shows the level of intelligence one conveys.
  5. How often do you get flashed?

    I do a lot of early morning driving (2am - 6am). On average, i have found that i get more flashes around the 2 am mark rather than the 6 am mark. My theory... most of the people flashing around 2 am are driving home from the bars (parties), most likely inebriated, which causes one's eyesight to be more sensitive to light changes. So am i being a d*ck for flashing the moronic imbeciles who are driving drunk and would not know what an acceptable level of brightness is for a properly angled headlight? And as far as the safety concern that i know some of yall will bring up, i would not flash them with the light bar if their are other vehicles nearby due to the safety for those other vehicles.
  6. How often do you get flashed?

    lol Whatever helps you sleep at night sweetie.
  7. How often do you get flashed?

    When i get flashed, i flash back with the light bar... just so they know it can and will get much brighter!! Here is an idea, dont stare at the oncoming traffic's headlights.
  8. No, two on the back left and two on the back right. Both bulbs blink when using the turn signal. does your setup look like this? The middle light (reverse light) doesnt need a resistor when changing to the Zevo LED bulbs.
  9. No problem. Are you sure on which wires to connect to? I used to have a picture of mine installed, but i must have deleted it from my phone.
  10. These are what i used. You will need two for each side. At least i did for my 2016 silverado z71.
  11. Yea the Zevos are excellent, but you will need resistors.
  12. My money pit

    Money pit perfectly describes it. Paint the door handles. Is that a RC bull bar? Did you wire your light bar to an auxiliary battery? All in all, it looks good.
  13. Remote Start in the Cold

    Try using the Chevy app on your phone to remote start it next time.
  14. Front end squeak

    Oh i didnt notice the link to the video. I had a squeaking problem earlier this year, but mine was bad shocks. And not nearly that loud. There are a few other threads on here with similar problems. Have you tried searching those to see if anyone has had the same issue?

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