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  1. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Dang, I just broke 39,000 on my 2015! Barely had 11k when I got in Aug 2017. Heck my 99 only had like 190k when I sold it in 2017. Maybe I need to get out more!
  2. For me with a stock 2015 DC Z71 back and forth to work I get 15-16mpg depending on the time of year. But on my 16 mile round trip I have 13 guaranteed stops and 4 more potential stops......so I never get much more than that. If I go on the highway, doing 75-85 I can get 20-21mpg (saw 23 once). If it's two lane middle of no where driving, no stops I've seen 28-29 mpg doing 55-60.
  3. That's what the guy did here in this video. Talked about renting a spring compressor but then shows him taking them to a shop and swapping them out. Otherwise did it all himself. Been debating getting a set on my 15 Z71. Talked briefly with the shop that always worked on my 1999 and he's saying just do a 2" Zone, but I don't want that much lift. Thought about doing a 1" or 1.5" motofab. Still trying to read through all the ins and outs of a insert vs bilsteins (or eibachs)
  4. Anything you hate about your truck?

    I also hate not being able to turn Stabilitrac off completely. Yes I know it and Traction Control can be turned off........but Stabilitrac comes back on a 35. If their is snow on the ground you got to have some fun!
  5. Anything you hate about your truck?

    I usually settle at around 68°/69°......I just like it to be ice cold and blowing on me when it's cooling the truck down. The 99's did have one of the best cooling systems I've ever seen in a vehicle. Meat locker if you wanted it.
  6. GMC only because the front of the Silverado is god awful! It's like GM invited some Dodge designers over and said..........SCREW IT UP!
  7. Phone mount?

    I use this one as well. Really no good places to put a phone holder in the truck. For most driving, it is fine in this location. For long hauls, I don't like it there because I like to rest my leg against that spot. Any other place in the truck either covers up vents, buttons, dials or it sits up for the rest of the world to see!
  8. I only fill when they are cold, like first thing in morning before going to work. Yes I always see the fluctuation when driving which I understand is normal. Other than work it is parked in a garage. I'm not talking about checking everyday. Like the one that is always the fastest it seems like checked when my sensor said 31 and topped it off to 35 the next morning. That was last week sometime and this morning is was 32. The other two I topped off a couple weeks ago were at 32 this morning. Yes the weather has been fluctuating, it's spring in Michigan. The one may have a leak, I'll have them check that one.
  9. Use the TPMS as trigger to check, but I always check with a tire gauge.
  10. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Same thing with the Z71................I wouldn't call them ALL TERRAIN
  11. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Swapped out the rear bumper for one from a wrecked 2016, since I backed into something and put a vertical dent in it. Salvage yard guys were surprised I was replacing it. Wasn't really that bad to do. Got one license plate bulb that is being a pain now. Pull it out and it turns back on. Put it in and it goes out. Lights are from original. Gonna replace bulb tonight and see what happens.
  12. Anything you hate about your truck?

    - Heated seats could be a lot warmer. They are great for taking the chill off..........but with a bad back, I'd like to have them warmer for longer drives. My Dad's 2011 had warmer seats. - Wish the A/C was colder............my 1999 was an ice box. Fortunately we don't have crazy hot summers, just a week or two of god awfulness. - Rear tire spin on slightly wet pavement. - Not sold on the newer 6 speed transmissions
  13. I was going to wait for a while. But this winter started thinking I was just going to replace them before this coming winter to something more aggressive and up a size. Because the stock ones just look silly. So maybe late fall of this year. Just ride it out for spring and summer and early fall. Not like I'm putting huge miles on it (Started with 11k in Aug 2017)
  14. I am always having to add air to my tires. One I could add 2-3lbs every week, so that may be a legit leak. Two of them I have to add 2-3lbs probably every 2-3 weeks. 4th one seems to be the slightly longer than #2 and #3. I had them check one last rotation, which I thought was the worst one, but I think I told them the wrong one. The only thing the guy said "could" be possible is the rim had a little corrosion on it maybe messing with the seal a bit. But he couldn't find anything in the tire. 2015 Silverado Original Tires, the horrible "ALL TERRAIN" Good Years 18" Aluminum Rims 37,200 miles
  15. Just checked, no oil found with a finger. No oil on the plug. Thanks for the help! I guess that rules out the RMS/RSM.

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