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  1. This gomer just smacked his mirror on the garage door frame. House remodel, to much stuff in garage so tight squeeze, blah blah blah. Trying to make sure I get the right one. It's a 2015 Silverado Z71, LT2, 5.3 Gas Only, Power, Heated, without fold, without blinker and Tungsten in color. It looks to be relatively easy, just takes a little time.........based on a couple youtube clips I found. Looks like the worst parts are all the clips and just taking your time. One youtube guy didn't use any trim tools, the other did. I don't know if it matters, but I don't have any. Carparts.com has this one......linky......that is paintable. The color matching part on mine is still good, but I see they can be a hassle to take off and maybe break a clip(s). So hopefully I could just swap them out and not have to spend the money to paint. Local scrap parts place has two they both list as brown, one is definitely brown but the other looks more like the tungsten I need. They are 2x or more the cost but if that one truely is tungsten I wouldn't have to paint or try to swap color matched part. Anyone done theirs yet? I know a lot of guys seem to have swapped out for tow mirrors. Do I need trim tools? Any other suggestions on the procedure? Thoughts on the part from Carparts? Not sure where to find codes and lookup parts. To me it looks like a match that just needs painting. Sorry for the questions on this simple project. Don't do a lot on my truck, so just want to make sure. Did both door panels on my 99 so I have done a little over the years.
  2. One of the first things I did with my truck. CovetedStyle........Other than "maybe" dropping the brightness by a super small smidge, it does nothing other than protect it.
  3. What's also interesting is that 3 of the 4 old Goodyear SRAs I had to always add 2 PSI to about every two weeks and the 4th I had to add 2-3psi about every 7 to 10 days. I had the heavy leaker even checked and they said maybe corrosion on the rim is causing it. These new tires are holding strong for now. The Goodyear's had just under 45k on them and the whole air loss thing had been happening for a little while.
  4. Did you end up going another direction then? I saw some references to Eibach too. Haven't take the plunge on that yet.
  5. That's why I stayed away from the KO2s. Kept reading they suck on the wet and I already had that on the factory SRAs. It's been so nice over the past week to press the gas at a stop and not spin like I'm on ice.
  6. I ended up going with the Wildpeak AT3W. Was worried that going up a size would look odd, but only because of how side walls looked on the old Goodyear SRAs. They bulged funny I thought. But with these the look is awesome. Fills the wells a lot better. Bought my first truck in 99' and this will be the first time I've ever had non white raised letters...........but it looks good. I'm impressed with them so far. Grip is great on wet pavement and on that light fine slushy snow that you see at corners where the salts been working. On those old crappy SRA any slight incline (1/2° or more) they would spin. Those things were crap. GM should be embarrassed for putting that crap on. Road noise is a little more, but that's to be expected with a little more aggressive tire. Overall...........Me Likey! Just looks sooooo much better now!
  7. So thankfully it's time to get rid of these gawd awful factory Goodyear "All Terrains".......might as well be using slicks. Month or so ago I swore I found a thread or three about brands, handling in snow/rain.......but I must be having a moment and can't find them. 2015 DC Z71 LT w/ 44k on it. My daily driver, but thankfully round trips to work is only 16 miles. Not crazy highway miles, but do take 10-12 trips north every spring/summer/fall that amount to around 350 miles each trip. Hardly ever pull a trailer. Maybe a heavy load, short distance (less than 10 miles) 5-6 times a year. Try to minimize how much I plow the drive and live in the country so I'd like something good for snow. My trips up north do lead to two tracking through the National Forest, muddy, deep puddles, etc. Read some on KO2's not being all that great in snow and rain. Had Hankook Dynapros on my 99 Silverado and they seemed to do the job. See lots of reference to Coopers, but don't they tend to be a bit noisy? Seen reference to Falken Wildpeaks and Goodyear DuraTracks. But I have a buddy that says his Duratracs wear fast. But then again it's a Township work truck so it sees more action. So I guess I am just looking at final thoughts based on the above usage. Something a little more aggressive, but not mudders. I would be jumping up to 275/65/18's (from 265/65/18's). Probably someday do a partial level (leave a little rake), but never a lift. Appreciate the input!
  8. Dang, I just broke 39,000 on my 2015! Barely had 11k when I got in Aug 2017. Heck my 99 only had like 190k when I sold it in 2017. Maybe I need to get out more!
  9. For me with a stock 2015 DC Z71 back and forth to work I get 15-16mpg depending on the time of year. But on my 16 mile round trip I have 13 guaranteed stops and 4 more potential stops......so I never get much more than that. If I go on the highway, doing 75-85 I can get 20-21mpg (saw 23 once). If it's two lane middle of no where driving, no stops I've seen 28-29 mpg doing 55-60.
  10. That's what the guy did here in this video. Talked about renting a spring compressor but then shows him taking them to a shop and swapping them out. Otherwise did it all himself. Been debating getting a set on my 15 Z71. Talked briefly with the shop that always worked on my 1999 and he's saying just do a 2" Zone, but I don't want that much lift. Thought about doing a 1" or 1.5" motofab. Still trying to read through all the ins and outs of a insert vs bilsteins (or eibachs)
  11. I also hate not being able to turn Stabilitrac off completely. Yes I know it and Traction Control can be turned off........but Stabilitrac comes back on a 35. If their is snow on the ground you got to have some fun!
  12. I usually settle at around 68°/69°......I just like it to be ice cold and blowing on me when it's cooling the truck down. The 99's did have one of the best cooling systems I've ever seen in a vehicle. Meat locker if you wanted it.
  13. GMC only because the front of the Silverado is god awful! It's like GM invited some Dodge designers over and said..........SCREW IT UP!
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