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  1. 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ CC 5.3L

    My first Chevy and latest buy last December and now starting to make mine.
  2. Does anyone have this GM wheel?

    Indy, love the black look. Personally, I think if I am going to move forward with these I would do the SF1 or maybe the others with chrome inserts to match my chrome package. Although I did add some black Westin Xtreme nerfs.
  3. Does anyone have this GM wheel?

    Bagged, what did you end up going with if you didn't get those? I am super interested in a set of the SF1 brushed look, but am wondering what that will set me back + tires. I see at set of 4 rims on ebay with slight scuffs for $1600 right now. from Chevy OEM direct they're like $400-420/piece I am seeing (if correct). Wonder what they'd look like with my slate gray 2015 CC SB LTZ. I think it would look great. Also wonder if dealer would take a set off and swap so I could see too haha? Thanks, Ross
  4. This to me is the perfect combination with the 22" wheel. I am wondering how the Hypersilver Metallic would go with my Slate Gray LTZ. It has chrome accented mirror and door handles along with your identical chrome bumpers. maybe too much contrasting. I see per TxTruckMan that they also have the chrome inserts. Maybe that would be the best 1-2 combo to match. I would what a dealer would roll me over the coals if i go in to them and say take my stock OEM LTZ 20s and swap for these 22s with some bigger/more aggressive tread. Any idea!? I agree! I am sure these would look SMOKING on a red truck as well!
  5. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    If i would have had my way (had to trade to local dealer for trade with last vehicle & select from his lot) this would be the truck & setup I would be rocking. Perfection!
  6. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Yea, I just googled searched them and actually found a used set with very slight scratches with start out at $1,600. Reasonable?
  7. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Hey all, Just created an account and got setup! Just been reading on these pages and getting familiar with the varying setups you all are running. Thanks for all the great information! First, part of me wishes I would've went 2016 front end+, so sharp with the ptm bumpers in white (originally wanted a Sierra SLT, but the Canada truck got sold out from under me)! That said, I picked up a 2015 5.3L Slate Gray CC SB LTZ fully-loaded last December. Since then I have added 2" RC level, Westin HDX Xtreme nerfs, 13% tint, spray-in bedliner, tonneau cover, MBRP exhaust, upgraded headlights to LED bulbs, & Husky floor mats (which I love over WeatherTechs for once). Now the next step for me is to add some new shoes. I had 2011 F150 FX4 Eco CC prior and ran 2" Autosprings level and 295/60R20 Nitto Trail Grapplers. Loved the look, but hated the completely ruined and rough ride with the E-rated tires with the huge MPG losses as well (I went from mid 20's with my 3.5 TT to 12-13 city 15-16 hwy...didn't think it was going to be so steep). I believe my stock 20's, which I believe I am going to keep, run +27mm correct? I am seeing guys running 285, 295 and even 305s all stating just swaybar and UCA rub much like my F150 setup. I don't want to go as aggressive with a MT again nor E-rated if possible to stay more toward stock ride. My questions are: 1) Are there any tires existing that have the more aggressive look without going E-rated and the 50 to 80lb/piece? I see the Nitto Ridge Grapplers are like 60lbs/piece and a bit lighter with fairly aggressive tread 2) If not, I am thinking clearly the 285/65/20 or 285/55/20 BFG KO2's are a likely candidate (think I like the white-wall better, but from reading don't believe are still available). Or some Toyo AT2's (Xtreme), Nitto Ridge Grappler, or GY Duratracs. 3) If having to go heavier, does the 5.3L handle it well? expected MPG losses? I removed the upfront dam/valence as well when leveling. 4) Would the 22" OEM Denali wheels bolt on or anyone do that to their chrome package Silverados? Saw a few Sierra's rocking those and I love the look and gunmetal appearance. Just not sure how that would mesh with my current chrome. Pics? Any other 20" OEM chrome setups and pics would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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