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  1. Is this a retrofit that can be done? Any info would be helpful.
  2. I am from Quebec, Canada and when it's cold the oil is more thick. When you rolling the oil warms up and it become easier to shift. Any risk to parking in 4x4 High? Seems kinda frightening, the idea of getting stuck due to not being able to shift into 4x4.
  3. I live in the great white north (Canada). If this is a thing, that could certainly explain in. This is my first truck, so maybe is a common problem in cold climates?
  4. 2017 Silverado Crew LS here, I have the floor shifter, and I'd say half the time I try to engage 4 high, the stick won't pull down (back). It just feels stuck or jammed. It's getting annoying because it's happened a few times I needed to engage it. Thoughts, ideas?
  5. You can add 'Chrome w/o fogs' to your list. I have this on my 17 silverado crew cab LS.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. Are you suggesting a splitter that lives in the jump seat lid? Or somewhere else (perhaps behind the dash)?
  7. Thanks for this, it was interesting to look at. As mentioned above, sadly it will not work for me as I don't have the USB in the glovebox.
  8. Sadly this is not true. There is a plastic cover where most have the USB glove box port. I've search high and low and there is no USB visible anywhere in the entire dash, just in the lid of the jump seat. My understanding from searching the internet is that it depends on trim level, maybe because of the radio (I have IOB).
  9. I have a 2017 Silverado LS Crew with 6 seats. I obviously have the 2 USB ports in the middle fold down, but would like other options. Is there a way and what is invovled to add the USB ports to the dash under the radio or glove box? ** EDIT ** I'm not just looking for power, I need this for Android Auto / Apple Carplay as well
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