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  1. 20% decline in MPG

    Ok thanks for the info. Mine seems to be slowly returning to normal, so far with no real explanation.
  2. 20% decline in MPG

    How much of a loss did you experience with the switch? Thanks!
  3. 20% decline in MPG

    I did actually order a couple cans of Seafoam, figured it can't hurt. Truck has 62,000 on it already.
  4. 20% decline in MPG

    I also wondered that myself, it did seem to happen at exactly the same time.
  5. 20% decline in MPG

    I don't think think it's acting normal, but the dealer says no codes so it must be fine. It seems to take forever to drop into v4 mode (no joke over a mile of steady speed on a flat road before it drops right into V4 mode, then it seems to switch back to v8 mode for no apparent reason). I do hear a slight ticking sound, but I don't think it's out of the ordinary, and there doesn't seem to be any lack in performance. But it seems weird to me that the alternator never seems to switch off anymore. I have a radar detector that shows voltage and it never shows lower than 14.5 when it's running. When I first got the truck it would read 11.7 for what seemed like a long time, then you could see it start charging and mover up to 13.5 or so. Now it just stays constant at a high charge, but the battery tests fine.
  6. 20% decline in MPG

    It maintained 16-18 all winter long, so I figured it might actually go up a little once it warmed up. Definitely didn't expect a decrease. Tires at 35-37 cold, air filter new. Doesn't seem to make any sense.
  7. Ok 2017 4wd Suburban LT, 5.3. In the 8000 miles that I have owned it, I averaged 16-18mpg depending on how much I used the remote start. Now last time it was in the dealer for 3 weeks for a no start (theft module replaced according to Repair Order), I got it back and it seems they may have FINALLY fixed the no start issue. But the problem now is I am now getting between 11 and 14 which is a pretty sizable drop off. I can't see where what they did would have any affect on fuel mileage, but I am honestly not sure what could cause such a sudden large drop in mileage. Nothing else has changed. The only thing I have noticed myself is the voltmeter used to always show between 11.5 volts and 14.5 volts (on or off as I refer to it), but now I the voltmeter has not dropped below 14.2 since I have gotten the truck back which leads me to believe it's always on at this point. I have tested the battery several times and it's all good. Any ideas? Family of 8, I would love to get that MPG back to where it was money is always tight with that many kiddies. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and ideas.
  8. https://www.gen5diy.com/collections/15-17-suburban-products/products/copy-of-14-18-sierra-foglight-harness You can pick up a set of the fog lamps on amazon or ebay for $50. So the whole thing runs about $150 and can be done in a couple hours. Important note, this set up does not provide for a switch to turn them on an off separately. They come on with the lights.
  9. 2017 Yukon Denali Radar Detector Hard Wiring

  10. We just picked up a 2017 LT for 37k. Low 40's should be pretty easy to find.

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