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  1. They were OEM. I think the fronts were, if I had done it, replaced. Regardless. I am good for another 5 to 7 years.. lol
  2. Driveline clunk maintenance..2008

    Yes, if you go slow enough, or creep up to a stop, it wont clunk. And whilst going forward a slow accelration can alleviate some of it.
  3. I put the Bilstein 5110s in today. Person that owned this truck before put Daystar spacers in. So, I took them out, and he had cut the studs. But, it fit even with Bilsteins set to highest setting, which gives 1.77 inch lift up front. Truck drives a little better, not bouncy to Mercedez better, just a little better. At 108000 miles, I imagine they were due. I am going to research the struts that came out though. They are dirty, and for some strange reason I think they are newer than OEM.
  4. I put a new Standard Products in. Works. Resistance across posts was 30K on old, 16k new. Not saying it is correct , but, its something I am going to monitor. The last old one was 28K bad.
  5. I am going to measure the resistance across the plug connections inside the solenoid when new one arrives and compare it to old one. Without cutting one open, that is the only way to measure anything. I am curious as to how GM doesn't really have this problem on all of there other vehicles. Is it purely location and being exposed to elements that causes issues??
  6. After work i pulled ecm batt fuae, started truck, code went away. Strange.
  7. GM vs AC Delco vs all others

    Remember how a company called Lamborghini started building road cars. Well, story goes, Ferrucio found out the clutch Ferrari used in his Ferrari, which kept going out, was the same as the tractors he built........And the rest is history. Story, whether its true or not, knowing something is better than nothing at all. Yesterday I had to buy a cushion for the brake switch on my Corolla. Amazon, 12 to 20 bucks. Holy heck, Dealership 1.72.
  8. GM vs AC Delco vs all others

    I honestly just have a questioning attitude about most things I buy..
  9. GM vs AC Delco vs all others

    Since most companies outsource parts nowadays, how do we know as consumers which company makes the best quality parts to replace on our trucks? Is GM parts made by AC Delco, or Denso or what, particularly in electronics. If I knew GM parts were made to a higher quality QA/QC check I would by them. But what about AC DELCO? How do we know there quality is there.
  10. LOL, I wish I could just delete the code from ECM, like on my 93 vette, I just reflash chip and tell it to disregard certain codes, Like EGR, which I removed. Easy.
  11. Thanks, Is the AC Delco 214-2082?
  12. So, I bought this truck last June. They fixed this code with the kit. Later in the year, 5 months?, it came back. Traced it to solenoid. Ordered Standard products CVS34. Fixed it till today. It came on intermittently when it was real cold, and I cleared it. Today, it came on and right after clearing it comes right back. So, I ordered a replacement, under warranty. But, and I wasting my time with standard products? Should I get an AC Delco part? If so, what is the AC Delco number I actually need, just the solenoid, not the relocation kit. Also, I have new gas cap, and the solenoid on the manifold, Purge Valve? was replaced too. 2008 Silverado 1500 5.3 Flex 2WD
  13. Driveline clunk maintenance..2008

    I put a 1x 3/8 piece of fuel line in there.. Just a piece that will act as some bumper effect if the yoke actually ever goes that far, which I honestly dont think it does. I think there is slop in rearend and transmission, and we hear it and feel it. You can move the rearend pretty easily by twisting the driveshaft when on jacks. Now, add 5000 lbs of weight etc. Maybe one day I will mount a go pro down there and watch it.
  14. Driveline clunk maintenance..2008

    The transfer case yoke you can not use grease.. Mine is attaching into trasnmission, 4l70E
  15. Driveline clunk maintenance..2008

    Well, time will tell. Seems to be a common issue and resolve. TSB 09-04-21-003D?

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