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  1. Where did everyone mount their ballasts? Was thinking about that on my drive in to work this morning.
  2. Thank you for the advice. Yeah this stuff is really stuck in there without some heat. Another question I do have: when inserting the projector into the bulb hole in the housing, there is a lip on the back side of the housing that makes it almost impossible to screw on the projector nut. Do you guys usually trim this off to be able to tighten the nut?
  3. So started this project the other day and I said I would document it. Below are the headlights I got off a friend for a good deal. Here is the kit from Fast Headlights First things first, remove the trim. Used a head gun and flat head to pry them off. Had to be careful about the tabs A couple nights later I had the time to crack them open. I did 270°F for 15 minutes at first, then put them back in at 5 minute intervals after that. All in all it took me roughly 2 hours to split the headlights. The first took me about 1.25hrs because I wanted to make sure I wouldn't mess them up. Second set went much quicker. That's all for right now. Next step is to clean out as much of the sealant as I can and then mount the projectors and test them.
  4. Just ordered the retrofit kit from Fast Headlights for my 14 LT. Also picked up a set of LT headlights to retrofit off of a buddy for cheap so I can take my time putting this all together. I'll make sure to take lots of pictures and post them when I'm done.
  5. Look up Dr. ColorChip. It's a simple to use system for around $40 and it'll fill in hundreds of chips. I have yet to use it on this truck, but I did on my previous vehicles and they came out perfect. Even up close you could not tell where the chip was unless you remembered where you filled it in. Just need to put in your year, make, and model and it'll show you all the colors for that vehicle.
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