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  1. Pump constantly shuts off when fueling

    While I was replacing the vent solenoid I did notice a small line following the filler neck. I know in some cars they have a vent the runs to the top of the filler neck. I may try to follow that line to see what it is atleast. The issue started happening a couple months ago when the weather was warm. Now that the weather is cold the issue has gotten much worse. I went to a gas station with very old pumps that ran really slow and it must have shut off 20 times while pumping $50. I know a lot of people have this issue but there has to be something wrong it I never had the issue until a couple months ago. I’ll look around for a vent in a day or 2. Thanks for the advice everyone
  2. Pump constantly shuts off when fueling

    Hey thanks for answering my post. I definitely made it seem like I only use this one station. I should clarify. The station I’m referring to I right next to my house so I usually get gas at that station but not always. I usually put 20-40 every time I put gas in because it’s such a pain. So if I’m low on gas I just go to any station. I’ve noticed this issue no matter what station I go to. The weird thing is the truck never used to do this so it makes me think something is wrong with the truck not the gas station. I never smell gas fumes and have no check engine light. I have a service van that had this same issue. The shop I took it to replaced the purge solenoid and that fixed it. But I was smelling raw gas fumes randomly and have a check engine light. Is it possible that the purge solenoid is stuck or a vent is plugged? Thank you
  3. I’m having a weird issue with my 2013 Silverado. It has a 5.3. When I’m fueling the gas pump constantly shuts off unless I hold the nozzle at just the right position. It can take 5-10 minutes to fill at times. I read on this website that the issue could be my vent solenoid so I replaced that with the ac delco kit with all tubes included. I didn’t reroute the filter though. I’m wondering if there’s another vent to let fumes out of the tank so the filler neck isn’t backing up. A local mechanic claims that some pumps do that but I’ve gone to this gas station for years and it never did that before. Any ideas?

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