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  1. According to another member Casey you need to switch the USB/SD port on the dash to a different one and then connect the extension harness for the floor console to it for it to work.I have part numbers for the USB port and the extension harness that Casey shared with me but have not done the install yet as I'm still waiting for the harness and a trim piece to get shipped to me,so I can't guarantee it works.
  2. I'll have a jump seat with storage for sale from a 19 in black as soon as I get a few parts delivered from GM.
  3. One of the reasons my LT is getting the full console,I have the console but need a few parts for it that GM is shipping very slowly.
  4. Only issue that i have with the in channel type is.........I park in a garage and if I leave the drivers window down when I park it falls off after a while like it needs the window up more to keep the 3M strip stuck.When I emailed AVS about it their solution was to replace the 3M strip,not much help when the wife backed over it when she parked.
  5. This shows some of the steps for the console.There are additional parts needed to make the swap complete,trims piece for the dash and swapping out a USB port if you don't have a jump seat with storage to start there may not be wiring under the passenger seat for the new console.
  6. Just spent the last 2 days looking for antler sheds with my dog,yes you can buy them at the pet store but it,s not the same as when you do it yourself.Build it or buy it,it's the same thing and yes I'm retired too.
  7. Somebody needs some loving..................He sounds a little confused.he doesn't need others to appreciate his work,but yours must be appreciated by others? You had the time,materials,and skill to build the part good for you,job well done by me! .".I don't want or need to solicit accolades from anyone than myself for my accomplishments or craftmanship." "Here's my logic.....all depends upon whether the amount of work expended justifies making the end product and whether the end product is of a level that can be appreciated by yourself and others". " Any project undertaken must be of a level where I and more importantly others can appreciate the amount of work and skill contained in the end product."
  8. The consoles being sold on carpart.com and other salvage sites are 100% GM products they are just sold as used parts.
  9. Maybe for part of a jump seat but not for a full 100% complete floor console
  10. $922 for a used console,somebody really wanted it bad.
  11. Wow the one on Ebay is getting up there.
  12. I'll have a black jump seat console with storage for sale shortly,send me a PM
  13. I just bought the exact same one 100% complete from LKQ that they had on carpart.com on the 17th and got it for $461 shipped from Nev. to Il.,came with the harness too.They must have figured out that there was a bigger market for them.The one on Ebay has the front extension harness cut,can't tell if it has the harness to connect under the seat from the pics.
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