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  1. Carpart.com,LKQ online,local yards,there's not a lot of them out there.When I used one salvage search engine I got lots of scammers trying to sell me consoles that I knew had already been sold,found one on Carpart after awhile.
  2. Look for a place that does Hydro Dipping,they can usually do any color/finish you want on your old pieces.
  3. I'm trying to figure out how the guy ended up with 20 sets of leather GM seat covers.....................
  4. Doesn't matter what I think they'll charge,they'll charge what they want or what the book says,if it does. My handles came from a private seller'he doesn't sell them unless he's taken a pair off a truck. I'm thinking the body shop won't be real cheap.
  5. You can't access the wire connector from outside,there's not enough slack in the wire.It only takes minutes to pop off the door cards(panels),there's 4 or 5 screws and clips around the perimeter.Hardest part is getting the first wire connector undone(tight space,and 2 clips),once you do one the others are easy.There's a video showing where the screws and clips are and the rear handle part are held on with a torx bolt accessed through a plug on the back end of the door,front part just lifts and pops out.First door took me 45 min. the other 3 maybe 10 min. apiece. The outside handles don't remove like the earlier models,you had to move a clip inside the door to reinstall,2019 just snaps back in with no tool. You can buy a little kit with plastic trim removal tools,makes it easier with less chance of damage.
  6. Did it about a month ago,found GM OEM handles from a customizer on ebay for $100.Takes a little longer than the 14-18 models because you need to pull the door cards to get the wiring disconnected but it wasn't too bad at all.
  7. A raised ranch doesn't have a basement,lower level is at grade.
  8. Not what it sounds like.It's an old raised ranch built in 66 with a 2 1/2 car garage,has an 2 1/2 car addition to the back of the old one making it a 5 car with the Master bedroom above the addition.The back area is more workspace.
  9. Mine fits fine if I fold the mirror in,5 car garage with double doors.
  10. I just purchased one from a LTZ insurance test crash truck,complete floor console with all brackets/nuts/bolts/wire harness for $575 shipped.A new one has to be way north of that.I don't remember what site I used but you enter what your'e looking for and when it goes in a data base they call you,he sent me about 20 pics and it looked like new.I'll have a jump seat with storage in black for sale shortly.
  11. I'll have a seat w/storage console to sell in a bit when my full console gets delivered,2019 Silverado LT 3000 miles,jet black int.
  12. I'll be trying this as soon as my console gets delivered.
  13. 2014,Blue Topaz Metallic,2" level,5" bars 22,000 miles,soft tri fold tonneau
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