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    2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD SLT CC
  1. z71 Shock replacement.

    +1 on the Bilsteins. This was the first mod I did on my truck.
  2. Leveled 2015 on Nitto Trail Grapplers 295/70R18 (34.5") o
  3. This looks like this is just the front left. Do you have the part numbers for the front right and both rear doors? Thanks!
  4. 2500HD Shock Upgrade

    I swapped out my Ranchos with Bilstein 5100s on my 2500 about a year ago. Much better shock. Ride quality seems better, but definitely not like a 1500 or a Caddy. Are you running stock height? If you turned your torsion bars up to raise the front end, it would make your ride harder. I have had the 5100s on two trucks (1500 and 2500), in my opinion an improvement in ride quality on both.
  5. I run 295 70r18 Nitto Trail Grapplers on a leveled 2015 Sierra 2500 with stock mud flaps. No rubbing.
  6. I have these for the frame holes in the back and the smaller holes under the cab. I bought them from ebay and they worked great! Larger holes are 3 1/4" (there are four).

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