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  1. Super easy mod, thanks to Phil! It took me less than 30 minutes to put these in!
  2. Well back to the dealership it goes... this time we are going to try a tranny fluid/filter change and not a flush. It seems to be getting worse with no real explanation from anyone. No CEL. I have taken people for rides and they keep asking me what is wrong with my truck. I am embarrassed to drive the truck with friends and family now, it is that bad. Have resorted to driving my wife's F*rd, if I need to take anyone with me.
  3. Mine does it. The dealership first thought it was the torque converter or the transmission slipping, then they said it wasn't because they couldn't get the TC to fail in tests. Then they thought it had something to do with the AC, which really didn't make much sense...but again they couldn't reproduce it. They said to keep driving it and if it gets worse to call them back. I have tried new plugs/wires, used 93 octane gas, fuel injector cleaner and cleaned the throttle body. It still shakes/shutters under light throttle, most notably under light load (going up a small hill or light acceleration). This all started after I had the tranny fluid flushed at the dealership, but they swear it has nothing to do with that. Please let us know if you find out anything from your dealership. I started a thread on this same topic:
  4. I couldn't see the all the trucks, but he did point out one that was on a lift which was a 2500. The dealership didn't fix anything. They basically told me if it gets worse to come back and see them. I still feel like it is a transmission issue, as the issues didn't start until after I had the tranny flushed at the dealership. Prior to that, it was rock solid. I just wish it would throw a CEL and I would have something to go off of. Right now, no CEL and nothing points to an issue.
  5. dealership could not replicate the issue with the torque converter. They turned it on/off and tried to force it, but it didn't fail. They now are looking at the A/C, as that seems to have a direct correlation with the stumbling/hesitation.
  6. I am at the dealership now and they are looking into the problem. The service manager told me there are known issues with the 15/16 transmission and torque converter. They have three 2500s in the shop right now for tranny/torque converter issues.
  7. Thanks. Will try some injector cleaner. Going to the dealership today anyways, so will ask them about the Torque converter.
  8. Sounds like the same thing. It is definitely with lite throttle and between 2nd/3rd gear. And it goes away if I give it more gas. Please let me know what you find out. I will do the same if I find a fix. Thanks!
  9. My truck has had an odd hesitation that started a few weeks ago. To me it feels like a bad spark plug, wire or COP. I have tried to test and narrow it down, but looking for some thoughts. Truck has 55k on it. Mods are K&N intake/filter, Gibson dual exhaust, 2017 Duramas hood (full ram air hood) and a Diablo tune. No other mods besides tires. The hesitation only happens after the truck is warmed up. When it is cold, it doesn't do it. It is a slight hesitation/stuttering. Doesn't matter if it is going up a hill or flat. I have changed the plugs (replaced with stock) and changed the wires (again with stock). Really don't want to waste $400 on a set of COPs unless I need to. Cleaned the K&N. All this made it a little better, but it still happens. I reverted back to the stock tune, it didn't change anything. Tried running it in trailer-mode, still happens. Thoughts?
  10. Yup, still have it. I paid $50 for it. Would sell it for $25 plus shipping. I only used it once. Send me a PM if you are interested.
  11. Mine is leveled. Running 295/70R18 Nittos (34.6" tire) and a Diablosport tune. Still get 11 mpg city and 13 mpg highway.
  12. That green is a great color! Curious on how hard it is to keep clean? Great looking truck!
  13. I had bought the punch off of CuzznVinny. It worked great and no mess from the dremel. The holes still had to be cleaned up a little, but it was quick and easy. I was still very nervous punching that first hole.
  14. I did the full conversion except the air filter housing (already had a cold air intake). So the hood and the entire air duct/insulator. The duct pushes the outside air right on top of the CAI.
  15. +1 on the Bilsteins. This was the first mod I did on my truck.
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