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  1. Thanks Don. Trailer dry weight is only 11800, fully loaded 14k. Odd that that tongue weight is so high, but the kitchen/living room/bar and two slide-outs are in the front. The trailer is a Forest River Cottage 40CBAR. It is is 42 footer. Again, I am only moving this thing 100 feet or so. I will check the tag. I was more curious if anyone has put the much weight on a standard class V hitch.
  2. What is the most tongue weight you have had on a 2500 truck? I need to move a friend's travel trailer and the tongue weight is 2155 lbs. Dead tongue weight capacity of the truck is 5000 lbs. I don't need to move it far (couple hundred feet) and won't be traveling more than 2-3 mph, but seems like a lot of tongue weight. Thanks!
  3. I did not have to change any fuses, add anything beyond what was pictured or program anything. This is supposed to be the exact setup for the aux battery on a gas 2500. The batteries should be the same, if possible. I only use my second battery for a winch, running my subwoofer and occasionally to jump start a few cars. I have checked the voltage often, always at 12.9v after driving.
  4. You need the isolator and the harness. You have to remove the old harness. The picture below is correct except you don't need #10, that plugs into your the existing plug pictured in the previous post. You do need #7, which is mounted to the firewall. #2 is screwed into the fuse box. You will need #4, as that is the ground cable for the second battery. #7 is GM part number 12135194. The harness is 23279188. This fit my 2015 2500 and are the same for the 2016.
  5. The new harness for the second battery comes with the plug. The original connection into the main harness has a cap over it that you have to remove. It looks like that is what you are showing in the pic. This pic below shows both ends of the connection, new harness (right side) and existing harness (left).
  6. Here is what I found. Part number for the harness is 23279188. Has the plugs that matches your picture.
  7. Does anyone out there make a hidden winch mounting plate for a 2015-2019 GMC Sierra 2500? I can't seem to find anything. All I see is the bumper replacement or a large extender that sits in front of the bumper. If you have pics of hidden winch, please post them! Thanks!
  8. Pretty easy swap. I did it on mine. Bought the hood online at Quirk and picked it up to avoid shipping costs, which were almost as much as the hood. There are a few parts to get if you want the functional scoop; hood, trim bezel, air box, intake tube, insulator. In total it is around $1500 with paint. To order the hood, you will need to get a VIN from a 2017. Otherwise, the dealer will tell you the hood doesn't fit. There are a few threads on this in the HD section. More in the 1500 section.
  9. I can't listen to your file, but I had a chirping noise. I replaced the belt and the fan clutch. No sure which one it was, but stopped the chirp. I would start with the belt. Best way to check if it is the belt is to lightly spray some water on the belt. Not a lot of water, just a spray bottle. If the noise goes away, it is the belt.
  10. there is a different grill on the 2500HD. I already have an 2500HD, so I only needed the hood, insulator, the trim and the plastic piping to the air box. Plus the various nuts/bolts. You will need the HD hinges as well. There is a post on putting the HD hood on the 1500 and includes the part numbers. Here is the link:
  11. these are the measurements that I used and it came out perfect.
  12. I bought mine online and picked it up local. If you can pick it up instead of ship it, you will saves hundreds of dollars. If you buy all the parts at once (hood, insulation, tuning, etc), shipping was over $250. I ended up buying them and picking them up. I bought everything from Quirkparts.com, they had a local warehouse to me. The hood ships primed black.
  13. I don't think the Chevy hood would ever look quite right unless you go to the Chevy front end (lights/grill). The 2017 GMC 2500s have the hood too. Direct bolt on. I put the 2017 GMC hood on my 2015. If you want it fully functional, it is around $1200. I had mine painted to match my truck for another $350. Total was $1550. You will need a VIN from a 2017 to order the parts online, most places require the VIN to make sure it fits. I used a VIN from Ebay
  14. These running boards are one of the best options I have added to my truck. Makes the truck look clean. They tuck right underneath. The light on mine is white. They are LEDs, just not super-bright. Highly recommend getting the plug-n-play wiring kit and not hard wiring inside the door, the wiring kit alone probably saves an hour on each side. Overall install was less than 2 hours.
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