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    2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD SLT CC
  1. This looks like this is just the front left. Do you have the part numbers for the front right and both rear doors? Thanks!
  2. 2500HD Shock Upgrade

    I swapped out my Ranchos with Bilstein 5100s on my 2500 about a year ago. Much better shock. Ride quality seems better, but definitely not like a 1500 or a Caddy. Are you running stock height? If you turned your torsion bars up to raise the front end, it would make your ride harder. I have had the 5100s on two trucks (1500 and 2500), in my opinion an improvement in ride quality on both.
  3. I run 295 70r18 Nitto Trail Grapplers on a leveled 2015 Sierra 2500 with stock mud flaps. No rubbing.
  4. I have these for the frame holes in the back and the smaller holes under the cab. I bought them from ebay and they worked great! Larger holes are 3 1/4" (there are four).

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