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  1. How are things holding up? After changing the injectors did p219a ever come back?
  2. Appreciate the link! I will look into it a bit. I have found a handful of sites that sell it, but almost all of the sites have terrible ratings with a lot of people claiming that they have been waiting several months and are not able to contact the sellers.
  3. Awesome, thank you for the direction! Now to figure out if it is going to be easier to find just the harness 23327843 (not interested in the OEM lights), or if it is going to be easier to use the dummy plug to make a harness.
  4. Okay that makes sense. He took a look and it said the dummy plug is a 6 pin, the only problem is that I have found the two different part numbers for the harnesses, but I have yet to find a good description of which harness is which. I have a hard time blindly trusting the fitment guides online, but from these I am thinking that the 6 pin harness should be 23327843, and the 8 pin harness should be 22878806. You wouldn't happen to have the part number for the 8 pin harness you bought would you?
  5. I am looking to help a buddy wire some lights in his 2015. I understand that GM changed the plug from 6 pins to 8 pins at some point and I am trying to figure out which one he will need to get. Did you order the 8 pin plug when you really needed the 6 pin plug?
  6. Now that winter is over, I have noticed that when the radiator fan kicks on there is an unusual light grinding noise. I am curious if anyone has had this issue, or knows if there are readily available fan bearings that I could try to replace those before spending close to $300 on new fans.
  7. Hi guys, I have a 2014 ltz with the DL3 mirrors. I had the truck for about a month before I ever noticed that the drivers side mirror dimmed. Now that I know it's capable I pay more attention and it seems like it doesn't work as it should. It usually only dims when it's colder out. Should this dim when the rear view dims or is there another way to know when it should and shouldn't dim? I've also noticed that the drivers side doesn't defrost at all. No problem with the passenger side. I was leaning towards just replacing the glass and hoping that fixed it but the dealer quoted me $200 for the glass and I didn't have any luck finding a dimming and headed mirror online. Also I'm not convinced that the glass is defective as it sometimes dims. Does anyone know about the wiring for the glass? Would it be plausible that the heating element is shot and the the dimmer is going out? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. Sorry just seeing your response months later.. I noticed that the drivers side seems to be just a little slower folding so I will dig into it and replace that gear when it warms up! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  9. I stumbled upon a service bullet for the lid squeak in the forums.
  10. Has anyone noticed their mirror shakes at freeways speeds, especially headed into the wind? I just recently bought a used '14 double cab with power folding mirrors and have noticed that the drivers side mirror shakes a little bit, it is tolerable but I would definitely like to fix it if possible and relatively simple. I can't tell if it is the glass or the housing, and I haven't been able to find anyone mentioning the same thing. I was wondering if anyone had dealt with this before taking apart the door to try to tighten the nuts holding the mirror to door. I will likely wait till spring or summer to remove the door panel since it is winter and I am not a fan of popping plastic clips when it is cold out because I really don't want to break anything.
  11. Does anyone have any tips for trying to keep the rust down during the winter? I bought a used '14 double cab, and I know that being in the rust belt we are pretty much screwed anyways but I want to try to preserve the frame as best as possible. Unfortunately I park outside, so I am somewhat concerned with freezing.
  12. I've noticed the same think on my '14. It's not terrible but I'm sure it's not going to get better on its own. I'm looking forward to seeing if anyone has a good solution.
  13. Well I got out another can of brake cleaner and am pretty certain that I have my issue narrowed down to an intake gasket leak. I was not able to hear the engine rev like I was expecting, but this time I paid extra attention to my scanner and I saw the trim numbers go way negative. I may still have a slight fuel pressure issue but I think my main problem is the gasket leak. Seems like a relatively straight forward repair but I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations or things that would have helped to know before getting into it. Also, is there anything else that might be nice to do with the intake manifold removed? Thanks a bunch!
  14. Thanks again Justin, I'm planning on looking into things a bit more tomorrow since it's sleeting today. It's looking like I might have a combination of a vacuum leak and a fuel pressure issue. I have a fuel filter already ordered assuming that it hasn't been changed recently if ever. When under load on my way home today the ltft was around +15% and the stft was averaging about 0. Once letting off the gas and stopping the ltft maxed and the stft was a bit above +40%.
  15. My code says that it is the vent valve that is having the evap error, but if I can either rule out or confirm that the evap is the issue I would be okay. As far as the fuel pressure everything I was reading was saying that the pressure should be up around 50-60. I had the pressure in spec (at least what I thought the spec was), but after revving the engine I was never able to obtain that, in fact is was more about half of that.
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