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  1. I wanted to keep mine looking close to stock, but a little nicer. Didn't want a big lift or big tires. This truck is my tow rig to get my SxS back and forth to the trails which includes towing through the hills of KY and TN in winter conditions. I leveled it with a 2" Rough Country kit and went with some Cooper 275/65R18 AT3 4S tires on the stock wheels. I never have more than a few hundred pounds in the bed, and my 12' tandem axle trailer with electric brakes with the SxS is only about 3000 pounds, so I didn't feel the need to go with something rated for a lot more weight than the stock tires. I think these will work well for my needs, plus they are severe snow rated which should easily cover everything we get around here.
  2. Stock 265/65R18 tires on stock 18" wheels with 2" front level. Probably going to move up to a 275/65R18 in a more aggressive tire now that the front end has been raised.
  3. New from KY

    Thanks. I did too. I just can't do the greyscale thing any more. My vehicles have to have some color.
  4. There is a lot of great riding between Knoxville and the TN/KY border. Windrock, Ride Royal Blue, and Brimstone provide hundreds of miles of trails. We ride in that area fairly often in our SxS's.
  5. New from KY

    I had been a Jeep guy for 20 years. Then I bought a SxS and trailer and learned that a 2 door lifted Wrangler is about the worst vehicle to tow with imaginable. I traded in the Jeep last Fall on a 2017 Colorado Z71 in Burning Hot Metallic. Loved the truck and it did much better towing the SxS through the mountains. I just traded it in last week for a 2018 Silverado LT Z71 in Deep Ocean Blue Metallic with the 5.3 V8. I've added the hard folding tonneau, 50% tint on the front side windows and a strip on the windshield, the rear under seat storage, it's getting a 2" level tomorrow, and the bed is getting Line-X on Friday. Can't wait to see how it tows through the mountains next week. I love getting out to places like this:

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