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  1. 22” Chevy wheels/tires and helwig helper springs

    Also what condition are these in? Are they scuffed up or just dirty? I can't tell from the photos.
  2. 22” Chevy wheels/tires and helwig helper springs

    So are you saying coming to NY is out of the question? I live in Buffalo, and i'm very much interested, but if i drive out to you, would you let me pay you 1k cash? I'll need that 200 in gas to go back and forth. If you'd consider it. I'm willing to work out other deals or travel arrangements as well if you are. I want these so.
  3. 22” Chevy wheels/tires and helwig helper springs

    Where in the northeast? Possibly interested in the wheels!
  4. Does this bolt down somewhere underneath the seat?
  5. OEM Z71 Badges

    Would you let them go for $40? If so PM ME and i'll paypal you right now.
  6. OEM Z71 Badges

    Are these the big huge ones that go on the side of the doors?
  7. New from Buffalo!

    I pick it up Wednesday! Was waiting for them to get my new tires first lol.
  8. Honestly, i'd go the 1k route, here: https://www.infotainment.com/collections/all/products/2016-2017-gmc-sierra-1500-2500-3500-intellilink-io6-gps-navigation-radio-upgrade And they even have a youtube video on how to DIY, which takes about 10 minutes, this is the route i'm going on my 2016 with the I06, since mine also has an I05 in it. Here is the youtube video @Tdotsfinest
  9. New from Buffalo!

    Just picked up my first Chevy Truck! My name is Chris Ocean, i'm a professional photographer, and i just upgrade from my 2014 Chevy Cruze LTZ to a 2016 Chevy Silverado LT Z71 Double Cab. Everytime i had my car in for service they'd give me a 1500 for my rental, until my car was done, and i specifically remember telling the dealer, that i would hate them for that because i knew what they were doing, well after a year of it, it worked and here i am in a truck. Can't say i don't mind it either because while my cruze did great in the snow, i miss my 4WD (Previous Subaru STi Owner so AWD in the insane snow we get here is amazing). Happy to be here! so thanks for having me!

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