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  1. I could never consciously buy a WHITE truck, I have no idea why, but they look great sitting there, but no... i couldn't, same with Yellow.
  2. It can't nearly show as much dirt as my 2016 Onyx Black, trust me when i say i cleaned that thing everyday and it defeated my OCD, which i probably have PTSD over now lol
  3. I am honestly looking forward to the red, but i love the Carbon Black Metallic, as my 2014 Chevy Cruze was that color, and i LOVED it. It wasn't Jet black like the Onyx, but was much easier to keep clean while still being black, so i put in to change my order to that, but if i get RQT i'll be fine with it as well. I like both colors equally and it was hard deciding i know that, but seeing more of you post your red trucks makes it grow on me that much more i will say that.
  4. I like it and he had to drive over an hour away to get it because no one had the color here lol
  5. Red just isn’t a color you see too often around here but tonight my neighbor came home with a red quartz Sierra so I did get to see it. Not an AT4 but same color.
  6. Finding them in that color around here are rare, and there isn't a single AT4 on any lot in my area to see the color. So it's not all that strange, People around here get white, silver or black... just the way it rolls.
  7. It's just hard coming from a Black Midnight Edition to going to Red, it's just going to be a bit strange, still haven't seen this Quartz color in person yet so i'm just hopeful it really does look as amazing as you all say it does.
  8. Just placed my order for a 2020 AT4, and i ordered the Red Quartz, but i'm having second thoughts on the color, and thinking about changing it to Black. Anyone else have 2nd thoughts, or absolutely love the red over the black? I've only owned black vehicles so i'm not sure if changing is going to be for me.. but who knows. What do you guys think? What made you guys choose the color you did? Feel free to share pics of your Onyx or Quartz, I'd love to see some REAL photos versus the stock GMC ones they want you to see.
  9. It's getting there, just ordered a 2020 AT4, so we'll see what it includes, no word yet on the size of the screen but it's not listed on the dealerships sheet i work for, so i'll expect the same as the 19 but be shocked if i get anything bigger
  10. I live in Buffalo and might be interested but the price is a little high. Are they just the caps or FULL black wheels.
  11. Looking for the side of the door Z71 badges for my truck. I haven't seen any on here in awhile so if someone is sitting on a set they want to part with, please let me know, i need new ones!
  12. If you decide to ship these, i got first dibs! I been looking for wheels like this for forever but rarely find them for sale. I happen to have an extra to offset the blemish of the one wheel Might i ask what happened to it and is it fixable?
  13. Did you get an estimate? If you're just shipping the tires, they don't have to be in boxes or anything you can do what tire rack does and zip tie them in sets of 2, so it's 2 packages.
  14. How much are you willing to negotiate? They're 800 for a set new on Tire-Rack so i'd do $600 with that many miles on them, but what does shipping cost to 14225?
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