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  1. Not sure if i ever posted my truck here, but i have a 2020 AT4, got mine way back in October.
  2. Yes, being replaced with Carbon Black Metallic, because no one is buying the brown ones, so they're not going to keep making a color that doesn't sell.. not the first time they've done it.
  3. So only the Carbon Pro comes with the Black exhaust tips, i wanted them and i ordered them buy my truck didn't come with it because it's not a carbon pro. The website can say one thing, but they simply don't ship randomly... it's on the Carbon Pro edition. Also the lane departure doesn't make a difference in the feeling of the seat...
  4. I have a 2020 AT4 and i have lock buttons on all 4 doors lol, also i did test drive the 2019 before i decided to go with my 20 and the adaptive cruise is soooo nice, so is the collision detection system, which works in sync with the adaptive cruise. It's also a hell of a lot smoother with the suspension retune.. it feels amazing going over potholes that my 2016 felt like the truck was falling apart, this one feels like you don't even notice them. It's insane, and in the snow it's even better! I live in Buffalo NY so we have Salt allllll over the roads, and potholes are more prevalent than folks on medicaid... soo believe me when i say, get the 20! You won't regret it.
  5. Thanks man! I shoot commercially for GM, Ford, and Subaru, so sometimes i get some great shit and sometimes i'm in a mood where i don't care... this night i took these non of the light was cooperating and the wind was frigid and so were the temps here in Buffalo so I'm lucky i got what i did.
  6. Thanks guys. I’m a professional photographer by trade so I went a little overboard I’m sure.
  7. Just my Red Quartz Tintcoat 2020 AT4 Ordered the plate "GMC-AT4" waiting for that to come in so old plate for now!
  8. I just got my 2020 AT4 a week ago, and i got a 5.3 and everyone made fun of me for it but i said this very thing... i wanted a truck not a sportscar trapped in a truck body.. it already eats gas as it is, i don't want a bigger motor just for the noise and premium fuel bill.. but i did get mine fully loaded.
  9. The AT4 legit drives itself... between lane keep assist, ACC, ACC Braking, and push button resume ACC from a dead stop it takes off on it's own too... what the hell is not to love? It feels like on the highway i don't have to DRIVE the truck if i don't want to, and it does most of the boring mundane shit for me...i just sit there and pay attention to those around me and monitor what it's doing and take over when needed, but honestly, it makes daily commuting much more bearable, especially in a pick up. I'm all for it, and i love it, was worth waiting for a 20 that's for sure.
  10. I had a clean wash on my 2016 for what I owed vs what it was worth so before any of that it was 54k with a GMF number. Supplier discount.
  11. ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL and adaptive braking! Holy shit, it's amazing... finally.
  12. I just got a 2020 GMC Sierra AT4 5.3 V8 fully loaded for 58k out the door... sooo who knows, might have been a great deal might not have been, but by NY standards i'll take it.
  13. I could never consciously buy a WHITE truck, I have no idea why, but they look great sitting there, but no... i couldn't, same with Yellow.
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