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  1. I have the same set up but I didn’t have problems with all the alignment specs. 4/6 drop with duratrac 275 55 r20. Did you try getting second opinion from other alignment shops?
  2. Have you tried 4/7 instead before getting new tires for now? My thinking is based on what you’re looking at 3/4-1” gap between fender and tires.
  3. I currently have a 4/6 drop using 275 55 r20 (31.91 inches diameter) duratrac, winter season of course, with just enough to cause no rubbing at all. So I think with a 24 rim on a 4/6 drop, the ideal would be to use a 275 35 r24(31.58 in dia). Maybe to go for 285 35 r24 (31.85 inches) would make it close to the Ideal tire diameter of 31.91inches BUT maybe there is a risk now of rubbing on FULL turns due to widening the width close to 1/2 an inch. Of course 305 45 r22 would rub at 32.81 diameter, not to mention the 12 inch width already. Though, stance wise, it really looks nice. Pick your poison, if you will.
  4. types of shocks that I have tried, Belltech Street Performance shocks and Belltech Nitro shocks. At first, I installed the Street Performance coz these come with the kit. But I find it a bit stiffer for my liking, so I was browsing around and came across a video posted by Reklez, and they said Nitro Shocks fits better to Reg Cabs(due to its lighter weight). I felt like night and day difference. So so yesterday I bought some 2x4x8 lumber. 30 pcs. Loaded it in the truck. Man, the ride was great. I was thinking, if a lowered Crew Cabuses these shocks, I am really curious what will be the ride.
  5. Yes I agree, I used belltech street performance rear shocks at first then I also find it a bit stiffer, my thinking is maybe because of the lighter RCSB body, so I replaced it with nitro. I am liking it now so far.
  6. I have an RCSB using belltech spindle/shocks combo, just curious if the spring/spindle rides a bit softer or say better. Mine rides fairly ok but I think it can be better.
  7. My truck is designed for daily driving, no heavy loads to carry, etc. (We have a crew cab for heavy load use). When I was using the 2210FF, I find the ride to be stiff, i didn’t like the way it bounces, it feels like a lowered street racing car, though when I used it to buy some stuffs at the hardware store, the ride improved. When I watched one of Reklez youtube post, it was mentioned they prefer to use the nitro drop shocks on regular cabs. So I did and could not be more happy with the result. I suggest use the 2210FF first and when you have the chance, try also using the nitro drop. See it for yourself, if you will.
  8. 2210ff is too stiff, that was my set up before. try their nitro drop rear shocks
  9. Is the hub size matters? I know AR926 has a bigger diameter than the OEM (78.1mm). If that so, do we need to install some sort of an adaptor to make it fit?
  10. For a regular cab, Belltech street performance REAR shocks are stiff. I changed to Belltech Nitro Shocks, wow...night and day! By far!
  11. Was first set at 5 then lower it to 6 after a month. I ended up cutting a notch on the bed to clear the hangers.
  12. How’s the ride at the rear? Do you like it? Mine is bearable but I hope I can get a bit more softer. I watched Reklez suspension posts, they prefer to use the Nitro Drop 2 on Regular Cabs. Mine is solely for daily driving, no towing, so maybe nitro shocks might suit for my taste,
  13. Hmm, I removed the stock hanger, replaced it with the hanger that comes with the flip kit Belltech 6525.
  14. Driver side Front strut is set at 24mm spacers, passenger side at 16mm. With 2 “ drop spindle. Rear is set at 6” with Street Performance Shocks (2210FF). Too stiff for my liking.
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