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  1. For anyone on the fence about Will's mounting plates. They are easy to install. Any questions and he's right there to help you.
  2. My winch. Was Will's idea on here not mine. So clean with the plate on, you'd never know it was there.
  3. As everyone has said. Turn it into Farmers and get it fixed and let them argue it out. Had something similar happen a few years ago and drove my truck for two weeks jacked up dealing with other ins co, then they denied to pay. I had a police citation written to other driver and they still declined paying. Turned into my ins and had it fixed immediately. Had to pay the deductible. Took State Farm just over a year to win the case and I got my deductible paid back to me. No increase in my insurance. Good luck.
  4. Sorry bout the truck. Exactly why I put the front and rear dash cam in. Happened to my Tundra a couple times.
  5. Does it count if I use the street queen truck to tow the rzr to do the dirty work. It's so much more fun to play in mud and snow in the rzr
  6. If I remember there is a slide tab on it. Is that slid into it or setting on top of it pushing out.
  7. I did the gm financing of 7% because I got $5k off and also didn't like there trade in on my tundra of $6k. I sold the tundra two weeks later for $10k and went to local credit union and refinanced it for 2.49. Never made one payment to GM. That 3 months is only for the dealers benefit to look good, no where in contract does it say you have to wait 3 months
  8. I take back the "about the nicest I've seen", it is hands down the nicest job I've seen in a Silverado. I put about $5k into the last one in my tundra and couldn't go past 1/2 volume without getting a headache. This time was quick and cheap, and sounds good enough for a 53 yr old.
  9. I went pretty simple. Came out of stock head into Alpine PXE processor, into alpine X-a90v 5 channel amp, changed out all speakers, and added JBL shallow sub. Nothing to big but sounds good. Started out with club 4505 amp which is in pic, but wanted a little more out of it. Everything we added is in the box under back seat. Racerx, yours must sound pretty good, about the nicest I've seen
  10. They are Westin HDX. They're doing ok, little paint wearing off on tops of bolt heads, no big deal.
  11. I like the look with the flares paint matched and have them on mine.
  12. $510 with 128gb, I justified the cost to being equal to my deductable
  13. Just put a Thinkware f800 pro 2 ch in mine after some $%#@ ran into to the back of my new 2018. Pisses me off people using my trucks as a back up indicators, just back up till you feel it bump the truck and drive away. My Tundra I just sold had been backed into 4 or 5 times. Still don't see how you couldn't see when you were close enough to this with 6" lift on 35s
  14. Do you do this kind of work for a living or a hobby. If a living, I would be interested in talking to you about doing another one. I'm in Southern Oregon.
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