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  1. Thanks, with this info I found some videos showing the placement and the different actuators. At least my problem one is easier to remove. I have actually done the reset procedure, and at this point, it seems to be working fine. Maybe sitting in Atlanta for that long somehow got it confused. Will see if it continues, but if it messes up again, I will go ahead and replace the actuator. Always good to have advice from someone who has experience with an issue.
  2. I have run into a similar problem with plastic gears in GM popup headlights so that makes sense. One followup question: Txab mentioned that I needed to replace the one on the passenger side. Does that mean there are two and the bad actuator is on the passenger (cool side) or is it just that it is located in the heater box that is on the passenger side? Thanks again for your help! BTW, I hate to pull it out to read the part number without having a replacement already in hand.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I will check it out. Both the actuator and the reset seem like reasonable things to check. The battery did not go dead while it was sitting for the 17 days. The last two days, the A/C has been working fine so maybe it had just somehow gotten confused and through cycling through off-on several times, it straightened itself out. I just wanted to have a direction to take if it does it again, especially if I am on a several hundred miles trip in 90+ temps. Appreciate the rapid response!
  4. My 2004 Avalanche with dual slide controlled HVAC has intermittent cooling on the driver side since I left it for 17 days at the airport while I was on a trip. The passenger side vents put out cool air at 55 F temp but left actually puts out HOT air at 150 F. Sometimes, it cools both sides but then may suddenly start with the hot air on driver's side. Not good when outside air temp is high 90's and above! Intermittent problem makes it seem like a bad connection or something sticking. Thanks in advance for any suggestions on what the problem is and how to fix!

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