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  1. Sounds good, it is very deep but quiet at idle. Loud at WOT, but not too raspy because of the extra mufflers. I need to try to take some sound clips, but I want to change the clamps that came with the header kit for lap bands, and Jegs delivery come next week. I am making a few changes to the back portion, and already received my bends, so, just waiting on Jegs.
  2. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Well, not that much better, the new exhaust on most of our trucks and cars now it’s 409, so it will not rust through. You will get surface rust, but that’s just cosmetic. And yes, Ti would had been almost triple what I have spent on this, not counting the argon, as for Ti you need a lot of flow as compared SS. Thanks!
  3. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    I wish that was titanium... plain old 304L stainless... but done right (or wrong depending on the code) you get a lot of nice colors.
  4. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Actually it does... those got deleted.
  5. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    New guy here, bought a 2018 Silverado Custom (traded my 2011 Camaro SS) after deciding to start my own detailing business (part time for now)... anyways, can't leave my cars stock for too long, so I have been doing several mods within the last 6 weeks since I bought it. I lowered 3/5" with a MaxTrac kit, added some Black Rhino Katavi wheels with Nitto 420S, Bak Revolver4 tonneau cover, Speed Engineering LT headers, and my own custom exhaust. Added both front and rear Hellwig sway bars, and deciding what traction bar to get. Truck has a full tune by Henderson Performance Technologies. Changed the door handles for OEM black ones, and I am painting a "paint ready" tailgate handle soon a long with the lower front bumper valance. Still a lot to go, planning on de-badging the truck soon, doing full paint correction (possibly sanding from 1500 - up, but uncertain as this paint is one of the thinnest I have seen in a while for a brand new America car/truck) and installing Opti-Coat Pro+. And I would love to swap the rear bumper cover for the one without the climb assist holes in it. A 2 piece aluminum driveshaft is coming very soon, as we found out the single piece like to go kaboom at high speeds, we tuned in 2nd gear, averaging 300RWH, and in a quick shot at 4th gear stopping around 120 the truck hit around 330rwhp, not bad for an auto 305, when my 04 GTO M6 with headers did only 321. Once the cost of performance parts start to go down for the LT platform I will be fabricating twin turbo (we are hoping in about 3 years if not sooner).
  6. Exhaust... I like to think outside the box and what's available on the market... the only one that kinda got my attention was Speed Engineering Tru-Dual set up... so I decided to make my own. Speed Engineering LT headers, 3" dual 304 stainless, 2 (17547) Dynomax mufflers welded together followed by 2 (off brand) 5x7x12 stainless mufflers... I wanted to make it quiet, which it is not... tuned by Henderson Performance Technologies in New Braunfels, TX. Can't say enough good things about Corey... if you are near the area and needs to get your truck (or car as he specialize in Corvette and Camaro) give them a call or a visit. Truck is lowered 3/5, and I am running 22x10et25 with 305/40/22 Nitto 420S. This is the first version of the exhaust... already thinking about changing a few things, but in the meantime I can say that the sound is unique, especially at WOT.

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