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  1. After I added some additional gasket material to both front corners I would rate it at 95%. It has to be a torrential rain event before I notice any small water intrusion.
  2. I got the new update today for Android Auto and V805.1
  3. Correct, they were mostly highway miles. Truck is ~11 months old!
  4. Apparently, I have one of the few Brake Pad Life sensors that appear to be working correctly from day 1!
  5. If you have the HUD with built in Navigation you can obviously display the directions through the HUD. Unfortunately, if you prefer WAZE for directions you cannot display the WAZE directions through the HUD. However, if you set up your destination with the built in Nav first you can then go through Android Auto and also set up the destination in WAZE to display on the center digital display. Basically , you have 2 Navigation's running at the same time. You have the advantage of the directions showing on the HUD and also getting the traffic, hazards, police updates from WAZE. On long trips, WAZE has saved me a number of times in avoiding major backups.
  6. Unfortunately, many books at my local library are not available digitally and only available on CD . Since we travel a lot the CD player was a necessity.
  7. Yes I have the HUD on my Truck. Here are a couple of photos. Was not able to get photo from outside into truck due to reflections from windshield.
  8. If you live or visit Florida during the April-May and August-September Love Bug season then a bug screen is a good idea! BEFORE:
  9. DougFL

    Upload Pictures

    Your welcome, took me awhile to figure out what you were asking!
  10. DougFL

    Upload Pictures

    My understanding is your attachment file is automatically updated when you post an attachment. Therefore, you would have to post the pictures in order to get them into your account's attachment file.
  11. DougFL

    Upload Pictures

    I just selected (highlighted) the below 3 files from my directory and then selected "Open"!
  12. DougFL

    Upload Pictures

    Just select "choose files" at the bottom of post then select the photo you want to post then select open. It will then upload!
  13. Mostly Highway driving so the change from 19K miles seem reasonable!
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