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    Look under "Activity" at the top of the screen. Then select "My Activity Streams". If you then select "Content I posted in" you will see all your posts. You can also select "Follow" in each post and you will get notification when someone has responded to a Topic. And yes, the Trophy Icon" is Thanks.
  2. In the US, just the Performance Upgrade Package list for $2150.
  3. You could always get a couple traffic cones and try it in your driveway or a empty parking lot. If I get too close to a vehicle my HUD Flashes a Red Crash Banner and the seat vibrates.
  4. To my knowledge the only adjustment would be through a software update. The amount of assist is regulated by how the software interprets the camera image along with a myriad of other variables.
  5. I got my GM Platinum Extended warranty at James E Black Cadillac and got a GREAT price that was almost 1/2 what my Dealer wanted! http://www.gmoutlet.com/gmepp_quote.html
  6. How is the Ride with those Rims?
  7. The K&N Filter #33-5083 replaces GM #84121217, or ACDelco #A3246C. If the 6.2L has that filter than it will work.
  8. Costco's Annual Auto Sales Event Underway

    I used COSTCO for my Daughter's Honda. We got the car for a reasonable price and it was hassle free, which is what she wanted. Any other Manufacture incentives would be available in reducing the COSTO's pre-negotiated price. However, if you have time to shop around and haggle on price you can probably do a little better than COSTO, especially if a Trade-in is part of the negotiation.
  9. Not sure the cost is worth any Real gains! I just replaced my stock element with a K&N.
  10. A certificate for remap is included with CAI. Here is one site that has them: https://www.shopchevyparts.com/performance/2019-silverado-1500-air-intake-performance-62l-engine/84561598-p-92300616.html
  11. The OEM CAI requires a fuel remap by the Dealer and is included in the cost. It also maintains your warranty. Depending on the Dealer and problem an aftermarket CAI can be used as an excuse to void warranty!
  12. My warranty does also cover Electrical and Enhanced Electrical Items.
  13. I purchased GM's Platinum Protection Plan 48 months/100K miles with $0 deductible. It pretty much covers everything but wear items. Since my plan is through GM and Not a third party plan, I am not sure what the advantage and cost is of this so called New plan!
  14. GM Wheel Lock Kit

    Price reduced to $39 with free shipping.

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