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  1. Unfortunately, many books at my local library are not available digitally and only available on CD . Since we travel a lot the CD player was a necessity.
  2. Yes I have the HUD on my Truck. Here are a couple of photos. Was not able to get photo from outside into truck due to reflections from windshield.
  3. Bug Sheild

    If you live or visit Florida during the April-May and August-September Love Bug season then a bug screen is a good idea! BEFORE:
  4. Upload Pictures

    Your welcome, took me awhile to figure out what you were asking!
  5. Upload Pictures

    My understanding is your attachment file is automatically updated when you post an attachment. Therefore, you would have to post the pictures in order to get them into your account's attachment file.
  6. Upload Pictures

    I just selected (highlighted) the below 3 files from my directory and then selected "Open"!
  7. Upload Pictures

    Just select "choose files" at the bottom of post then select the photo you want to post then select open. It will then upload!
  8. Brake Pad Life

    Mostly Highway driving so the change from 19K miles seem reasonable!
  9. I do not have that problem. Try setting the Truck in Sport mode and see if that makes a difference.
  10. Just took a recent trip from FL to MD. Mostly Highway ~ 7 over limit, except for almost an hour of stop and go around the VA/MD boarder! Still doing well after 20K miles.
  11. New Guy from NH

    Welcome and don't forget to post some photos.
  12. As long as the Messages App is downloaded to a Profile it will remain in that Profile. Make sure you do that, because, in a few days, it will disappear from the Apps listing.
  13. Download to your profile ASAP. It will be available for only a few days.
  14. According to the Boost Auto Website, the light Mod is Not available for the 2019 Silverado 1500, only for the 2019 Silverado 2500/3500.

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