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  1. Discovered yesterday that you can shut down the engine after a Remote Start by just pushing the Remote start button again on the Key Fob.
  2. Can you list what software version you are running? It is under Settings, About.
  3. I do not have specific knowledge on the Differential designations. This information is from AllData and I was hoping it would help you in your search and maybe get some more knowledgeable members to provide assistance.
  4. Not sure this helps or confuses the issue! Below is the Rear differential numbers for a 2017 Silverado. I do not have info on 4WD or info specific to a 2014. Parts Information OEM Part # Price Differential Case Rear Axle Differential Case 6 - 8.625 22792305 $435.88 9.50 3.08 Ratio 6 - Without Limited Slip 22943115 $857.14 With Limited Slip 6 - Without Limited Slip 22943115 $857.14 With Limited Slip 6 - 3.08 Ratio 23126913 $449.34 6 - 3.42 Ratio 23126912 $449.34 9.75 Without Limited Slip 6 - 3.08 Ratio 22943117 $236.09 6 - 3.42, 3.73 Ratio 22943118 $230.37 6 - With Limited Slip 23156744 $441.04
  5. Not sure what part numbers you are looking for? Ring and pinion # or Differential Case #?
  6. Here are some Diagrams and part numbers for you: https://www.cheapestgmparts.com/auto-parts/2016/gmc/sierra-1500/slt-trim/5-3l-v8-gas-engine/body-cat/outside-mirrors-scat Not sure what the availability of used parts in your area but it would be worth checking.
  7. Thought this was interesting. While the Rear was being replaced today on my Truck, I got this Email from OnStar! At Least I knew they were working on it! Dear Doug, An issue with the Antilock Braking System in your 2019 Chevrolet Silverado has been detected. Please service your vehicle within 7 days. Please disregard this message if your vehicle is already in for service. Inaccurate notifications can be generated during service. Please see your dealer for service. LOVE CHEVROLET, INC., INVERNESS, FL Account Information Account Number: VIN: 1GCPWFED8KZ------- Running a check on your engine, transmission, anti-lock brakes and other key systems helps you be sure your car is being properly maintained and in top condition. With Diagnostic Alerts, you can set your preferences to receive a monthly diagnostic report or be notified of your vehicle’s condition in real-time, via email, text, or a simple press of the blue OnStar button. Your car is self-diagnosing, so you can enjoy the experience of driving. This is an automated email - please do not respond.
  8. I purchased GM's Platinum warranty (https://www.chevrolet.com/protection/protection-plan) from an out of State Dealer. With 30 miles on the Odometer I purchased $0 deductible, 100K miles for $1460. My Dealer wanted $2800 for a 3rd party Warranty and same coverage!
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. The rear was replaced today and Everything seems fine. No clunks or vibrations and Truck drives smooth. Photo below is old Rear with 10K miles on it. You will notice the oil stained area around the pinion where the oil was being slung from the leak!
  10. Over the Air Update

    V509 is the latest update for the Infotainment and rear camera.
  11. GM Floor Liners

    I have the full coverage black mats and I carry various items in the back every day and have seen no signs of white bend marks or scratches and I am at 10K plus miles!
  12. Hello from Arizona!

    Welcome, looking forward to your updates.
  13. Mud Guards - wrong part#?

    Part # 84109907
  14. engine stop start

    Go to Settings and select the Vehicle tab for options.

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