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  1. You have the correct one, however, the back lip of the mat needs to be trimmed in order to reinstall the cargo tray.
  2. I was just at my Dealer in Florida and they had 2 Trail Boss' with the 6.2 on their lot!
  3. Adapted the Chevy bed extender from my 2014 Silverado.
  4. Truck is a year old. Two major over the air updates to 803.1 and then 805.1. One Messenger App re-download and 6 Dealer installed software (recall) updates. Most appeared to be bug fixes like "Climate Off" and reduced volume issues. Noticed some additional info to the HUD's navigation screen but other than that no obvious big change.
  5. I only got the acknowledge agreements screen the 1st time I set up my profile on my 2019 Silverado 1500. I have gotten 3 software updates since and no additional acknowledgment was required.
  6. I did not get notification of these recalls until I showed up for service. However, my invoice lists them as recalls and all were tagged to be covered under warranty.
  7. Truck is a year old with 33K miles and these were the first recalls installed!
  8. Took my 2019 High Country to the Dealership for an Oil Change. Last Oil Change was ~2 months ago. While there, they found and addressed 6 Open Recalls! Oil change took 30 minutes. Reprogramming took 2.5 hours! Recall N192210460 Brake System Control Module Reprogram Recall N192213550 Trailer Lighting Control Module Reprogram Recall N182201852 Navigation System Recall N182201851 Park Assist Control Module Reprogram Recall N182201853 Engine Control Module Reprogram Recall N182201850 Instrument Cluster Reprogram
  9. After I added some additional gasket material to both front corners I would rate it at 95%. It has to be a torrential rain event before I notice any small water intrusion.
  10. I got the new update today for Android Auto and V805.1
  11. Correct, they were mostly highway miles. Truck is ~11 months old!
  12. Apparently, I have one of the few Brake Pad Life sensors that appear to be working correctly from day 1!
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