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  1. HC pearl

    Congrats! Good looking Truck. However, you do need to remove that Dealer sticker in the middle of the tailgate!
  2. That's Funny! When my wife went with me to pick up our 2019, which was the first one she had seen in person, she just said WOW that is so much better looking than our 2016!
  3. I just took a look at the BCM connector on my 2019 and the wire color coding is different and more slots are occupied! Will have to wait for a 2019 BCM wiring diagram before attempting this mod.
  4. After you set up your profile and have established your Wi-Fi Hotspot, you should be able to select APPS from your HOME screen and see the screens attached. You can then select what apps you want to download and they will now be listed on your HOME Screen.
  5. On 2018 and earlier models it should be possible but not likely! On my 2014, I had the Dealer swap out wheels and tires from another 2014, before purchase, with an agreement that they would adjust the speedometer for the tire size difference. It took the Dealer almost a month to convince GM to allow the correction and that was for a tire size that was already in their system! I realize you only want a pressure change, but this should give you an idea of the resistance you may get. I would just talk to your service department and see what they can do. Just be prepared to elevate the issue to higher management.
  6. Just to drive you more crazy you can also have different volume setting then the radio for notifications!. (e.g. Navigation voice, WAZE alerts with Android Auto)
  7. I have NO regrets on my 19! Have a little over 1900 miles with an average of 21 mpg and typically get 23+ mpg on the highway. It is a better truck than my 2016 LTZ and I am enjoying all the new features of my High Country including Auto Start/Stop! I look forward to driving it and have gotten a number of compliments from total strangers on the Truck.
  8. Still Not listed on their Web site! The 2018 version lists for $387.
  9. Do the 2019's all have Auto-Stop???

    You better get used to it since all future car and truck models are going to have it. For example, in Europe you can't get a model without it! I don't even notice it anymore and it does make a difference in MPG in stop and go traffic.
  10. It seems fine to me. I do not see what the big deal is about a plastic secondary hood release!
  11. The remote close feature should work on all models with the powered tailgate.
  12. Congrats! You will find that once you reach the set cabin temperature the Auto Start/Stop will kick in even in FL! I notice mine shuts off but typically restarts, before the complete traffic light cycle, if it senses cabin temp has went above the setting.
  13. I agree. I had a set of in-channel visors on my 2016 Silverado and sold them to my neighbor who has a 2018 Sierra SLT and they fit fine.
  14. On the Silverado powered tailgate you only need to touch the dash switch or tailgate button once to open. The key fob requires you to press the tailgate button twice to open. To close the tailgate remotely you have to press the dash button and hold until closed. The key fob requires you to push the tailgate button twice and on the second push to hold the button down until the tailgate is fully closed. Found this out after my dealer told me you cannot close the tailgate remotely!
  15. On my 2016 I worked directly with the Parts Department to purchase a spare key. Once the Key has been cut it has to be programed to your vehicle in order for it to start your vehicle. They took care of it for me and it cost ~$80.

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