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  1. Mainly Convenience. With the Messages App I did not have to be in Android Auto to listen and respond to messages. In addition, with the HUD I do not use Android Auto that often since the HUD only displays navigation information through the internal navigation system. I can receive and answer phone calls with both and I used to get messages through both.
  2. GOOD Question, but good luck getting an answer! This is what the Messages App looked like back in October 18.
  3. Did you email or use snail mail when you wrote to the executive at GM HQ? Can you provide contact info? You can PM information if you prefer.
  4. I just spent an hour with the OnStar Connection Center and the bottom line is They know nothing about the Message APP or how to get it reinstalled!
  5. So Today the Hands Free Calling is now Working and Displays the minutes available! However, still no Messaging App.
  6. I have a case # for my Hands-Free being disabled, but OnStar said I have to take the Truck back to the Dealer for the Messaging App!!
  7. I just looked in all my profiles including GUEST and the Messaging App is gone!
  8. Thanks, that has all been done. The problem is the Messaging App on the Infotainment System has disappeared. When the App was present I was able to receive and send messages through the App to and from my phone. Also, the hands free calling function through OnStar has been disabled, while it worked fine before!
  9. Yes, it was removed with the addition of the "Blind Spot" indicator.
  10. Since the update: My Messenger App has been removed and I no longer get messages displayed! My Hands Free Calling has been disabled even though I have over 500 minutes showing! My wife's profile was just deleted and All her settings! OnStar's solution, after spending 1.5 hours and being transferred back and forth between 3 different departments, is to TAKE it Back To the Dealer!
  11. Agree and the 10K miles was in Florida with no salt or winter conditions, but plenty of rain!
  12. Good Luck, I have had ZERO issues with the new Rear differential replacement.
  13. Having Spent a weekend with the New Update, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE UPDATE! My Nav system now takes 5 minutes to respond on start-up and the HUD screen occasionally is not syncing with the Infotainment screen! A number of times the Nav directions on the HUD would just stop updating! I would have to page through the HUD display setting to get it to sync -up again! At this point I am ready to take the truck to my Dealer and have then put V509 back in!

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