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  1. Pair of DL8 mirrors off my 2017 Silverado. Just mirrors no harness. No chips or scratches. 150.00 shipped OB located in Pasadena Texas
  2. I’m doing the same. You can get about 10% off in the Houston area at some dealers.
  3. I agree. for us guys towing 10,000 lb trailer i think it will do just fine.
  4. My towing would be a 28BHBE jayco about 2 or 3 trips a year. My half ton could pull that trailer ok but once we hit some hills and cross wind when getting passed by 18 wheelers I knew I needed a 3/4 ton. Plus sometimes I load my 4wheeler in the bed and take the trailer.
  5. I’m in the same boat but would have about a 20 minute drive on the highway each way a few times a week and the weekend running around town with kids for sports. I was considering gas for the exact same reasons.
  6. They leave the keys in the trucks. They do the same thing at the port of Houston.
  7. I’ve seen a few people recommend the police package brakes. I believe it was rotors and pads. I think you can get all the parts through rock auto probably even amazon.
  8. I always use Tow/ haul when towing. Didn't do anything different.
  9. Well after over 600 miles this last week it didnt have this issue pop up again.
  10. So that was the one not time it’s happened. I made it from Pasadena to pedernales falls this morning with out it happening and I did way more start and stop driving on this route. Maybe it was a fluke, if it happens again I’ll definitely take it to the dealer. Yes it was in tow haul mode. What at all does tow haul mode do? I know it raises shift pints but are there any other things it changes?
  11. Ive towed several times with this truck even heavier loads but have not experienced this before. The truck is stock except a muffler delete. I leave thursday on a 600 mile round trip so ill see if this happens again. Side question do these trucks need software updates from time to time? Are they done OTA or when vehicles are take in for service?
  12. I recently towed my travel trailer about 100 miles back home. All was well and had no issues the entire way. a few miles from home i stopped at a red light, when the light turned green i started to move and noticed it seemed like it was running rough and i really needed to give it some gas to start moving. I looked down at the display and didn't see any check engine lights or reduced power warnings but i showed that it was in V4 mode. I got through the intersection nd let off so it could coast for a second. then i gas it a good amount of pedal and it worked as it should from then on out. Anyone every experience this? Also just FYI its not hot here in Texas yet id say it was 80-85 the whole way towing back from Livingston to Pasadena. My trans temp maintained 192-194 the entire way home. Im towing a 28" Jayco about 7000LBS. 5.3, 6L80E.
  13. Although I’d like my truck to sound good I’m more concerned with the power increase and mpg increase. Have you noticed a ny from this mod?
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