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  1. Although I’d like my truck to sound good I’m more concerned with the power increase and mpg increase. Have you noticed a ny from this mod?
  2. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    Got my harness today Phil. Thanks. Now i just need to figure out which lights i want.
  3. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    Sweet. Ill be getting with you on this.
  4. 2017 silverado crew Katzkin set

    Updated PICS
  5. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    Sweet. Now we just need pgamboa to make some harnesses.
  6. OEM Off-Road Light Switch Install

    X2. I’d like a harness. Would this work on a 1500 Lt? I’m wondering if this would only work on HD trucks.
  7. I have a set of Katzkin leather seat covers for a 2017 Silverado crew cab. The color is mohogany but looks more gray tan. The piece that covers the jump seat console lid is missing. I have a black piece to replace it. Katzkin will sell you that piece. I can text pics if you want. I paid 550 for them. Looking to get 300.00 OBO
  8. Disregard it works.
  9. Someone must have tried to add the factory controller later then cause I have the harness in my glove box to add an aftermarket controller.
  10. I actually do still have that factory supplied harness in the glove box. I just purchased the p3 should be here Thursday so just in time to get it wired up and ready for the weekend.
  11. So, Final conclusion is there is no JL1 code, I have the trailer equipment package which does not include the intigrated brake control option. Apparently someone tried to install the factory switch in an attempt to get the option to work. So now I'm looking for an aftermarket controller to add to my truck. Any suggestions on a controller to get?
  12. So I just got a call back from the dealer. They state my truck does not have the JL1 RPO code. So it may be possible someone tried to add the brake controller later attempting to get the intergrated function, which we know it will not work that way. I bought this truck used a few months back but it still had the build sheet in it and window sticker. I'm almost 100% positive the window sticker listed trailer brake control as being an installed option on the truck. They are going to pull the build sheet and window sticker from my glove box and give me a call back. Kinda pissed I bought this truck used a few months ago because it has the standard size bed and I assumed it had the trailer brake controls since they are on the dash. I guess I can buy an aftermarket controller.
  13. Same here. I dropped it off at the dealer today so they can check it out.
  14. Neither. I covered the dash thing until all my interior lights dimmed and tried and it still didn’t work with the key fob.
  15. I just did the cargo reverse light mod but my cargo lights do not come on when I lock or unlock my truck with the key fob. The activate when in reverse but just not when I use the key fob. Here is my diode. Did I do something wrong?

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