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  1. not My video but an accurate representation https://youtu.be/IQWpqu81-Zk Heres a pic I took
  2. Once the weather warms up I’ll try and fabricate something to close the gap a little bit, but they’re definitely worth it. I love em.
  3. They are much brighter than the Xb’s as far as the pro version goes. Like I said they do stick out further than the xb’s. Here’s a height comparison.
  4. Yes I bought them when they first announced the release of them. Super bright, but the only thing that bothers me is how far they stick out. I went for the Pros.
  5. Interested in this as well. I’m also in Minnesota (northern Minnesota) I’ve called a few local places and most have said if the chrome is flaking off they won’t touch them. I would like to get them refinished if possible.
  6. Let me know what happens. I’m in the same boat. Running lights and brake lights stuck on and occasionally the reverse lights. I’ve taken out the 20amp parking lamp fuse and that turned everything off and is functioning normally besides the reverse lights every now and then. This morning I believe my reverse lights turn off when it was light enough out so I may think it could be the ambient light sensor.
  7. Pulled the parking lamp fuse from the engine black panel and everything turned off and seems to be operating normally, but now my reverse lights have been coming on, sometimes the don’t come on. This morning I noticed when leaving the house the reverse lights were stuck on and when I got home they were off. I’m thinking it may be the ambient light sensor. I have also tried disconnecting the taillights from the power pack by the spare tire and that turned the lights off but the front running lights remained on. I also replaced the 20amp fuse for the parking lights but that did nothing. if anyone know where the grounds are located for the lights that would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I’m running out of options and may just have to bring it to the dealer.
  8. I’m hoping someone can help me with this issue. Starting today my taillights, LED bars and turn signals have been stuck on and won’t turn off. The headlights will turn on and off. I thought it was my headlights so I fully disconnected everything, but the taillights remained on. I tried searching for a relay but I couldn’t find anything. I’ve been disconnecting the battery to keep that from draining. Thank you in advance.
  9. Are you still looking for pics of an FXr retrofit still? I can get some for you. You just want output pics or? naybe I should’ve read your whole post lol. I had mine down by retroshop. They pulled them apart instead of cutting them open everything looks the same as far as back of the house beside the igniter coming out of dust cap.
  10. Look into a retrofit instead of aftermarket. retroshop built a set for me and I couldn’t be happier. Upgraded projectors (FXr) DRL boards, clear turn signal lenses.
  11. No O-rings comes with it, but does come with a felt like gasket. I decided when installing mine to buy a new OEM gasket and use that one instead
  12. Yes they are mine. Jeremy from the RetroShop built them for me Klearz clear turn signal lens color matched paint FXr 3” projectors diode dynamics switchback LED boards.
  13. None of that tabs are for adjusting just for mounting.
  14. You have 4 mounting tabs on the headlight. They all seem pretty important seeing there are only four of them. I’m not sure if I’m understanding your question fully or not. Are you asking which ones can be broken off completely and the headlight still being sturdy when mounted?
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