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  1. I’m having Jeremy from https://shop.retroshop.us/ do my headlights in the next couple weeks. I usually do my own, but never worked with permaseal and don’t want to buy such an expensive headlight if I end up cracking something. Also upgrading the projectors and putting in diode dynamics led boards. Maybe look into his work, he’s a little further out from you though. Forgot to add to original post as far as pricing you can expect to pay $1000+ which isn’t to bad if they are supplying all the parts. I bought all my parts (FXr projectors, CBI bulbs, diode dynamics led boards, ballast, wire harness) back in September. I attached his two quotes for me. One was before I told him I had all the parts for the build and the second one was the quote to install and paint for me. His quote was very reasonable. I contacted Lightwerkz before hand and they quoted me $1500 with me supplying all the parts.
  2. Could always upgrade them to brighter LEDs, but that requires taking the headlight apart. https://www.diodedynamics.com/2016-2018-gmc-sierra-led-halos.html
  3. TRS Retro-Quick Kit?

    Here are some FXr brackets from lightwerkz https://www.lightwerkz.net/index.php/components/gmc-sierra-fxr-bracket.html I ordered a set from fastheadlights https://www.fastheadlights.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=buy_fxr-adapter-kit-only If I seen the lightwerkz set before ordering the fastheadlight brackets I would’ve ordered those instead cause they’re metal, fastheadlights are aplastic bracket. I havent done my retrofit yet, but seems pretty straight forward. I see all these people cutting the back of the headlights open, aren’t the projectors accessable with taking the front lense off as well? Cause I’m going to be changing the LED boards and painting the chrome piece.

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