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  1. 06 Hood and front end??

    i don’t know where you got lost in this thread but i know exactly what my truck looks like. i’m trying to figure out how to make it look different by pinpointing the truck that has the style i want and it’s compatibility.
  2. 06 Hood and front end??

    seems like even up to the 06 the silverados still have the look i’m trying to get, so if could do a same year swap, what’s all involved to get that look?
  3. 06 Hood and front end??

    Awesome! okay so yes the picture of the 2003 silverado, how the hood kind of cuts out the corners of the lights, that’s what i’m after, now how easy is that to do? i’m thinking it’s not just the hood itself it’s probably the lights as well correct? if so do the 03 headlights mount the same on the 06 sierra? does the grille need to be changed as well?
  4. 06 Hood and front end??

    What do you mean by angular headlights? that may be what i’m looking for, maybe i just got confused lol, could you supply a pic of the different ones you’re talking about?
  5. Hey y’all so i got myself an 06 1500, and i’m doing all the body work to make it pretty again, just an easy question i hope you guys can help with cause google images doesn’t help a lot, but i can picture my hood and lights pretty vividly, now i’ve seen countless times, not only on 2500’s but on 1500’s too where the way there good meets the headlights is different, it cuts the inside top corners more, i like this look a lot, looks a little aggressive if you ask me, but what truck did this come from? someone told me that they thought it could’ve been the 02’s hoods, or is this just something that’s only on HD’s from 02’ - 06’? any help would be awesome
  6. hey guys really looking for some help here, got some monroe 58638 load adjusting shocks from rock auto, maybe i’m a dumbass, does anyone have experience with these? how do you adjust them to raise the rear end a little?
  7. So my 06’ is going to be in need of new rockers and cab corners this winter i just want to know what everyone thinks, is aftermarket just asking for trouble with these kinds of metals? as most parts sites i’ve found suggest sherman or keyston metals? or should i just scrap any thoughts of this and stick with oe metals? or is there no difference? if oe is 1000x better than aftermarket, is it possible to get oe online?
  8. Been thinking about doing some stuff to the truck, i have an 06 1500 5.3. Where can i get performance parts online? as i’ve tried to go through some shops and they won’t sell them unless they install them which isn’t what i’m looking for. i’ve been told rockauto and summit over and over but maybe i’m missing something but it doesn’t seem like they much for performance and upgrade parts for my truck? they had a few things like air intake and i think fuel delivery but nothing like heads & cams or tranny upgrades??
  9. Spark Plug Wires

    so something like ngk wouldn’t be a good idea? what advantage does acdelco have other the others?
  10. Hey y’all doing the plug wires on my 06 sierra 1500. it’s a 5.3. would would be the #1 choice of plug wires to put in it?
  11. Fuel Injector Cleaning

    thanks for info guys i think i know what i gotta do! but last question, with a k&n which is free’er flow could you run bigger injectors to get more torque or would this make no difference without a programmer?
  12. Fuel Injector Cleaning

    just checked and truck doesn’t have the rpo sheet
  13. Fuel Injector Cleaning

    It’s a 2006 5.3 vortex is pretty much all i can tell you. it’s a 95l tank how much seafoam would you suggest i put in?
  14. Fuel Injector Cleaning

    You usually have good luck with that stuff? so there’s no need to pull the injectors? how much do you put in? and she’ll probably smoke quite abit correct?
  15. Fuel Injector Cleaning

    On top of this, i have a k&n filter, so would it make sense to maybe get new injectors that are higher flowing? for a little torque increase? or would this be pointless without a programmer?

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