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  1. I get your sarcasm and agree that no one manufactures a perfect truck. There however some consistent trends from mechanics, forums, and Consumer Reports pertaining to the light duty trucks. The Tundra, while dated, is the most trouble free truck being produced, although it is a gas hog. The updated 5.0 in the 2018 and newer F150s are having issues burning oil, some rough shifting, poor bed alignment, warping dashes, and water intrusion into the cabs. The Titan engine are having catastrophic failures and transmission shift points still are having issues. The new GM trucks are having their share of issues with the redesign but nothing major that doesn't seem likely to get squared away in the next year or so. With that said, I'd take anyone of the aforementioned trucks before buying the most unreliable gas hog on the market, the new Ram. I regularly talk with mechanics who work with very large agencies that purchase and lease hundreds of light duty trucks. Hands down they are sending more redesigned Rams in for warranty work than anything else in their fleets. Generally speaking the higher the trim line the more issues there are.
  2. Looks are subjective, however reliability and fuel economy are not. The electronics in the new Ram are an absolute mess right now. The fuel economy is also abysmal and far under EPA predicted MPGs. I wouldn’t touch one for 35% off MSRP.
  3. 2020 3.0 Duramax

    I checked with a Chevy fleet dealer yesterday and he said I could not order yet as truck hasn’t been cleared to order ( he implied emissions certification). I was surprised as the GMC retail dealer told me last week they could order with delivery in around eight weeks. I could have ordered the SLE crew diesel 4x4 with the preferred package for 46k with applicable rebates at delivery. Was too high for me. I told the Chevy dealer and he said the “8 weeks” answer is salesman bs. He they were just going to hold the order until they could place it and he will call me when deliveries start to be scheduled.
  4. Difference being homes generally appreciate on a yearly basis while vehicles generally depreciate. So a person who leases would be one that never keeps a vehicle longer than 36 months and also wants to have an exact depreciation amount locked in. There can also be additional tax benefits for those that use the vehicle in a business. Also people will take the savings from the lease and invest it in the market with hopes they make money there rather than having it depreciate while paying on a vehicle they do not intend to keep. I am a 10 to 15 year owner guy, so obviously leasing doesn’t make sense for me.
  5. how did the console swap go?


    1. HondaHawkGT


      I didn't swap my console. My 2019 has the center console in it already.

  6. The GM discounts you mentioned are gimicky compared to Ford and FCA. With Ford and FCA the first responder, Affiliate, Loyalty, Farm Bureau, teacher, college graduate are set amount rebates that typically vary between 500 and 1k and are discounted on top of best deal, even if they are not all stackable. With GM those programs (with exception of Loyalty, conquest, and Finance) are discounted from MSRP. Meaning LTs with available manufacture rebates are currently priced lower (around 10k with finance rebate) than supplier, first responder, ect. Perhaps if you are getting a High Country or LTZ those pricing discounts would be more than the rebates. IMO GM should assign a rebate value to each program that is addition to all available rebates.
  7. May incentives?

    Go to manufactures website and then select offers and then model. Will ask for zip. https://www.chevrolet.com/current-deals#?filterby=all&requestedPostalcode=75032&postalcode=75032&open-panel=silverado:silverado-1500-new
  8. May incentives?

    The lease loyalty being offered right now on various models is pretty Limited IMO
  9. May incentives?

    Yes, set by GM. You can always go to chevrolet.com or GMC.com put your zip code in and see current offers. They change the first week of the month based on sales projections. From time to time the add an extra 500 or 1k for holiday or other specials.
  10. Custom Trail Boss Console Upgrade?

    THere will be plenty popping up on ebay and craigslist as the trucks get totaled. Just keep checking.
  11. Not a heavy load tower but you need a 2500 for that anyway. With 277hp and 460 lb-ft of torque at only 1500 rpm, it will tow in the 7k range efficiently, which is what most 1/2 owners are looking to do. I’ve read unofficially the 4x4 will be rated to tow over 9k. Plus us you are getting the 10 speed transmission, even in the LT/RST/SLE configuration and if some of the complaints in the lawsuit about the 8 are true then that makes it worth it.
  12. That would be price over the 2.7. Think is something like 2450 over the 5.3 and same as 6.2.
  13. Well scratch the Gladiator. It got destroyed on Ike gauntlet tow test by TFL and didn’t do so great on tow loop. I was hoping for performance comparable to the new Ranger.
  14. Class wise yes, but the Colorado rear seat does not have enough leg room nor does the seat fold up for a flat floor. I upland and waterfowl bird hunt, so I keep my dog in his box inside the cab of the truck due to weather and to keep him from being stolen when I stop for a quick bite or something. The other midsize trucks will not allow me to put the box on the floor. The Ridgeline would but the rear door doesn't open very far, only tows 5k, requires lots of maintenance, and the truck lacks the ground clearance to get where I need to go. Rear leg room on the Gladiator is 38.3" the GM twins are 35.8 and Taco is 32.6. On the one pic I'd could take out the plastic box for flatish floor or leave in and use as shotgun case.
  15. Chevrolet running lease special on Silverado. Granted not your trim at that price, but still shows there are leases. The $289 per month would increase by the difference in Trim level price from MSRP of $38k divided by 36. I've seen RST 4x4 for 36k Ultra Low-Mileage Lease for Qualified Lessees.$289/MONTH FOR 36 MONTHS. For Everyone: $5,719 due at signing (after all offers)*. $0 security deposit. For Current Lessees of 2014 model year or newer select GM vehicles: $3,719 due at signing (after all offers)**. $0 security deposit. Tax, title, license, and dealer fees extra. Mileage charge of $0.25/mile over 30,000 miles at participating dealers. Expires 4-30-2019 *Example based on survey. Each dealer sets own price. Your payments may vary. Payments are for a 2019 CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 Crew Cab 2WD Custom w/Custom Value Package & 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 with an MSRP of $38,220. 36 monthly payments total $10,404. Option to purchase at lease end for an amount to be determined at lease signing. Lessor must approve lease. Take delivery by 04-30-2019. Lessee pays for maintenance, repair, excess wear and disposition fee of $395 or less at end of lease. Payments may be higher in some states. Not available with other offers. See dealer for details. **Current Lessees of 2014 model year or newer Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 vehicles: Payments are based on an MSRP of $38,220. 36 monthly payments total $10,404. Must show proof of lease. Option to purchase at lease end for an amount to be determined at lease signing. Lessor must approve lease. Take delivery by 04-30-2019. Lessee pays for maintenance, repair, excess wear and disposition fee of $395 or less at end of lease. Payments may be higher in some states. Not available with other offers. See dealer for details.

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