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  1. about .20 difference around Dallas area. Seems like Premium runs more than diesel.
  2. The DV is a formula. Google so you will know approximate value when negotiating with insurance company miles and year will go in your favor but it won’t truly reflect the loss. Most importantly be sure all OEM parts and dealer do repair.
  3. Bigger changes than I would have guessed. I am waiting on the diesel with 10 speed, guess these will be a few more welcome changes. Unfortunately prob going to be late March until I can scratch 10k off. So the 19s with the 5.3 8 speed and Hefty rebates is still a solid deal.
  4. I’m at 245k now on my 2002 Tahoe with the 5.3. Original motor and transmission. Only replaced control arm and brakes/rotors (did brakes and rotors last week myself with kit from rockauto for under $200). Also lots of people have had to rebuild transmissions, I think getting my fluid and filter done every 50k has spared me that expense. I have a tranny shop around the corner that does the fluid and filter change for around 100.
  5. Still a Ram with the lowest reliability ratings of all full size trucks.....
  6. Trucks will be put 8 weeks after EPA signs off on emissions from what I was told bun GMC dealer. They can take order but trucks won’t be built until certification comes.
  7. Check the roof for transport damage. Once you take delivery and drive it home you are responsible , although a good dealer should recognize the damage and repair it.
  8. What good is a crew cab if you cant carry your "crew," supplies, and tow a decent trailer to a job site or family vacation, lol.
  9. The F150 PowerStroke is not selling at all. I was looking at buying one a couple months ago and could have easily gotten between 18k and 20k off a 2018. There was a major recall on them with the EGR By-Pass valve due to a screw that could fall out and into the engine block on trucks built between 09/17-10/18, which likely scared some buyers away. Plus I think the for Ford fans the ECO 3.5 matches/exceeds the diesel performance without the extra fuel and maintenance costs. GM really doesn't have that option (the 2.7 has a low tow rating). I am hoping the Duramax avoids issues like this one. The Ecodiesel and Titan Cummins also had a lot of issues as well for the first couple years as well. I am going to buy to a GM or Ford diesel just want to get one with as little issues as possible. I do like the fact the PowerStroke has a 5 year/100k engine warranty and I expect GM to follow suite to match the 3.0 Duramax warranty with the 6.6 5 year/100k warranty. I like the idea of a straight six and increased F/E as well. Not too worried about losing a bit of payload or towing vrs F150. I just want to be able to get 25+ MPG on my long drives, payload around 1500 lbs, and be able to tow 5000 lbs with ease and 15 MPG F/E.
  10. I get your sarcasm and agree that no one manufactures a perfect truck. There however some consistent trends from mechanics, forums, and Consumer Reports pertaining to the light duty trucks. The Tundra, while dated, is the most trouble free truck being produced, although it is a gas hog. The updated 5.0 in the 2018 and newer F150s are having issues burning oil, some rough shifting, poor bed alignment, warping dashes, and water intrusion into the cabs. The Titan engine are having catastrophic failures and transmission shift points still are having issues. The new GM trucks are having their share of issues with the redesign but nothing major that doesn't seem likely to get squared away in the next year or so. With that said, I'd take anyone of the aforementioned trucks before buying the most unreliable gas hog on the market, the new Ram. I regularly talk with mechanics who work with very large agencies that purchase and lease hundreds of light duty trucks. Hands down they are sending more redesigned Rams in for warranty work than anything else in their fleets. Generally speaking the higher the trim line the more issues there are.
  11. Looks are subjective, however reliability and fuel economy are not. The electronics in the new Ram are an absolute mess right now. The fuel economy is also abysmal and far under EPA predicted MPGs. I wouldn’t touch one for 35% off MSRP.
  12. I checked with a Chevy fleet dealer yesterday and he said I could not order yet as truck hasn’t been cleared to order ( he implied emissions certification). I was surprised as the GMC retail dealer told me last week they could order with delivery in around eight weeks. I could have ordered the SLE crew diesel 4x4 with the preferred package for 46k with applicable rebates at delivery. Was too high for me. I told the Chevy dealer and he said the “8 weeks” answer is salesman bs. He they were just going to hold the order until they could place it and he will call me when deliveries start to be scheduled.
  13. Difference being homes generally appreciate on a yearly basis while vehicles generally depreciate. So a person who leases would be one that never keeps a vehicle longer than 36 months and also wants to have an exact depreciation amount locked in. There can also be additional tax benefits for those that use the vehicle in a business. Also people will take the savings from the lease and invest it in the market with hopes they make money there rather than having it depreciate while paying on a vehicle they do not intend to keep. I am a 10 to 15 year owner guy, so obviously leasing doesn’t make sense for me.
  14. how did the console swap go?


    1. HondaHawkGT


      I didn't swap my console. My 2019 has the center console in it already.

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