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  1. I hear mine every cool morning. Noise started around 15,000 miles and I am at 242000 miles now. I brought it in several times while it was under warranty, told me its normal. I worried about it but it's never been a problem other than the lifters clacking until enough oil gets going.
  2. No doubt that 2500hd you bought is a difference maker. Very nice trucks and if I was towing over 7k on a regular basis i'd look for a similar truck.
  3. I think up to 9300 lbs towing and 1860 payload is pretty capable for a 1/2 ton truck. Sounds like you need a 3/4 ton to do what you need.
  4. Good input, something for the next guy to look out for.
  5. Then I suggest checking out the ramforumz .com problems forum. You’ll be back in a hurry. Honestly, if reliability is your biggest criteria just go with the Tundra. That platform has been around since 07 and is pretty much bulletproof. Gas is horrendous but you’ll only see the dealer for maintenance. I have had absolutely zero problems with my 07 crew cab. My 2002 Tahoe has also been a fantasticaly reliable vehicle.l have put over 240k miles on original Powertrain. Just replaced the AC compressor and a tie rod on it. I would drive it or my tundra across country tomorrow.
  6. Every time I open and shut the rear doors on a Ram I walk away happy I didn’t buy one.
  7. about .20 difference around Dallas area. Seems like Premium runs more than diesel.
  8. The DV is a formula. Google so you will know approximate value when negotiating with insurance company miles and year will go in your favor but it won’t truly reflect the loss. Most importantly be sure all OEM parts and dealer do repair.
  9. Bigger changes than I would have guessed. I am waiting on the diesel with 10 speed, guess these will be a few more welcome changes. Unfortunately prob going to be late March until I can scratch 10k off. So the 19s with the 5.3 8 speed and Hefty rebates is still a solid deal.
  10. I’m at 245k now on my 2002 Tahoe with the 5.3. Original motor and transmission. Only replaced control arm and brakes/rotors (did brakes and rotors last week myself with kit from rockauto for under $200). Also lots of people have had to rebuild transmissions, I think getting my fluid and filter done every 50k has spared me that expense. I have a tranny shop around the corner that does the fluid and filter change for around 100.
  11. Still a Ram with the lowest reliability ratings of all full size trucks.....
  12. Trucks will be put 8 weeks after EPA signs off on emissions from what I was told bun GMC dealer. They can take order but trucks won’t be built until certification comes.
  13. Check the roof for transport damage. Once you take delivery and drive it home you are responsible , although a good dealer should recognize the damage and repair it.
  14. What good is a crew cab if you cant carry your "crew," supplies, and tow a decent trailer to a job site or family vacation, lol.
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