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  1. To each his own, but from your description the 6.2 seems like a better option. In no particular order because they vary based on preference, Reasons people opt for the diesel include 1) Fuel economy - you drive very little 2) Towing 4k to 7k on a regular basis - you tow very little 3) Low end torque - the 6.2 matches up 4) Resale the 6.2 does well 5) There is a group of people who believe the new diesels with emissions need to be driven longer distances to heat up enough to burn off carbon. Short trips will result in more frequent regents. So, using the trucks for short (less than 5 mile trip
  2. Inventory likely will be tighter in April with plant shut down and coming off strike. But May/June likely to be bloody for them if we are in a full recession. Going to be lots of lease and year old trucks dumped at dealerships between now and then if this economic shutdown goes past April 3rd.
  3. Yes, its currently not free money if you are leaving $6500 on the table.
  4. November has traditionally been a really good month followed by left over inventory until sold. The current model years and financing to pick up in Spring. But it truly depends on quarterly truck sales. If they are selling the rebates will be lighter in the spring if they are not selling then they will increase until they get to a solid floor number. If you're shopping price only and not worried about getting a 20 with the 10 speed transmission then now is the time, if you really want the 10 Speed, I think spring will be better.
  5. Drove the new Ram Eco today, after having driven the new Silverado and F150 diesels and have to say the Ram ride and seat comfort is superior to the other two. With that said my last Ram had a lot of glitches and soured me on the brand. Did 20 mile highway test loops (70 to 75 MPH) on all three and they were pretty close (mid 20s) but the Ram did best, all crew cab 4x4s.
  6. I hear mine every cool morning. Noise started around 15,000 miles and I am at 242000 miles now. I brought it in several times while it was under warranty, told me its normal. I worried about it but it's never been a problem other than the lifters clacking until enough oil gets going.
  7. No doubt that 2500hd you bought is a difference maker. Very nice trucks and if I was towing over 7k on a regular basis i'd look for a similar truck.
  8. I think up to 9300 lbs towing and 1860 payload is pretty capable for a 1/2 ton truck. Sounds like you need a 3/4 ton to do what you need.
  9. Then I suggest checking out the ramforumz .com problems forum. You’ll be back in a hurry. Honestly, if reliability is your biggest criteria just go with the Tundra. That platform has been around since 07 and is pretty much bulletproof. Gas is horrendous but you’ll only see the dealer for maintenance. I have had absolutely zero problems with my 07 crew cab. My 2002 Tahoe has also been a fantasticaly reliable vehicle.l have put over 240k miles on original Powertrain. Just replaced the AC compressor and a tie rod on it. I would drive it or my tundra across country tomorrow.
  10. Every time I open and shut the rear doors on a Ram I walk away happy I didn’t buy one.
  11. about .20 difference around Dallas area. Seems like Premium runs more than diesel.
  12. The DV is a formula. Google so you will know approximate value when negotiating with insurance company miles and year will go in your favor but it won’t truly reflect the loss. Most importantly be sure all OEM parts and dealer do repair.
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