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  1. Gotcha, sounds like you did what was right in your deal. Glad you are enjoying your truck.
  2. I think your math may have been off a bit. By taking the $3,500 rebate on a 40k scenario you would be financing $36,[email protected]%, which amortized on a 60 month loan is a $722.74 payment with $630 interest after 90 days and gives you a payoff of $34,962. Not taking the rebate and financing [email protected]% on a 60 month loan is a $718.75 payment with $295 in interest after 90 days and gives you a payoff of $38,139. So by taking the $3,500 rebate @ 7% for 60 months and refinancing at 3% after 90 days for 56 months to keep payment schedule even your new payment would drop to $685.44 month for the rest of the loan. Regarding the length of the loan it doesn’t matter squat what the finance guy tells you, it is what GM puts in the contract. Last I looked you had to keep the loan for 90 days to avoid losing the rebate. I would call GM financial to get clarification before going to the dealer.
  3. I would go to cars.com and search the same truck within 250 miles to see what the lowest advertised prices is. That is what I would shoot for, do not get duped into add-ons and take the rebate to use GM financial, refinance in 30 days with you credit union. Usually dealer will ask you to keep finance for 90 days so they get paid. I typically do because 90 days interest is usually not very much. I am actually finding 19 Crew 4x4 LT Z71 cheaper than crew customs. Guessing rebates are higher on the LT Z71 trim.
  4. 2019 Sierra SLE Arrival

    GMC dealer told me they have their first two set to arrive in 4 to 6 weeks. He said their dealership will only carry a handful at a time as they order and sell way more SLTs (largest GMC dealer in North Texas). Wanted MSRP of 48k less rebates on delivery. Told him they are about 10k too high for me right now.
  5. 2019 Chevrolet Boring interior!!

    check this one. Over half of owners on forum have an issue. https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/how’s-your-2019-ram-running-take-our-poll.1017/
  6. Frame worry

    The bending as I understand it, is more from the lift rails (from being too narrow) pinching inside the frame. Not from the weight being lifted. I imagine the lift on the jack that comes with the truck is flat so the weight isn't on two very thin rails, thus distributing the weight.
  7. I think it was a trade off with GMC as the LT trim gets the diesel and the Sierra SLE does not.
  8. I was excited about the Ram, however, the list of problems continues to grow. It was almost immediate, complaints with the brakes, vibration from rotors, misaligned panels, poor welds, expected electronic mishaps, Hemi Tic, interior badges falling off, and seats seams coming loose. I don't care a bit how good it looks if its not reliable. It's to the point, I wont consider a 19 Ram. I really haven't seen any build complaints with the new Silverado/Sierra.
  9. Thought it might be interesting for those that take test drives to list pros and cons of the model(s) they drove. Also, if someone has a general question and is located a good distance from a dealership perhaps someone can answer for them. I drove the GMC SLT X31 earlier today. Overall, I was very impressed with the truck and I think it's going to be an eventual winner for GM. Appearance: 8/10 Truck looks great, but it seems a little portly due to width and cab/bed lengths. The paint quality and panel fitment looked great on the trucks I saw. The doors, tailgate, and hood opened and closed smoothly. However, there is a good bit of plastic trim around the bumpers and lights. The interior is nicer than the critics say. The dash pad was soft and the interior didn't seem too dated to me. Yes there is plastic and the display screen is not huge but it is functional and durable. The upper glove box couldn't hold much more than gloves though, lol. The center console is deep (bucket seats) and has plenty of gear/purse room. The console drink holders are shaped well and seem to be deep enough to hold a good sized drink, however, they are a little low and a bit forward from where your arm naturally rests. Drive: 8/10 Truck it tighter than I expected. Very quite and solidly sticks to the road. The 5.3 had plenty of power and shifted well. I did feel one clunk early in the test drive going from 2nd to 3rd gear. There is enough suspension movement (not shake/vibration) to feel like you are in a truck and not a car. Has a nice turning radius and plenty of hood visibility. The front seat comfort was good, but not very good. The butt portion of the seat supports weight much better than 2014-2018. I am 6'1 215lbs and I filled the seat area up and weigh enough to test the support. The leather is ok, I would prefer a thicker and grainier texture. Fortunately it is not too soft. The back seat also has good thigh support, however, the upper shoulder area needs more padding. I would also prefer the rear seat if it was reclined a couple more degrees. The middle rear seat is better than the F150 Lariat+ but it still pushes your middle back a little bit. The pull out cushions are cool for kids to stuff things in, I suppose. Plenty of leg room front and back and rear seat pull down rest works well. The rear vents do push some air into the back seat. Safety: 9/10 Brakes were nice and quite and the truck stopped very well. The blind spot alert is not bothersome. The front radar and lane assist work well and were not nuisances at all. The backup camera is good. I wish all the safety features were standard across all trim levels. Misc: 8/10 The split tailgate was a lot of work to get it to function all the different ways. Not really sure how much use it will actually get. I bet a few people are going to bang them on their hitches when dropping the step down. Also its very weird not being able to open without the remote, perhaps it will cut down on tailgate thefts. If the battery is dead, you're not going to get it open. The bed is nice, plenty of tie down points and an electrical plug. The bed lining seemed to be durable and of high quality. Plenty of wheel packages and accessories to choose from. Pricing: 7/10 Pricing is horrendous right now, which is to be expected. I guess I never take negotiating seriously until I can get 10k of a domestic. MSRP is about right for what your getting, but until the rebates kick in, I'll remain on the sidelines. I sat in a Silverado LT today (08/28) with cloth and 40/20/40 seat. The cloth seats were harder than the leather seats. Perhaps they will break in. The front fold down console sit straight up as a seat. I did not see how to recline it. When folded down the two cup holders are just okay.
  10. Sierra/Silverado vs. RAM 1500

    Sounds like you'll actually be using the truck as a truck. If you are going to be towing your boat distances or commuting long distances on a regular basis you may consider waiting just a bit longer for the new diesel. If you are just doing short distance towing to a nearby lake and not commuting long distances regularly, stick with the 6.2 or 5.3 The GMC Denali will be out shortly and does have a more upscale interior and the SLT is very nice as well. The GMC AT4 (comparable to Chevy trailboss both have 2" lift) can also be optioned with the 6.2, unlike the Silverado trailboss package. With the towing and mostly city driving, I'd probably go with the Chevy LTZ 6.2 or SLT with the 5.3 for value. For GMC, I think you have to get the Denali or AT4 if you want the 6.2 though. Trade or resale wise, 4x4, Denali's and diesel do well. If diesel's end up being what you want and you don't want to wait, the F150 Lariat 4x4 Supercrew can be had for under 50k. They are returning 25 mpg on the highway and I think I saw 21 mpg on a tow loop (check out TFL tow loop and ike gauntlet, as well as Everyman driver on youtube). They are not experts by any means, but they do point out lots of things you may never think about when shopping across brands. The diesel is actually a Lion (from Range Rover) that has been redone for the F150. I think the GM inline (straight) turbo 6 will be a more powerful and reliable motor. https://www.gmc.com/trucks/2019-sierra-1500-pickup-truck https://www.gmc.com/gmc-life/trucks/introducing-the-first-ever-2019-sierra-at4
  11. Sierra/Silverado vs. RAM 1500

    Yes, I've held off buying a new truck and waited for the new Silverado for a variety of reasons: 1. My 2002 Tahoe with 225k miles still runs great with the original 5.3 and transmission. No major repairs. - GM drivetrain reliability 2. Ram electronics are a known to have gremlins. Yes that 12" screen looks great...when it's working. The hemi is known for its "hemi tick" And the 19 Hemi is getting some terrible fuel economy averages. Check Fuelly. Technology can be a nuisance when glitches are common. 3. F150 is great truck but it has its issues as well, ecoboost failures, 5.0 not quite big enough to get the job done, panel fitment, dash warping, cabin water leaks, have to get Lariat trim to get back arm rest, rear seat is too low in crew cabs, truck hops like a bunny when going over rough pavement, railroad tracks, and gravel roads. Ride is the worst of all full size trucks. 4. Tundra gets a bad rep with it being around in essentially the same platform since 2007 but other than poor fuel economy and random cam tower oil leaks (mostly 2015-2016 models) the truck is solid. The 2018's in all trim levels come standard with dynamic radar cruise control, lane departure alert, pedestrian detection, auto high beams, and sway warning. 5. GM addressed some of the issues I had with the 2014-2018 generation, no pass through rear air vent, driveline vibration issues, and uncomfortable/poor support seats, I wish the active safety features were available across all trim lines. I'd say the folks that go with GM do so because 1) Brand loyalty 2) Driveline Reliability 3) Ride and overall comfort 4) Fuel Economy
  12. 4cyl Silverado?

    Ford is getting hit pretty hard right now with the ecoboost law suits. I've followed the F150 forum for some time as I was considering a swap from my Tahoe. As a general synopsis, the boards are pretty much split between the 5.0 and ecoboost engines, with the 3.5 being best to tow with, 2.7 for fuel economy, and 5.0 as most reliable. Most say the 2.7 and 3.5 really have to boost up and burn fuel when towing or driving over 70 MPH which decreases efficiency and stresses the motor. There do seem to be a lot more major engine defects with the 2.7 ecoboost. I have a fusion with the 4cy 1-5 ecoboost and it has been reliable up to the 48k mile mark averaging 25 Mpg lifetime, for comparison I had a 2015 Taurus with the V6 that averaged 23 MPG lifetime over 110k. Both cars were quick. As such, having the eco with auto shut off has been a wash. I am starting to get weird rattles and wastegate vibrations at this point and I am looking forward to hitting a 100k miles and getting a new commuter. I do not feel like the motor is as tight as it was when new. My GM 5.3 with 220k feels tighter. With that said, I will not be looking at the 4cyl in the Silverado. With the problems Ford is having with the ecoboost and if GM and Jeep have issues with turbo 4s in later model SUV/trucks, I hope this increases incentives for the big 3 to ensure the diesels do well. The new Ford diesel is hitting 25 mpg in a 4x4 crew and can tow over 10k with a payload over 2k. The motor itself is only about 40lbs more that the ecoboost. Disappointing is the fact you have to get a Lariat if not a fleet owner. The powerstroke is name only, in that it is made in the UK, so getting parts, ect down the road may be an issue. This is probably why Ford is only forecasting diesel F150 sales being in the 5% range. I honestly think they have thrown in with the ecoboost and are only doing the diesel to just say the have one in the 1/2 ton market. The RAM ecodiesel wont be back until next summer and that motor is VM motori, which has has some reliability issues. So, I am hoping GM's Duramax 3.0 turbo in-line straight six is a winner. I hope it will be available on all trim lines with a premium of around 3k. If so, it will do well. I think it will be reliable as it's the only American manufactured diesel offered in the 1/2 ton class (not counting the TItan as it's only offered on the Titan HD and is not a 3.0).

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