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  1. The GM Borla Exhaust is probably my favourite mod so far. It looks and sounds amazing.
  2. I just recently got the 2 inch Rough County level installed so I haven’t taken too many pictures. It does improve the look and I feel it actually rides better as well.
  3. A before and after shot of the K&N CAI. It definitely improves the sound.
  4. This was a sad day. This is what happens when a landscaping truck decides to cut across a lane without looking to see if anyone is beside them. $15k later and I was back on the road.
  5. A good set of winter tires makes a huge difference. They don’t look great but they work well and it actually rides much better with more rubber.
  6. Living in a province that doesn’t require a front license plate has its benefits. The front of the truck looks so much better without the bracket. I had to cut the plastic rivets from the back. It left some small holes that were easily covered by some plastic plugs.
  7. The Weathertech Vent Visors and Lund Aeroskin bug deflector we’re done at the same time. I added some double sided tape to the rear Visors as they seemed loose even with the clips.
  8. Installing the Husky Liner mud guards was easy enough. No drilling was a bonus. They handled a Canadian winter just fine.
  9. The day I took it for a test drive and the day I got it home. The roads were messy when I drove it so forgive me for the picture of a dirty truck. I think that’s the last time it’s ever been dirty.
  10. I’ve been procrastinating and I figured it was time to post my build. As the title would indicate, I bought a ‘18 Centennial Edition Silverado 6.2 in Apr ‘18. Over the past year and a half I’ve done a few things to the truck which include: Interior Weathertech Floor Mats GM Rear under seat storage Driver side A-pillar handle DoD 360 dash cam Exterior GM 4 inch black tubular side steps Rev Industries hard folding tonneau cover Husky Liners Mud guards Lund Aeroskin black bug deflector Weather in-channel vent visors 17 inch Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires mounted on GM rims Suspension Rough Country 2 inch leveling kit. Engine/Exhaust K&N Cold Air Intake GM Borla Exhaust with black chrome tips Planned 20 inch Fuel Assault wheels Toyo Open Country A/T II tires
  11. I got it installed at the dealer yesterday. Here in Canada they charge just under $200 to install it..and remove the old one.
  12. I got the GM Borla exhaust installed today with the black stainless tips. I’m quite happy with the sound and how it looks.
  13. Another vote for the Blizzaks. I’ve been running them this year and they’re very good.
  14. I meant the coverage for the Weathertechs in the driver area was better than the GM mats. I should have included that. I haven’t seen the Huskys in person. The Weathertechs I got from kijiji were a good deal which is why I got them. I would agree if your’e buying new, go with what the others are saying.
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