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  1. Snow/Ice Tires

    Another vote for the Blizzaks. I’ve been running them this year and they’re very good.
  2. AVS Aeroskin Bug deflector

    I’m happy with the Aeroskin deflector.
  3. Husky liners VS Weather tech liners

    I meant the coverage for the Weathertechs in the driver area was better than the GM mats. I should have included that. I haven’t seen the Huskys in person. The Weathertechs I got from kijiji were a good deal which is why I got them. I would agree if your’e buying new, go with what the others are saying.
  4. Husky liners VS Weather tech liners

    I have the full coverage GM rear mat with the GM underseat storage bin. It fits fine. I did pick up some weathertechs from Kijiji. The reason I got them is because they have better coverage for the driver area especially under the gas pedal. I haven’t tried them with the underseat storage yet. They look to be the same thickness as the factory mats so I would think they fit the same.
  5. New Sierra - *On-Star Question*

    Congratulations on the new truck. It looks great. The salesman was pretty persistant in getting me set up for the trial as well. Probably part of their delivery checklist. I made sure not to give them a credit card for renewal though. At least that way it won’t get renewed automatically if I forget to cancel. It does have some some good features as mentioned above. Just not worth the money in my opinion. At least there are some free features once the trial expires.
  6. 2018 Centennial Edition

    Thanks! I wish it was that clean now. Thankfully I have pictures....
  7. 2018 Centennial Edition

    I’ve been lurking around the forum for some time now and I figured it was time for an intro. I picked up a 2018 Centennial Edition with the 6.2 back in April. So far I love the truck. So far I’ve got Husky mud guards, Weathertech mats and in channel window visors, Lund Aeroskin big deflector, as well as the GM under seat storage bin. I had a hard folding tonneau cover as well as the black round steps installed before I picked it up. Im looking forward to looking through the forum. There is lots to read through.

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