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  1. 95%...so you’re saying there’s still a chance. Lol from dumb and dumber. This is late in the production season, I would wait also.
  2. I ordered mine in mid August with everything but dule exhaust and picked it up on October 31st. There is definitely an issue here. I would contact corporate in Detroit and demand answers. This is uncalled for. I hope it works out well. Good luck.
  3. On a sad note. My son works at the GM tech center and had to watch half of his team get walked out the door today. I feel terrible for all of those getting laid off today. Very sad and due to poor management over the last decade or two.
  4. I know how you feel! I got mine in October and I love it! After you get it, you will get up in the middle of the night just to look at it.
  5. Nice, I like the white, was my 2nd choice. Mileage should improve. I have the smaller v8 and now het about 22 mpg on the highway with 3000miles on it now. I have always broke my cars in the way I intended to drive them. I have never had an engine issue, but that’s me.
  6. Very nice truck. I got the LTZ loaded up. Has all but the high country seats, badges, 6.2 and some chrome. The 6.2 was not a big deal for me.
  7. I believe the core is for the dealership. I don’t think the give the wheels to the customer.
  8. They told me mine was being built in Silao and it was actually made in Fort Wayne. Take everything they tell you with a grain of salt.
  9. Shadow gray metallic. I was not sure if I would like it when I ordered the truck but I loved it once I saw the truck.
  10. Did you go to the rep chat on Chevrolet.com? Don’t go by what your dealership reels you because they have no clue. After I went 4300 mine told me about a week but not 100% sure. He then called me the next morning and said it was delivered overnight. Cover all of you bases, seems like a long time from build to delivery.

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